Which Gay-For-Pay Powerbottom Would You Rather Fuck: Corbin Fisher’s Chris Or GayHoopla’s Sage Hardwell?

Posted May 20, 2022 by with 4 comments

Today’s Who Would You Rather? gives you a choice between two surprisingly strong powerbottoms who’ve come into their own this year. Whether you prefer younger and more innocent looking guys or older and more rugged bros, one of these bottoms might appeal to you. So, if you could kick out one of their tops and fuck one of these straight hunks yourself, who would you choose?

At Corbin Fisher, you could be fucking bottoming enthusiast Chris (who’s being topped by Rocky):

Or at GayHoopla, you could choose to top long-haired dick pig Sage Hardwell (who’s being fucked by Brock Bradley):

Preference in powerbottoms?

Trailer for Chris and Rocky (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Chris Bareback]

Trailer for Sage and Brock (and please accept my apologies for the boner-killing erectile dysfunction commercial in this trailer—watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Brock Bradley Fucks Sage Hardwell Bareback]

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