Court Docs Reveal Treasure Island Media Pays Performers As Little As $275!

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I guess if you’re willing to star in a Treasure Island Media movie, you’re probably willing to take anything they’ll give you, right? Based on the table above (found in this lengthy court document detailing TIM’s Cal/OSHA case), one performer from the bareback studio’s now infamous 1,000 Load Fuck made just $275. The highest paid performer—who I assume was the one who had to take each of those 1,000 loads—didn’t even make $1,000; his pay was just $850. That’s less than a dollar a load!

As you’ll recall, Cal/OSHA was hoping to collect at least $9,000 in fines from TIM for “failure to establish exposure control plan re: exposure to OPIM [other potentially infectious material] under §5193(c)(1) of the California Health Code,” a.k.a. “letting guys cum inside other guys’ assholes.” And while a judge did find TIM guilty of that, the $9,000 fine was actually waived for some extremely legal technicality that I do not understand. The judge did, however, fine TIM about $6,300 for a variety of other safety violations found at their charming little studio, including: Bad handrails, no fire alarm, and putting exit signs on non-exit doors. Oh, TIM!

timfinesAlso of interest:

Performers have to sign a waiver releasing the studio and owner Paul Morris from all liability in the event that a model develops a “change in status of physical health” after shooting. Gosh, I wonder what that could mean…?


Just for fun, here’s my favorite part of the hearing transcript, from a TIM employee’s testimony. It’s not something you see in court documents every day!


[Treasure Island Media: 1,000 Load Fuck]


  • Cosmic

    That is just sad.

    • JoshChicago

      Just sad?

      • Cosmic

        Sad and disgusting,how’s that?

  • Bull

    wonder how that compares to the other studios? I’d wager a guess it’s close to the bottom, but not the lowest.

    • Dutch Courage

      $ 275 is pretty low but we don’t know what this guy was paid for EXACTLY. Based on the figures above the average TIM payed for that Trillion Load Fuck movie is about $ 600 per participant. Don’t think that compares very unfavorable to many other gay porn studios. Top studios like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody pay more but we should not exagerate the scenes rates even these top studios have. If some commenters in the gay blogosphere say that a top studio pays $3000 per scene then I think they should stop fantasizing. Because of piracy and enormous competition between studios scenes rates have been going down for years and there are no signs that they will rise anytime soon.

  • NickDC

    IDK as bad as that is, for some reason to me Michael Lucas is far worse…

    • JoshChicago

      As much as I hate to say it – he isn’t worse. He’s just more of a bigoted and hypocritical cunt that’s easy to hate, and rightfully so on so many levels.

      The above fines levied against TIM are secondary and after-the-fact of the true crimes against humanity that take place there every time they shoot.

      But – as long as many of you guys keep funding and paying for their crimes against humanity by purchasing their product – just to get your selfish needy nut – there’s little that can be done until this type behavior becomes criminally actionable.

      Once again, just like those brave people from ACT-UP in the 80’s who paved our way to where we are today – to many, we are still viewed as acceptable collateral damage. And when you look at this type of behavior, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

      • NickDC

        I consider Michael Lucas to be worse because Treasure Island has operated consistently and, as yuck as they may be at times, they don’t deny it whereas Michael Lucas is likely/allegedly being paid by Gilead to pimp their product (whose effectiveness rate is as low as 63% in controlled studies) because apparently if it can make him an extra buck there is nothing Michael won’t do. He is an unethical hypocrite.

        • JoshChicago

          I agree nick but at least with TIM you know exactly where they stand. As if that’s any consolation.


  • sbd

    Only $275? Thank goodness the HIV is free.

    Paul Morris is sub-human scum.

    • JoshChicago

      It’s never free if you want to remain alive.

  • Dean

    The people filing these complaints against TIM are probably competing studios.

    • JoshChicago

      Those are the raw loads you take up your ass eating your brain away not competing studios.

      • Dean

        you’re an old turd.

  • mark_nyc

    dear str8upgayporn, you are condemning treasure island media…but why
    do you put a link to join treasure island media at the end of this
    article? what is the word for this kind of people?

    • zach

      Please point to where Str8UpGayPorn has condemned Treasure Island Media? You can’t. Also, condemnation or not, Str8UpGayPorn provides links for those consumers who wish to visit the sites being written about. Don’t like something? Don’t click it.

      • Mark-E-Mark

        Spoken from the click bait master himself. Pfffft. That was almost like a Paul Morris Contract.

  • robirob

    My guess sex and drug addiction make these low salary figures possible.

    • Justin van Breen

      I dunno…meth ain’t exactly free. Unless they also get paid in meth?

      • robirob

        I wouldn’t be suprised if ‘party favors’ (are they still called that way?) are available on set like a crafts table is available on regular TV and movie sets.

        • JoshChicago

          Kraft’s crack & cheese. All you can inject.

  • GN

    It just looks like the pay scale that the average studio would pay straight males for straight porn.–They only make a couple hundred per scene, if lucky.