Corbin Fisher Re-Releases Scene Starring Easton (a.k.a. Drake Tyler), Who Was Just Arrested For The 5th Time In Florida

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draketyler1Some good news for gay-for-pay porn star Easton, as Corbin Fisher has just re-released an old scene from when he was a studio exclusive. The bad news? Easton—who now performs using the name “Drake Tyler”—was recently arrested in Florida on failure to appear and contempt of court charges.

drake2Like with so many gay-for-payers in Florida (of course), this is not the first time Drake Tyler has seen the inside of a prison cell. Drake’s first arrest appears to have been back in 2013 (around the time he started at Corbin Fisher) when he was accused of grand theft and dealing in stolen property:

arrest1Since 2013, Drake Tyler has been fucked bareback by multiple men at Sketchy Sex, had sex with men and women at NextDoor, been pumped full of cock on BrokeStraightBoys and GayRoom, and performed at several other studios, all while being arrested several other times in Florida for DUIs, stealing, traffic offenses, felony probation violations, and other unnamed charges. In short: He’s been a really busy guy having sex and being arrested!

drake3 arrest2drake4 arrest3drake6 arrest4Corbin Fisher re-released an old Drake Tyler/Easton scene today, co-starring Zack. According to my tipster, this an old scene, and I think it was filmed at least three years ago:

[Corbin Fisher: Easton Fucks Zack Bareback]

Drake Tyler/Easton is in a Florida jail now, with his next court appearance on the current charges set for November 21st. Good luck.


[NextDoor: Drake Tyler]
[GayRoom: Drake Tyler]
[BrokeStraightBoys: Drake Tyler]
[Sketchy Sex: Drake Tyler]
[Corbin Fisher: Easton]


  • Bruser

    Grew up on Merritt Island. The boys have gotten homelier.

  • kireb

    the porn industry should try to help actors to find a real job for in between scenes.

    the average actor cant depend on the money earned from porn as a solid income and that is how we get this stuff.
    a 23 y.o guy with a fucked life.

    • OverKill

      It’s not up to the porn industry to help them find a job in between scenes. They know that the pay to do scenes now isn’t as much as it was years ago. Guys like Jimmy Durano & Leo Forte gotten jobs while still doing scenes. Chris Bines does scenes but also works at a GNC store or something like that. It’s up to them to take initiative and finding work. Even if he did have a job he more than likely would still be arrested multiple times.

      • kevin

        Personally I think sites that use exclusive models over a long period like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, etc., do have some obligation to prepare these boys for life after porn. For example Helix should be kicking Troy Ryan’s ass to get a journalism degree so he can become a sports-writer.

        Some of the Corbin models, Kent, and way back Trevor, used porn as a way of paying for school. Rumor has it that Calvin, i.e. the greatest gay4pay porn star of them all, put himself through PT school while working for SC.

        Corbin Fisher claims they did interventions on a few models in the past, including I think the guy who OD’d (also from FL)

        But I think these sites, even the ones who have ‘standards’, end up having to take what they can get. Easton/Drake had a big dick and a hot bod, so we can overlook an arrest or two.

        • McM.

          If you are adult enough to make the decision to fuck on camera, you are adult enough to plan for your own life after porn.

          Besides, there’s no way in hell a site is going to do this regulars or exclusives. It is a bad investment to give performers other options outside of making the company money.

          • kevin

            I don’t know if they still do, but back in the day Corbin Fisher gave the regulars tuition reimbursement, as well as health-care.

            An 18th birthday does not automatically turn one into a responsible, insightful adult. A lot of these guys are far younger in ways than in years, especially if they’re the products of sub-standard American Secondary Education. They’re for the most part not the sharpest tools in the shed. A lot of their friends have gone off to college. All they see a chance to make some easy money, and a free trip to San Diego or Vegas. I think these sites should be aware of all of the above.

            Once in a blue moon you get an intelligent, self-aware, sexually adventurous guy like Lane, who probably was counting the days 18th birthday so he could go to San Diego and get his ass fucked silly on Sean Cody. But he’s definitely an exception that proves the rule.

          • McM.

            I doubt many porn companies are in a position to offer such benefits. And what CF did in the past comes off more as methods of talent retention, exclusivity, and recruitment. If people love Cain, an excellent way to keep Cain around (and subscriptions high enough to cover the expense) is to give Cain a financial incentive to stay. And to stay only at CF. Allowing him to buy into the health plan keeps insurance rates down; incentive and perk. Cain knows he needs to work for these benefits, so he’s going to fuck his little heart out on camera, which gets even more people to love him.

            In their heydays CF and SC both had massive concentrations of talent, but what we have now are conglomerates shuffling performers between “sites” and those performers taking side jobs with small studios shooting in hotel rooms. The diffusion of talent along with the expanding number of porn viewing options likely makes it difficult for studios to keep subscriber interest.

            I figure if a site is always offering membership “deals” then it lacks the resources for continuing education for models.

            Also, on top of being adults, these guys running around getting fucked out on camera are ALL sole proprietorships. They are their own business; sadly Ryan Rose is one the few who operate with that in mind. It makes no financial sense for one business (studio) to do for another business (performer) what the second business should be doing for itself.

            What you’re saying sounds nice, but I don’t see it being feasible.

    • Xzamilloh

      But the porn industry is a business in its own… it’s not on them to find other work their performers when they can do that themselves.

    • McM.

      Instead of counting on the porn industry to help him get his shit together, he can join…. a boys halfway house.

    • sanfv

      One felony is all it takes for someone to never be hirable. Couple that doing porn and having 0 job experience you end up like Kyle Dean, Bryan Cavallo and countless others. One felony and job prospects, scholarships, etc, all out the window.

    • Most have the brains to do that on their own and that is what the unemployment office is for. Porn studios are not babysitters.

  • Xzamilloh

    Forget him… who is the black dude?

    Because in addition to beating them guts in, he could have directed ole boy to a barber. The struggle is real with that hair

  • Zealot

    Chloe weighs in from her “Issues and Answers for Young Adolescents in a Changing World” sabbatical taking place in New Haven this week, commenting—

    “Florida is very humid and is also known for it’s tempestuous weather patterns and strange behaviors among its citizenry—which may in some way go hand-in-glove. I mean, when I’m hot and sticky, it’s hard to be nice to Llewellen Finch-Hatten, a classmate known for his impeccable demands for perfectly served tea and finger sandwiches at 2 p.m. daily. While the tea and sandwiches are usually very luscious and refreshing, his ill-temper with the staff is terribly unnerving and borderline rude. While I don’t necessarily want to resort to imbibing flakka, or show up naked on the playground when he does this, I do sometimes struggle with not picking up the nearest Nerf bat and giving him a good whack.

    So I can see why there is such an issue with crime in Florida. People just can’t hack the humidity! I don’t feel that excuses what Drake has done, or in failing to report as he should have. But, were he to stay in a better climate, he might make a big turn around and avoid having an even more extensive life in crime. I advise him to make this right and call U-Haul immediately!”

  • Pertinax

    He must be a lovely guy to have around in a rainy winter night while we drink tea and listen about his adventures.

  • OverKill
  • John

    I have to confess I always found him really tasty. Looks like a nice Jewish boy. I’ll continue to pretend he his one. He really turns me on.

  • Scrapple

    Guess that means his Bromo shoot has already been scheduled.

  • gnormie

    Well he’s not…
    1. raping his daughter
    2. spreading a venereal disease
    3. beating up his co-stars
    4. beating up his wife
    5. beating up the elderly
    6. smoking meth
    7. Threatening the lives of law enforcement officers

  • Badbike

    Fans on his should be happy, usually this means they will be seeking tons of work after they get released. I like his videos too so lol.

  • Ceecee

    Awe I kinda liked him in a poor man’s Tom Faulk kinda way. Shame.

  • For being “straight” he sure seemed to be a natural at bottoming while at the sketchysex house. He reminded me of a power bottom at the bathhouse. I wonder if he is closeted and turns to these destructive behaviors rather than dealing with the issues and coming out. Either that or he is just another one of those fucked up Florida guys who have as many court dates and mugshots as they have children they have father with different women.

    • kevin

      I don’t think he’s tortured closet-case acting-out by doing risky porn. More likely he’s a really naughty boy who will try anything, especially when there are greenbacks on the table.

      • macko

        Well for Kurt, that was never a problem. He always had a boner straight up with a dick in his arse. So he disproved that theory.

  • sanfv

    I have a candid video of him and his most recent hairdo in a new scene below!

  • DudeBornIn67
  • Anonymous

    Of course, he’s a Trump supporter.

  • CarlA

    Looking at the mugshot and I see tgat fine chocolate specimen BRICE JONES ……where in the world is he?!?!? Sooooooooo much potential!!!!!

  • Pinko of the Grange

    We care why?

  • Marik Ishtar

    Are those the actual tags for his mugshot?

  • Buzzaki

    I love his hot round butt. His best work is on his hands & knees IMHO

  • Bradster

    He’ll fit right in with the convicts at MEN. His shoot with Bromo is already being scheduled as we speak.

  • Blacharrt
  • Andrew S.

    more importantly why does he look to have his hair cut to resemble a tennis ball in one of these mugshots?

  • nick

    He looks a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  • Parker Lewis
  • Maximus
  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for this kid. He’s such a good bottom. I hope he gets his shit together.