[UPDATED] Treasure Island Media Owner’s Name Carved Into Porn Star’s Chest; Blood Used As Anal Lubricant

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First of all, I realize that posting about anything Treasure Island Media does is playing right into their hands. These worthless losers pull stunts like this for the sole purpose of getting attention, and they love it when people “freak out” over how horrific (not to mention illegal) their content is. And so, there won’t be any freaking out here.

Instead, I’m posting about this scene from Treasure Island’s new movie, Breeding Season 3, only in the hopes that officials from Cal/OSHA are made aware of it and can finally, once and for all, shut this shitshow down. At the very least, Treasure Island can be driven out of the state and so financially drained that they have to stop filming, right?


If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, a scene in the forthcoming Breeding Season 3 features gay porn star Dayton O’Connor using a knife to carve the name of Treasure Island Media’s owner, Paul Morris, into the chest of his scene partner. Then, when they have bareback anal sex, they use the blood as lubricant.

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It’s important to distinguish that consenting adults have the right to do almost whatever they want to each other (including carving each other up) behind closed doors, but this is something different. This is obviously in violation of every single aspect of Cal/OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen standard, and allowing a business (make no mistake—Treasure Island is a business just like any other California business) to conduct itself like this sets an insane example for other businesses. While most companies probably aren’t thinking about asking their employees to fuck each other with blood, what’s stopping them from deciding to skirt and/or ignore the costly safety procedures relevant to their workplace, if it helps increase profits? After all, if Treasure Island Media can get away with it, why can’t everyone else?

If Cal/OSHA can’t get Treasure Island Media shut down after this, they’re officially useless. And if other companies in the gay porn industry aren’t severing whatever ties they have to Treasure Island Media after this, they’re as spineless and corrupt as Paul Morris.



I’ve embedded the trailer below, if only to give us something more to make fun of. I guess this is supposed to feel like a horror movie? Everyone looks like they’re being murdered by a serial killer. It didn’t occur to me when I first wrote this up, but how much of a narcissistic sociopath do you have to be to have your name carved into one of your employee’s chests? But—it’s not even Paul Morris doing the carving! It’d be one thing if it was Morris doing it himself but, of course, he’s too much of a coward to ever appear on camera. What a pussy. Instead, Morris has someone else (whom I’m assuming was paid about $200) do the cutting for him. You know who else ordered other people to draw blood for him? Charles Manson. He’s been in the news lately. Maybe Treasure Island can find a way to tie this all together.



It’s backfiring already, as even Treasure Island’s most loyal customers are rejecting Paul Morris and his blood play. The comments on TIM’s site:

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