2022’s Best Cum Facial Is Already Here Thanks To Sean Cody’s Daniel And Dax

Posted February 4, 2022 by with 11 comments

Sean Cody’s Daniel had been on hiatus for two years until his return last month, and thank God he is back to do what he does best: Give people massive cum facials.

Daniel is fucking Dax in today’s SC duo, and while the fucking is solid (if not a little long—the scene is over 39 minutes), the highlight is of course at the end, when Daniel cums on Dax’s face.

Daniel shoots so much, there is cum being pumped out of his cock for over 15 seconds. In fact, this is actually a two-part facial, because just when you think Daniel is done cumming, a second wave of even more cum comes blasting out. Here is part one:


But wait, there’s more! Daniel pauses for a split second mid-load, screams out in ecstasy, and then just keeps on cumming. Part two of Daniel’s cum facial for Dax:


I love that Dax actually raised his eyebrow after that huge rope of cum splattered across his face/tongue/shoulder/chest. He’s like, “Are you serious right now?”

The post-nut afterglow is beautiful due in part to Dax’s face being so pretty, and also because Daniel’s cum is so thick, white, and creamy (if it were too watery and clear, this wouldn’t be nearly as perfect):


Note that in this final shot, you can see Daniel came so much, some of the cum facial made its way onto Dax’s back and is dripping down towards his ass:


At this point, this is obviously the best cum facial of 2022. If anything can beat this, I’ll be happily shocked. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Daniel Fucks Dax Bareback]