Andy Taylor Calls Dalton Briggs’ Monstrous Cock “Yummy,” Then Tries To Deep-Throat It

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hx107_scene16_001Dalton Briggs’ second gay porn scene on Helix Studios went live last night, but it’s actually the first gay porn duo he filmed with the studio (they don’t always release these things chronologically). And who better to welcome Dalton than iconic cock slut and world class powerbottom Andy Taylor?

hx107_scene16_010If Dalton Briggs hadn’t made his gay porn debut so late in 2014, he’d easily be a contender for newcomer of the year. Instead, he’ll have to wait until 2015 before he’s nominated for any awards, which will give him more time to cement his status as one of the hottest jocks with the biggest cocks at Helix. (Side note: I dare Helix to put Dalton and Evan Parker in a scene together, which would probably crash their website.)

dalton briggs andy taylor gay porn 1In today’s update, we learn a little more about Dalton, how he came to America (remember, he was born in Russia), and what he likes to do sexually. We also learn that bisexual gay porn star Andy Taylor really, really likes uncut cocks. His reaction upon learning about Dalton’s massive package? “Yummy!

dalton briggs andy taylor gay porn 2hx107_scene16_020

Clip from Dalton and Andy’s fuckfest (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Dalton Briggs Fucks Andy Taylor]


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