WATCH: Daniel Evans And Tristan Hunter Take Turns Fucking Each Other In “Hit Me Up”

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CockyBoys is closing out their “Hit Me Up” series with two of gay porn’s best performers in the best kind of a duo: A flip-fuck. The stars are Tristan Hunter and Daniel Evans, who take turns topping each other in the gym before Tristan fucks a massive load out of Daniel, and then Tristan paints Daniel’s hole with his load. The sensuality and chemistry is off the charts for these two as they suck and fuck, and here are just a few of the highlights:


Daniel Evans flexing: The most nut-busting non-sexual moment of 2022.


Tristan isn’t arrogant so I doubt he’d admit it, but even he had to have noticed how insanely hot he looked bouncing up and down on Daniel.


The flipping is crazy, and I love how they switched back and forth over and over again.


In a surprise to no one, it looks like it feels pretty good to be topped by Daniel Evans.


And based on that load, it must feel pretty great to be topped by Tristan Hunter, too.


In conclusion, a creampie that’s sealed with a kiss.

Photos, and the trailer down below:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Tristan Hunter And Daniel Evans Flip-Fuck Bareback]

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