David Meza (Sean Cody’s Francisco) Found Guilty Of Murder

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03After nearly a week of deliberations, a San Diego jury returned this morning with a verdict for David Enrique Meza (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Francisco), who was accused of murdering his wealthy gay lover in Mexico back in 2015, and then conspiring to obstruct justice by covering up the murder. The jury has found Meza guilty on both counts.

After being convicted on both counts—guilty of foreign murder of a U.S. national and conspiracy to obstruct justice—Meza now faces life in prison. A sentencing date has been scheduled for August 7th:


As noted previously, Meza is now the second gay-for-pay Sean Cody model convicted of murder after stabbing a gay man, following Jason Andrews (Sean Cody’s Addison). And, as Str8UpGayPorn reported exclusively last week, a third Sean Cody model, Chase, is currently on trial in Kentucky for murder, too.


Meza was arrested in late 2015 after his wealthy, older gay lover Jake Merendino was found dead in a Mexican ravine with his throat slashed, and over 20 stab wounds in his chest and stomach.

Prosecutors were able to prove that Meza “murdered his lover, because [he] believed he stood to gain millions of dollars and a beautiful condominium on the beach in Rosarito,” and they presented multiple forms of evidence, including Meza’s prostitution ads and gay porn videos, handwritten letters from Meza to Merendino, DNA samples, and photos of the couple in Mexico.

Meza’s girlfriend and mother of his child, Taylor Marie Langston (seen below with Meza), had originally faced a conspiracy charge in connection to the murder as well, but Str8UpGayPorn can now report that Langston has taken a plea deal and pleaded guilty. Langston, currently free on bond, is scheduled to be sentenced next month. The couple’s baby (who was born shortly after Meza murdered Merendino) will be raised without its birth parents if Langston is sentenced to prison.


  • Eric

    Was worried due to the length of the deliberations. So happy justice has been done. What people will do for money is depressing.

    • atlas

      the fact that how much money is dependent in this society is depressing

  • Geo Mendez

    After everything and all sarcasm, jokes, remarks and tea aside my heart goes out to the victim’s family and that child that will grow up without his/her parents…
    Sad all around….

    • Zane McGuire

      That child is legit better off not being raised by these two monsters. Don’t feel bad for that baby.

  • Marik Ishtar
  • Zealot

    We see this daily in the number and types of self-serving “Go-Fund-Me’s” and Amazon Wish Lists– the sense of entitlement some people have– that the world somehow owes them a free (or easy) ride to riches, or a certain lifestyle to which they’re accustomed. Mr. Meza may have believed he deserved a nice quality of life while skipping the hard work and effort most of us must put in just to make ends meet, or have anything considered a luxury just because of his physical appearance, or attributes. I suppose this type of thing has existed since the beginning of time when one person was able to distinguish themselves from others for those, or other physical traits. It just seems that with the immediacy of social intercourse we know about them in more detail and faster than before. I’m sorry that his victim felt he had to look to someone obviously so heartless and cruel for love and meaning in his own life. I wonder if Meza even today feels any remorse for his actions?

    Meza gets my Gordon Ramsay dismissal of the day for his soul-less actions.


  • Nothing sassy to say. Just glad justice was served.

  • Todd

    He will continue to be popular in jail

  • sxg

    And he was cute too with a nice bubble ass. Oh well, at least someone in prison will appreciate it!

    • Two Cents

      I remember that scene. That was when the mafia guidos came to kill Adabisis and he got in that butt…literally.

      • sxg

        I know. Lucky guido.

        • Two Cents

          Lucky Guido? Both were lucky cause I would have tossed that guidos salad before he got that good dick. Adabisis made me so hard watching him.

  • Estelle

    About the only half way decent thing that either can do at this point is let their child be adopted or raised by a relative that lives far away. They fractured so many lives at this point. She will never be able to get a decent job at because of the felony charge and noterity of the case and considering her life choices, I doubt the mate she subsequently picks will be much better.

    This story is bound to be played out on we tv and discovery Id in reruns for years. There’s no way to protect their kid from the story or what the kids father did for a living.

    • Del

      Oh man i didnt think of ID picking this up. Cant wait for the actors they get for this.

      • Estelle

        I love that ID Discovery almost always gets hot people to play fat, dumpy looking people.

  • OverKill
    • 2345

      Who is the bottom in the 1st pic? Thanks in advance.

      • Jace

        Duncan Black.

  • Xzamilloh

    Leave these porn stars alone… I’m sure a lot of them are just regular people looking to make some money to pay bills, live life, or honestly love what they do, but there are far too many examples of tragically damaged souls looking to take advantage of someone who has the money but not the sense to realize that you don’t know the person you’ve been watching in 40 videos and follow religiously on Twitter and smiled at you once at a club while they were go-go dancing. If you’re gonna get you a porn star escort, never do anything involving handcuffs or blindfolds, and always assume you could be murdered at any second and keep something sharp or peppery on hand. Shove it up your ass if you have to… some of you have the room up there.

    • Zealot

      So, are you saying it’s the victim’s fault?

      • Xzamilloh

        Do you see me saying it’s the victim’s fault? Because I would just say it if that were the case. Don’t try me, dude… put a dick in my mouth, not words

        • Zealot

          I’m not trying you, just seeking clarity. And in doing so I wasn’t putting anything into your mouth. If I misconstrued your intent, I apologize.

          • Xzamilloh

            Well, your attempt to seek clarity came off to me as accusatory, implying I was victim blaming rather than genuinely asking, and if that wasn’t your intent, then let ME apologize. But for future references, thinking I’m “blaming the victim” would be like me “blaming the victim” if I say to lock your doors and windows and get an alarm system after someone’s house is robbed… telling people to take precautions or things to not do doesn’t mean it’s someone’s fault if it happens to them

          • Zealot


    • OneOfTheManyChris

      They had a relationship. I assume money changed hands, but it wasn’t a one night stand, and it wasn’t a robbery. The victim had included Meza in his will. Who knows exactly what was going on inside their heads, but it appears they spent a lot of time together without actually murdering each other.

      • Goodboy

        A will written on a hotel napkin.

  • Trepakprince

    It’s sad that he’ll probably be raped in prison daily but you reap what you sow. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cefdadb349e4d67c020383b7e608bdff3372c300aa568300e67d1e0dcb109abe.png

  • Zavier

    Well… what else do you expect from men who have girlfriends and wives but screw gay men over for money…

  • skye3245

    all this and a man is dead. Was the money really worth it? I mean he was gonna inherit the money anyways(from news reports)…all this for nothing. That man prob needed a companion and someone to talk to. Prob wasn’t even about sex, but he had to just go in and do what he wants. This guy gets just what he deserves. Glad. Hope they throw every year they can at him

    • GN

      It’s particularly vile when you consider that the guy was more than generous with Meza, it’s not like he was holding back on the $ till death. Merendino had purchased cars, paid for school, even paid to get his teeth fixed. And the guy turns around and kills him smh.

  • badgamer1967
    • Two Cents

      His trial starts in September. He will be dead within a year if they don’t keep him in gen pop. He most definitely gettin raped. Nasty perv!

    • Capt. Obv


  • When his fellow inmates find out he is in for murdering a gay guy and that he was a gay4pay porn star he’s gonna be targeted by other inmates and will make a good bitch for someone.

  • Readen Reply

    Sean Cody should just rename itself Pretty Boy Thugs

    • Zane McGuire

      This was old school Sean Cody. The current Sean Cody is less murdery, more suicidal.

  • Maximus

    Hooray! The system works sometimes!

  • mrspatrickcampbell

    So why did he murder Chaz Bono?

  • mrspatrickcampbell

    Francisco has a beautiful piece of uncut sizemeat!

    We can see why Francisco was popular and also why Francisco will be very popular in the Big House!