Cybersocket Awards Photo Round-Up: Levi, Liam, Sebastian, Kyle, Johnny, Micah, And More!

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It was a relatively drama and scandal-free night at the Cybersocket Awards (complete winners list), which was well attended, if not a little light on gay porn star eye candy. Chi Chi LaRue kept the show moving swiftly (while inserting some jokes about the Helix Studios boys being too young and needing to go home to their parents), and I guess she’s the gay porn industry’s official hostess for, like, everything? In two days, she’ll be at Hustlaball in Las Vegas. Then, it’s the Grabbys in May.

Kyle Kash, Micah Brandt, and David R. kept the crowd entertained when Chi Chi wasn’t screaming:

DSC_0004 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

Johnny V., a fun girl, some more fun girls with Pierre Fitch, and new gay porn power couple(??) Liam Riley and Sebastian Kross:

DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0019 DSC_0024

Angel Cruz, Aarin Asker, Lukas Grande, and Levi Karter:

DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0030

Liam Riley with momager RJ Sebastian, Max Carter, and three random hot guys:

DSC_0032 DSC_0037 DSC_0039Maybe my favorite Levi Karter picture of all time? Then, it’s your one and only chance to make fun of how faggy I look holding a microphone. Also, Chi Chi taking the stage:

DSC_0041 DSC_0061 DSC_0046

The most awkward moment of the night had nothing to do with gay porn, but rather an audience member’s reaction to Frenchie Davis’s performance:

DSC_0122 DSC_0128

Trophy boys Kody Stewart and Jack Hunter, twins Kris and Kyle Ross, plus Ashley Ryder to close out the night:

DSC_0143 DSC_0148 DSC_0235 DSC_0248

  • sxg

    Ok 2 of the unknown hotties wearing black in that 3some pic are far hotter than most of the pornstars!!! I think the one on the left has done porn before, and the one on the right looks like J-Lo’s on again off again side piece.

    From these pics, other hotties of the night are Aarin Asker, Micah Brandt, Kyle Kash, David R., Levi Karter, Johnny V, and that’s it. The rest mostly look like a hot mess.

    And you got a haircut Zach! Looks good :)

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    I’m sure all those Helix boys were drinking mocktails.

  • Todd

    Now you’re just dragging out announcing the winner of your own site’s 2015 Best Gay Porn Star …………JUST TELL US ALL THAT XL WON ALREADY !!

    • sxg

      I highly doubt he’s going to win. Thirsty Tayte was tweeting like crazy during the whole voting time for people to vote for her. And those tweets were retweeted like crazy. Fingers crossed those people only voted just once instead of multiple times.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Fangirls, and in this case I mean that literally (since it’s Cockyboys), do not simply vote one time. If what you say is true, then he’ll probably win Curtis’ award.

      • Galaxy_Scribe

        Ugh, he’s dead to me for dating Frankie Grande

    • DPS


  • Al

    OMFG!!!!!! Zachary looks HOT!

  • beariac

    Midweek hangovers are a bitch.

  • beariac

    Bet there were a few sore heads earlier today!

  • Jer

    Uh, Zach is like, the hottest one out of all the pics.

    My anus is ready to receive, Mr. Sire. (unless you’re a bottom, in which case, you’re now a top.)

    • Maximus

      I’ve always wondered about this. There should be a voter poll. My guess is vers/top.

      • Luca

        the public wants to know!

  • Okosan

    Allen King looks like a high school jock…hot.

  • Pascal

    Never was a mike so daintily held. And who drew Zach’s eyebrows? They can’t beat a face for shit.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Liam and Sebastian actually look good together.

  • snoopyfo

    Im here For Zach, he looks sooo cute!!!!! <3

  • DPS

    That “faggy” pic of you has me on the edge of deSIRE!

  • Zealot

    Is it just me, or was Zach given a blue brick as an award?

  • steve adams

    Zack does kind of hold the mic like a girl…

  • Swifty

    This is nice and all but when are you going to announce the winner of 2015’s Gay Pornstar of the Year?

  • Maximus

    It actually seems like it was a fun night. I was expecting more chaotic drunken debauchery. Zach looks great, and so does Chi Chi!

  • Galaxy_Scribe
  • CBW

    Our esteemed Mr. Sire and the three random hot guys look delicious! <3

  • Myko

    Those “three random hot guys ” though….. Man on the left !!!!! Those arms ..
    That pic is saved for the wank bank…. I am kidding, right ? (No)

    Why is it whenever I see a picture of any of the “Cockyboy family” my eyes roll?

    Kyle Cash and his choice of roids have turned that body into something else.

    The Helix twinks make me laugh with their average looks pretending to be Beyonce.

  • Scrapple

    Zach – That mic shot is giving me Christina Aquilera, “Lady Marmalade” vocal acrobatics realness. But I fully expected you to have more of an Effie White “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” death grip.

    Damn, Frenchie. So many damns to be had.

    If ChiChi was going for Mad Hatter meets Pat Benatar meets Jack Skellington, bitch worked it out.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    The bearded man with a tattoo on his right arm looks like former gay porn star Steve Cruz.He is very hot.

    He is as beautiful as Steve Cruz.They looks like they could be brothers.