WATCH: Daniel Mathis Gives Himself A Cum Facial While Being Fucked By Scott Reeves

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Is there any group of models better at delivering cum facials than BelAmi models? Probably not. Is there any group of models better at delivering self cum facials than BelAmi models? Again, probably not. I will never know how they do it, but here’s another one today, with blond hunk Daniel Mathis cumming all over his own face (and his chest, his abs, his neck, his shoulder, and the bed) while he’s being fucked by Scott Reeves:


Yes, cum shots like this have a lot to do with pure luck, but I also believe there’s some technique or practicing they do to make it look this epic, right? Slo-mo of the main rope of cum that hits his face:


Here’s more of Scott Reeves topping Daniel Mathis today, and note that after Daniel cums on his own face, Scott proceeds to give him another facial by cumming in his mouth. Also, please do not ask me what the hell is going on in this first pic.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Scott Reeves Fucks Daniel Mathis Bareback]

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