ChaosMen’s Calhoun Is Now Known As Corbin Fisher’s Sawyer

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002Corbin Fisher has decided to bring in a model from another studio (something they don’t normally do), so if Sawyer looks familiar to you, that’s because he was first introduced as ChaosMen’s Calhoun last year. CM’s Calhoun on the left, CF’s Sawyer on the right:

calgeI miss the beard, but otherwise this is the same Calhoun, with the same rock hard monster cock. His CF scene partner Beau does a nice job with it today:

004 006I’m STILL waiting for a Max/Elian scene, and now I guess I’ll be waiting to see Sawyer/Max and Sawyer/Elian. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Sawyer Fucks Beau Bareback]

  • dabc8177

    TRAVESTY!!! Bring piggy Calhoun back and don’t you ever dare make us see him fucking women!

    • D.P. Welles

      You’re forced to watch the ACS scenes?

      • dabc8177

        In fact I am forced to scroll trough their pussy updates while I browse gay porn blogs. Somehow they think it’s appropriate place to avertise that shit.

  • wdeee

    This is cruel and unfair. CF is gonna water him down so much. How did Bryan and CM let a star like this slip through their fingers? I’m legitimately upset ugh. He’ll always be Calhoun in my eyes.

    • peter

      That’s perhaps the principal reason why Quin will be sorely missed at CF. Quin usually managed to bring out the gay side of even the most g4p models. His scenes never seemed diluted by the CF ‘chill bros’ factor.

  • wdeee

    I will say that contrary to many others, the idea of Calhoun with a girl is hot. I’m bisexual so I would definitely enjoy that. I like guys that can do both.

  • Scrapple

    CM’s Bryan responding to CF’s Jason:
    This is payback for Vander and Nicholas and Charles Riley and any other model who defected to CM. And since Lane was at CM, you just know Jason already has him scheduled for a scene with Sawyer, to rub lemon-salt in the wound.

    I’m guessing Corbin was going for a Tom Sawyer reference. Makes sense. Hate the beard loss and the semi-sanitation, but Sawyer got Beau to wake up a little. That’s quite the achievement. You can’t keep a good pig down, so I don’t think CF will be able to mask Sawyer’s talents with their smoke and mirrors. Although from what Sawyer says in the vid, I’m convinced he sucked dick and they chose not to show it. With Timothy and Sawyer on the roster, Maxie, you in danger girl!

  • B.C.

    Losing uber sexy beard and defecting to CF. Next he’ll be in those cringe worthy m/f/m scenes. R.I.P. Calhoun, you will be sorely missed.

  • Always Looking

    Normally, the clean shaven look works for everybody almost, but man, Sawyer really needs Calhoun’s beard. WTF. CF probably offered more $$$ and more frequent scenes than Chaosmen could, but man this sucks. Calhoun might find the $$$, but he’s not gonna find the guys he likes there and I don’t think we’ll see that pig come out to play anymore, especially with the CF sex formula. Not sure how this will work out for him. It could go well like in the cases of Griffin or even Tegan, or it could be bad like Eli Hunter going towards all the low rent Sketchy Sex/TIM sites.

  • Alan Song

    Finally got a better hair cut but please make the beard back.

  • bo69

    He is much better at Chaos as Calhoun–he sucks dick, gets fucked and eats cum. And his beard shows the true ginger that he is. CF will ruin him/

  • Always Looking

    Having seen the clip now, I have to say, Sawyer looks MUCH better than these still photos indicate. Still miss the beard, but it’s not nearly as bad as I first thought. I was also a bit surprised by the heat of the scene. Sawyer got that thick cock of his all up in Beau. Beau didn’t run away from it either. Seems the CF formula can’t extinguish Calhoun’s heat. It’s gonna be interesting to watch Sawyer run through the CF stable. I knew Calhoun was popular, but I didn’t realize he was Chaosmen’s #1 rated model. Bryan has got to be PISSED.

  • Jay

    This won’t end well. It’s a mismatch.

  • peter

    CF’s legendary tripod Chandler had worked for some other sites before. While neither of these guys are traditionally good-looking, Chandler had an adorkable goofiness that always won me over. Plus, he fucked like a rock-star! I’ve yet to see Calhoun/Sawyer in action, but Chandler set a high standard.

  • peter

    For me, Beau will be the star of just about any scene he’s in!

    First, confining myself to looks alone, much as I love Max, Elian, and Dane, Beau is my type with a bullseye! He hits a lot of the same buttons as Smith and adds to that a perfect rug on his torso! The other thing I love about him, and this applies to Rocky, too, is that he seems like a real jock and not just some guy who goes to the gym a lot.

    I was impressed by the way Beau ran the bases in the prequel to his scene with Dane, so much so that it made me wonder if he was playing in the minors (which pays next to nothing). If he is in fact only 20 as listed, he might just show up on a Topps rookie card in a few year. I’d love to see what he looks like in a baseball uniform.

    Sean Cody’s tripod Teddy was also a minor league ball player. He supplemented his income by escorting, which I suspect is why his tenure at Sean Cody was (sadly) cut-short.

  • Hari Kalyan

    i just saw my first Calhoun scene and really liked him. Shame about the babyface, but if his performances are as energetic and verbal as with CM then I’ll still watch him as Sawyer

    • peter

      It just hit me what I don’t like about Calhoun/Sawyer. Shaven or no, he looks like a smoker. I can taste the tar on his tongue. Yech!

      But he looks better without the beard (most men do unless they’re outright hideous). If he had a little more meat on his bones and was a little more cut, he might *possibly* remind me of Brooks

      • Hari Kalyan

        Oh with that heavy southern drawl you can bet he dips for sure. i think he looks cute with the smooth face but I have a preference for the fur. And it actually just hit me too who he reminds me so much of…anyone remember big dicked (Russian) country boy Dalton Briggs? Both are super skinny, very well endowed and speak with a heavy southern drawl. But if I recall Dalton is a strict top while Calhoun/Sawyer is versatile

  • John

    I used to like Chaos Men a number of years ago, but their stock of guys is not on the same level of quality lately. Remember Kristopher and Jonas and Saber.

  • A Black

    Good luck getting the non-white booty he seemed to love at CM because CF don’t have any of that.

  • von schlomo

    Yes, beards. Every guy should have facial hair. We don’t ever wanna see any guy’s face. All of it should be completely covered in hair, even the guys who can’t grow facial hair in attractive patterns and density, all should have beards. Even when the beards get duck dynasty, that’s ok because we never wanna see any skin. Ever.

    • paultacoma51

      LOL! You are so bad!

  • paultacoma51

    Love Calhoun, but I’m mad at CF for making him shave his face. I’m not even a fan of beards in general, but he looks way better with one. What other unnatural things are they making my baby do? He needs to go back to CM!

    • von schlomo

      Beards are a tedious, tired fashion trend that is one of my pet peeves but I’m religious about body hair in general, and pubes in particular. I’d be willing to suffer beards if they all would leave their fucking body hair alone. Fat chance.

      As for Calhoun, while I’m critical of the crowd effect of beards, I can tell you that some guys look good with facial hair, something that has been true for decades…long before the assholes that mold fashion decided that all body hair is akin to running around without bathing. So, I’ll wait til I’ve watched his CF scene sans beard to deliver final judgment.

      BTW, in your opinion, what are Calhoun’s best Chaos scenes and why? I’ll check them out as he seems to have a rabid fan base and for reasons I’m not aware.

      • paultacoma51

        I really can’t decide which of his scenes are my favorite. I really liked the Wren, Vander & Alonso scenes, but they’re all great. He just has a great porn intensity on camera that I find sexy. But I’m with you on the body hair. As a smooth guy, if a guy has it, I cannot understand why they would want to clip or shave it.

        I have come to like beards on some guys, but for those who have strong, handsome features, I think it hides the best parts of their face. But others use beards to hide behind, such as if their face is getting too round and that for me is not pretty.

        Let me know what you think of the CF scene. I canceled my subscription with them, because I felt for the price, it wasn’t worth the money.

        • von schlomo

          I have the Vander & Alonso scenes so I’ll have to snag the Wren video.

          As with all things, some contemporary luxuries we cannot do without, like the Internet, but there are also many things from the past that are best, like body hair. In the 80’s, NO ONE even considered using a razor, or clippers, on their bodies (unless for athletic or competitive reasons, like swimming or bodybuilding) if you were a young guy, except maybe, MAYBE if you were a bear and literally had a rain forest growing, particularly in unsavory places, like your back. In fact, if you were in high school, and probably college, too, if the guys in the locker room noticed you shaving your pubes, pits, arms, legs, chest, etc you’d probably become the butt of their jokes. Oddly enough, this body hair, that is now the bane of all existence, was coveted as it reinforced your masculinity, and more importantly, maturity!

          Purity of skin, which isn’t masculine or feminine, is really, really nice on a guy and beards can so easily cover up either acne or acne pits. And, yes, beards are also used to reshape a face, from a round one, to a better angle, and also to hide lack of chin, where their neck and face just kinda merge.

          I will let you know. It’s ponderous how any porn site deserves the money they demand, mostly due to the precipitous decline in talent.

          • paultacoma51

            Yeah the hair thing is, I think, a totally hetero-normative thing driven by females who don’t like it. That’s one of the main things about Bel-Ami I don’t like; they don’t look like real men all plucked and tweezed. Let the women worry about hairy legs, which btw in many parts of the world is not considered unfeminine. I have to draw the line with women with mustaches, tho.

  • GayhawkAZ

    He lost the Steven Daigle haircut! Thank heaven for small favors. Love his monster cock, though….

  • Oh Corbin has picked up Sean Cody models in the past (Dru comes to mind) so this is not a surprise. First thought is Corbin Fisher has neutered and sanitized Calhoun in the process of remaking him as Bland Vanilla Sawyer. Never mind CF I will enjoy my Calhoun scenes on Chaosmen and ignore his CF work until they allow him to regain some masculinity!

  • nbtx27

    Ok scene, but Calhoun was a much better performer at Chaos. I do like that he shaved though, not the best looking guy but usually a great performer. Shocked that he was so tentative with that ass in front of him– Beau, one of the best at CF!