Dalton Briggs Tops Pierre Fitch (But Will Dalton Ever Bottom?)

Posted May 27, 2015 by with 12 comments

img_3040Dalton Briggs is making some history today with his latest scene on CockyBoys.

As you can see, he’s been paired with a very familiar face.

img_3066Not only does Dalton get the honor of sliding his long, fat, uncut cock into gay porn legend Pierre Fitch, but he also joins Bravo Delta as being one of the few CockyBoys to have never bottomed.

img_3133Will Dalton Briggs ever bottom?

Does he even need to, given his topping skills and his obvious endowment?

img_3500 img_3525 img_3585Pierre Fitch gets one of the best fucks of his life, courtesy of Dalton Briggs (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Dalton Briggs Fucks Pierre Fitch]


  • Alan Keddie

    From Russia, with lust? Did he have to fuck Pierre Fitch? Is he ruined now? Could not he have fucked any other cockyboy? Maybe if they offer him enough conditioner? (That peroxide must be destroying his follicles)

  • sxg

    I’ve seen Dalton in a few scenes, yet I can’t remember if he’s any good as a top.

    I have to give it to Pierre I wrote him off as done when he came back all sloppy as fuck looking a couple of years ago. His body is looking better than ever and he’s a pretty good versatile performer.

  • FooFight

    Based on the preview, this looks like some basic boiler plate gay sex.

  • Kevin

    I don’t get Dalton’s appeal or why BelAmi flew him so they could work with him. They already have dozens of homegrown models like him and his dick isn’t going to make him stand out since most of them have big dicks.
    He did a scene with Kevin Warhol but since Dalton only tops and Kevin no longer bottoms it is going to be something special, whatever that means.

  • Myko

    Dalton is not hot at all. As for Pierre.. nice from the neck down. His face looks a bit battered (especially if you see his instragram profile etc)

    • sxg

      He must have changed his pic because I can’t really tell. But thanks I never thought to check if he had an IG account. Found some interesting things there.

      For one, I never knew he’s a vegan. That does explain why even though he’s in good shape he always looks like he’s sick!

      And oh fucking eww he took a pic with Chip Tanner! I almost feel like Pierre is completely tainted after having been touched by that disgusting little troll!

  • Taylor

    I’m really not a fan of Dalton. I don’t get his appeal. When I saw him on Helix with his then-boyfriend I was hoping he’d just fade away like some of the others. I guess I’ll give it to him: he has staying power. But I wish he’d just go.


    • just fuck me goid

      The funny part is dalton is doing the most out of all the pirn stars in the game he is young and look at what he has done already in such a short time I just think all.if you are haters and just cant stand the fact that his dick is bigger than yalls and that he has balls I personally didnt like the scene not because of Dalton bit because of Pierre I mean for someone who has been in the buisness for 16 years he should be able to take it like a pro remember a top can only do so much if the bottom sucks so thumbs up for dalton and thumbs down for Pierre

  • Todd

    Dalton’s appeal appears in pics three and six ….. he carries a big thick dick. But many do in porn. I haven’t yet seen Dalton’s work. His trade with Bel Ami doesn’t make much sense as others have said. He looks like he is already a Bel Ami boy.

  • UK Jonny

    Not too sure about this being one the best fucks in Pierre’s life. Would put his pairing with Colby Keller better and not forgetting the heavenly D C Chandler when he was very young.

  • John

    This doesn’t rate in his top 10….I guess you guys will say anything to get clicks…..

  • AussieB

    There’s a price for everything