Daniel Evans Tops Leo Grand In Debut Episode Of Game On

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CockyBoys’ new feature Game On begins today, which means we finally have our first big gay porn movie of 2022 with plot, dialogue, comedy, intrigue, acting, and even one death. And, of course, plenty of fucking. The stars of this first episode are Daniel Evans and Leo Grand (impossibly perfect together—both physically and emotionally, in terms of their natural chemistry), but the scene actually begins with a shocking moment that sets the stage for the entire series. The episode description, via CockyBoys:

Video game mogul Marcus Muskburg (Matthew Cooper in his CockyBoys debut) has literally gone out with a bang and it’s “Game On” for his partners & friends Daniel Evans, Kane Fox & Leo Grand! The trio has flown down to Mexico where Markus tells them in his video will that company control will go to the guy who wins his special challenge. Complicating matters, even more, is Marcus’ previously undisclosed husband Houston Moore (Dallas Preston) and Leo Grand isn’t about to let this merry widower cheat him out of his rightful position.

Leo Grand wastes no time going to Daniel Evans and manipulating the surly and reluctant “bro ho” into joining forces. Leo seals the deal by exerting control, first by making Daniel suck his cock and then criticize his prowess so much to spur him to get aggressive. Daniel picks up Leo and puts him on his back so he can eat out his hole, but still, Leo isn’t satisfied with Daniel’s level of passion.

That does it! Daniel starts pounding Leo, just as he wanted. Leo relishes the “hate fuck” he’s spawned and still wants more. After sucking Daniel again, Leo sits on his cock and uses his hole to make Daniel shoot his load inside him. With cum oozing out of his hole, Leo sits on Daniel’s chest and gives him an open mouth facial, and orders him to swallow all his cum and share a passionate kiss. And so, Leo has formed a strong alliance with Daniel–or has he?

I have a feeling there might be a surprise twist coming later regarding the death of the video game mogul, but I’ll withhold my theory so as to not spoil the ending (or to avoid embarrassing myself in case I’m completely wrong). Here’s feisty Leo and dreamy Daniel in this first episode:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Daniel Evans Fucks Leo Grand Bareback]

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