WATCH: Dato Foland Fucks Carter Dane

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Less than 24 hours after the teaser images dropped (and Michael Lucas potentially dropped dead?), MenAtPlay has released one of the most scorching hot pairings in years: Dato Foland and Carter Dane.

Dato Foland is making a return to gay porn with this scene, but there’s no word on whether he’ll extend this comeback into more work with other studios, or if this is just a one-off scene for some quick cash. Either way, it doesn’t get much better than this (full scene here):

[MenAtPlay: Dato Foland Fucks Carter Dane]

  • SorryNotSorry


  • sanfv

    Have to keep Dato away from Lucas. This is what he wants to do to him.

  • asby

    Dato is hot and all…But why is he in a suit in EVERY scene?

    • sxg

      That’s Carter Dane in a suit. And this is for Men At Play, the whole point of the site is having the guys in suits. It’s a suit fetish site. He did a few similar scenes at duckface studios.

    • Jace

      Men at Play is a suit fetish site.

    • Moobs?

      • sxg

        When did Nica Crazytits develop jaundice?

      • Allen Rancki

        Gueststop, you could set privacy on discus. Prayed for you.

        • Raping children at gun point in a bathroom?

          You are quite a disturbed mind, pervert.

  • Trepakprince

    I suspect this must be what gay heaven looks like.

    • Annajoliver2

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  • OverKill
  • AussieB

    Very professional of MenAtPlay to include “Cockyboys exclusive” in their trailer & promotion. Jake Jaxson of CB has also promoted it. At least 2 studios which seem to be friendly

  • McM.

    Though I don’t want to see him appearing at again, it seems a shame that Carter Dane is now limited to a single studio.

  • Dale Bergman
  • sans

    I am so glad that Men At Play is mentioned in this site.

  • Zealot

    Dear Abby:

    I’m a 44 year-old entrepreneur, who runs a successful movie business, and dabble in pharmaceuticals. I am a man of the world, urbane and dashing, yet find myself inexplicably single. While I’ve had a great deal of sexual experience and believed myself very jaded due to the recent break-up of my marriage– I find that I’m still vulnerable to affairs of the heart. You see, I met a very charming young French-Canadian flight attendant with the most endearing accent. He really took me by surprise. And before you know it, I was offering this rather impressively-build young lad a lucrative contract filming bareback gay porn. One thing led to another, and we parted with hastily-shared, breathy promises of work, travel and fame– but what I secretly hoped for was more. Much more. I really wanted him for my own. The days dragged on like weeks, and I realized that his claims of family issues, and other such problems may have been subterfuge for clandestine meetings with other porn producers. I know that none of these other pretenders could possibly offer the opportunities, money and fame that working under my tutelage could have brought. I’m tall, dark, hung and have modeled professionally. I’m told I’m very handsome and know how to hit a man’s prostate without fail during anal intercourse– multiple times. I hate all the right people and blindly support anything Israeli. I’ve tried to communicate to him over and over just how fortunate it is that he met me. Yet, he continues to ignore my advances. I fear I’m becoming fixated as now all my broken heart can do is plot ways to harm his career and smear his name. Is he spurning me out of jealousy of my fame and reputation, or could it be that he is Muslim– in which case I’m sure I’m better off without him. Abby, what should I do? This whole affair has left a foul taste in my mouth! –M in Manhattan

    • Nana Eristavi

      Bravo, Zealot! That was simply great! ;)))))))

      • Zealot

        Thanks so much!

  • DPS

    Dato looks better than ever and Carter just keeps getting better. The whole suit thing is distracting to me but these to could get me past that.

    • Xzamilloh

      I loooooove the suits. It’s one of my biggest fetishes/turn-ons.

      • Mihcael Davies

        Same here!

  • nick

    Good god, that’s so hot.

  • DEE


  • Magnum Hölzel

    Meu divo voltou

  • HonoluluJoe

    Aloha. So good to see my Dato again. Miss him Much!??

  • Nana Eristavi

    Call me a Georgian patriot if you want, gentlemen (Dato is ethnically Georgian, like me), but this is the hottest, handsomest, most delicious couple I’ve seen in ages. :)

    • sanfv

      Yes! And I don’t know what Carter did to lure Dato out of hiding and self exile but we need more of it!

  • Eric from Sweden

    The scene wasn’t that good. They are both very sexual, and the chemistry was just right, but the lighting was very poor.

  • Spencer87

    I love how Dato looks exactly how he did,when he debuted.The scene looks hot.