Darius Ferdynand Threatens To Sue Str8UpGayPorn Over Post Promoting Escort Ad

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It’s been a while since someone has threatened to sue Str8UpGayPorn, and I was beginning to wonder if I’d lost my touch. Luckily, gorgeous gay porn star Darius Ferdynand has just come through with a fresh lawsuit threat, and it all stems from this October, 2015 Str8UpGayPorn post promoting his and his equally gorgeous boyfriend’s escort ad.

As it happens, Darius Ferdynand did not like this post one bit:

d1I’m used to getting angry emails after publishing an unflattering or negative story about someone (and I’m also used to being called “cheap”), but the post in question literally couldn’t have been more positive. I tried to remind Darius Ferdynand of this in my reply:


Unfortunately, this only seemed to make Darius Ferdynand more angry (ugh—he probably looks even hotter when he’s angry):

d3 d4 d5

For the record, the poll in the post included an option of $500, not $5.

Also, is it weird that these crazy emails from Darius Ferdynand only make me like him more?


  • zombies

    Fair play to him though, he’s got a good point. If you can put stuff online then there’s no way you don’t know how to take it down as well. Reckon I’m totally on his side there.

    • La Bambi

      It’s Zach’s principle that he doesn’t “unpublish” stories, that’s not something journalists do. You either publish a retraction if a story is false or needs to be corrected, or you stand by it. Of course it’s possible to remove a post, but why should Zach remove something if it’s true, non-libelous, and freely available public information. What makes Zach different from the other porn blogs is he has some principle in what he writes, whether you agree with it or not.

      • AussieB

        Maybe in his home country theres no freedom of speech

        • Russell47

          Hungary went from Communist, to Democratic, now it’s well on it’s way to fascist, so you’re probably right.

      • zombies

        So the line in Zach’s email about how he “cannot remove published content” is clearly bullshit then. Makes you wonder how many other “untruths” are posted here. Ah well, it’s only porn.

  • Todd

    There are more dignified ways to advertise being a cheap whore than your blog, Zach.



  • FieldMedic

    Sorry Darius, but the fact is that if you put >anything< on the internet it is public. This post that I'm currently typing will be public when I click 'Post' and can be used against me. But I welcome the lawsuits and charges for lewd behavior. And hello Google bug that's currently indexing it, and hello future readers from 2016!

  • sanfv

    Can we hire them as a collective and have them fight it out with Zach? Rafa can swing Daryius around like a gay sword or mace.

    • AussieB

      Maybe his boyfriend got mad since he doesn’t do porn & didn’t want exposure on a porn blog

  • sanfv

    Daryius and his boo are the first classy prostitutes of 2016.

  • itsbritneybitch

    sis, your ad is public and not hard to find at all. You should be happy Zachariah even acknowledged your ad and possibly gave you business. So sad when people bite the hand that feeds them. Oh, and he posted “$500” not “$5” idiot. Go take a lesson on how advertisement works.

  • GoGo
    • Pertinax


  • WillG

    I had a brilliant theory that he’s upset because you explicitly said you could hire them for sex, which would be illegal, except after Googling it I learned that prostitution is LEGAL in Great Britain! Who knew? At least I learned something. But his objection to the free advertising remains a mystery.

  • McM.


    Darius Ferdynand’s complaint may have a legal basis if he can prove Sire misrepresented him. But he can’t.

  • Zealot

    Darius has obviously never heard the old axiom: There is no such thing as bad publicity. Zach, maybe you should suggest that he give you a commission off any referrals via your site. Or, better yet, charge him for the post and claim he’s made hundreds and thousands of dollars off your free promotion of his wares. BTW..you’re right about how hot he must look when angry (but I prefer how he looks wet!). Maybe he’ll tweet a pic of himself and that hot BF having angry sex over your continued refusal to remove the post. What else can we say to get that ire of his even higher! #hotangrydarius

  • Hugh Merme

    I saw someone wearing a shirt once that said “white girls copying gay men copying black girls”. It sounds so reductive but then you see all the gifs in the comments. It’s like we’re the Miley of people.

  • Maximus

    Empty threats of a frivolous lawsuit? Darius has clearly been spending too much time here in America. Our culture seems to have corrupted his even-tempered European sensibilities. This way to the gun range, Darius!


    • AussieB

      He sounds like Drumpf ?

  • john

    Cant wait for the trial!

  • Jay Kwellin

    To return to the original question from the October ’15 post: I wager 400 quatloos on a night w/Darius and his boo!

  • Goodboy

    He probably saw how much Hulk Hogan made and thought he’d give it a try too.

    • Two Cents

      You sir have the post of the day!

  • Badbike


  • Pertinax

    A very handsome guy indeed. To me, to fuck a male prostitute like him would be the same to fuck a slut that were Ann-Margret’s look-alike.

  • Dale Bergman

    How rude and ungrateful! Zachary does not respond well to threats…

    Darius, you’re better off sticking to what you do best for money:


    It would be hilarious if he did pursue a lawsuit! It would be great if this woman was the judge:


  • ToxicBrew

    I love how these porn whores immediately threaten to call their lawyer as if they even had one on retainer LMFAO Bitch if you’re selling your body what makes anybody think you can afford thousands on legal counsel? Laughs like Mariah Carrey when she fired her whole staff…

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    I was a big fan of Darius for many years, even when started out at Staxus and all, he came to USA and now he has changed for the worst. Go back to your country and see how far you can make it. This website was trying to help you and your friend and you get pissed, throw threats and all, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!

  • HighHighway

    1 word he used and it’s over. – “PUBLIC”…… NEXT!
    P,S, Did he make any money from anyone who saw his ad on this site?? Someone look into that will you? Thanks.

  • yaoirabbit

    I can remember the first time I was threatened by someone in the industry.

    • sanfv

      Ugh, same here! Vadim Black and Owen Michaels have been trying to kill me for weeks! They have to call to make an appointment, I’m a very busy bitch.

      • yaoirabbit

        Coincidentally, I was called “bitch” in the threatening email.

        • sanfv

          That’s means you’re doing something right darling.

    • beariac
      • yaoirabbit

        Back when I got my first computer, I made Windows Movie Maker videos. A porn director stated on the company’s message board how terrible my videos were. So I retaliated and said on my personal blog that his movies sucked. He was furious when he saw it and issued a legal threat banning me from discussing any of the company’s exclusive models on my blog.

        The second time was by Ricky Sinz. Basically, I was an unknowing ghostwriter who created artwork that he took credit for without my knowledge or consent. When I asked him to stop using my art, it led to him cussing me out and trying to intimidate me.

        • beariac

          Ugh, smh. What a pair of ignorant, insecure cunts.

          Thanks for sharing.

  • Ant

    So classy, even Jake Cruise can afford him. Now, irréversible that.

  • OverKill
  • Andrew S.

    Now this might just be me projecting but something tells me his inability to tell the difference between $5 and $500 might a key reason he even has to escort in the first place. Just a thought!

  • BoomPow

    Hey Darius!

  • BoomPow

    Hey Darius! Why you so butthurt? Oh! never mind.

  • fingersinthebootyassbitch

    This just goes to show that the hotter you are, the more idiotic and self-important you will be. I’m not usually into shaming sex workers, but like…”cheap”? Dude…You literally whore yourself out for a living. Don’t act like you deserve respect or like you can start ordering people around as though this shit isn’t public already.

    • AussieB

      Its not like a cop read the blog & arrested him for illegal prostitution (yet)

  • AussieB

    Just another dumb model doing porn. Doesn’t understand his prostitution ad is public. If he’s not proud of what he does, he should take it down. It’s so easy these days also to track down these models personal info if you want. I was bored the other night & was surprised at all the info I found about one famous porn model that explained clearly why he’s in porn at such a young age… And a national manhunt for a 15 year old on the run with a known sex offender… Its time for an HBO or Netflix show on the drama of the porn world. Another good ?

  • GN

    Zach’s office:

  • JK3

    And the only fucks I give have to do with whether or not his hot boyfriend ever did porn.

  • Who what where when how…

    lmao, a hungarian calling someone cheap. stupid puto.

  • Stephen

    So, after doing some research, it seems as if Darius and his boyfriend broke up. He’s probably upset and doesn’t want there to be any ads up featuring both of them for both business and emotional reasons.

    • Jer

      I would be SHOCKED if they broke up. I mean, how much more of a stable relationship can you get than one based solely on looks and fucking strangers together for money?

  • sans

    At first i thought this was an April fools joke but then i realized that it’s the april 2.

  • C3xxx

    “And you caused irréversible damages” What damages? And what keyboard is he using for that pesky accent aigu to appear in “irréversible”??

  • moondoggy


    Don’t mess with me, Zach Sire. I bill by the hour, too. And I am not afraid to take my retainer from a g-string.

  • BjorkNut

    Based on his emails I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess he is either foreign, or, a public school graduate…

  • Stuart

    Saw an article not so long ago that said the boyfriend objected to Darius doing porn, I remembered the previous post here and thought that slightly odd since he clearly had no problem with escorting.

    Here it is https://eltonpacheco.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/darius-is-sassier-and-wilder-than-me/ and it seems the boyfriend is now ex.

    You’re still hot Darius, but the douchebaggery is taking the shine off it a little.

    • Hereweare

      Good read. Thanks!

  • kevin

    he’s so creepy looking.

    • Mike Julius

      Yeah. His face. He’s handsome, objectively, but it seems…plastic? But plastic without surgery or botox or anything.

      However, Rafa is flaw free and not mannequin-ish in any way.

  • Mike Julius

    It’s suddenly a problem all these months later? And did you ask him if he plans to take you to a court of LAW over his ad advertising less than legal services?

    I think they broke up or are about to.

  • Marcus Collack

    I knew you liked it rough, well with the right person at least.

  • czer

    Darius proves, once again, that many gay porn models/escorts just aren’t very intelligent.

  • elyp

    Oh well…
    At least Zach like it
    Thanks for that I’m having images of Zach and Darius in my mind

  • elyp

    Oh well, at least Zach like it

  • Stacy

    I know who can take care of this…

  • Fazz

    His boyfriend is gorgeous, but as for Darius, I’m sure he could use that money to buy a new neck.

  • paultacoma51

    Well, obviously, English class wasn’t Darius’ best one in school.

  • kkdd1

    Darius I think u r getting what u wanted FREE ADVERTISEMENT !!!

  • Bradster

    Yes to the boyfriend. NO to the moron who forgot that this idiot lawsuit would alert the authorities that he’s a prostitute.

  • lordgabux

    I really love when a man comes to your life knowing what you do for a living and then wants you to stop doing it, acting like he is THE ONE and not even a year later you’re not together anymore… so stupid.

  • Marsha Lewis

    Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Darius Ferdynand you’re a fucking Prostitute. Sue me now bitch u $5 whore. Anyway, Princess needs to go..

  • Jason

    The link in the original post only seems to go to Rafa’s ad, which says he is on a break. I wonder if they have split up, or stopped working, or want to wipe any trace of having worked, and therefore need this removed all of a sudden (about six months after the original post I may add. Didn’t care about it for all that time?)

  • Josh

    i need to hire Darius b4 he gets too used up. Not much time left….

  • Ratitout

    This bitch needs to lay off the Crystal Meth , oh wait he prefers Ket !
    That’s the outburst you expect from a short arsed , Chemmed up WHORE when she gets her knickers all twisted !

    Looking at his scenes and the fact he has NO personality I doubt many would pay his crazy prices to stick their dick up his bucket arse :-)

  • Ruddigore

    Darius, I’ll let Wikipedia explain the Streisand Effect to you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect