[UPDATED] Treasure Island Media Owner’s Name Carved Into Porn Star’s Chest; Blood Used As Anal Lubricant

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First of all, I realize that posting about anything Treasure Island Media does is playing right into their hands. These worthless losers pull stunts like this for the sole purpose of getting attention, and they love it when people “freak out” over how horrific (not to mention illegal) their content is. And so, there won’t be any freaking out here.

Instead, I’m posting about this scene from Treasure Island’s new movie, Breeding Season 3, only in the hopes that officials from Cal/OSHA are made aware of it and can finally, once and for all, shut this shitshow down. At the very least, Treasure Island can be driven out of the state and so financially drained that they have to stop filming, right?


If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, a scene in the forthcoming Breeding Season 3 features gay porn star Dayton O’Connor using a knife to carve the name of Treasure Island Media’s owner, Paul Morris, into the chest of his scene partner. Then, when they have bareback anal sex, they use the blood as lubricant.

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It’s important to distinguish that consenting adults have the right to do almost whatever they want to each other (including carving each other up) behind closed doors, but this is something different. This is obviously in violation of every single aspect of Cal/OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen standard, and allowing a business (make no mistake—Treasure Island is a business just like any other California business) to conduct itself like this sets an insane example for other businesses. While most companies probably aren’t thinking about asking their employees to fuck each other with blood, what’s stopping them from deciding to skirt and/or ignore the costly safety procedures relevant to their workplace, if it helps increase profits? After all, if Treasure Island Media can get away with it, why can’t everyone else?

If Cal/OSHA can’t get Treasure Island Media shut down after this, they’re officially useless. And if other companies in the gay porn industry aren’t severing whatever ties they have to Treasure Island Media after this, they’re as spineless and corrupt as Paul Morris.



I’ve embedded the trailer below, if only to give us something more to make fun of. I guess this is supposed to feel like a horror movie? Everyone looks like they’re being murdered by a serial killer. It didn’t occur to me when I first wrote this up, but how much of a narcissistic sociopath do you have to be to have your name carved into one of your employee’s chests? But—it’s not even Paul Morris doing the carving! It’d be one thing if it was Morris doing it himself but, of course, he’s too much of a coward to ever appear on camera. What a pussy. Instead, Morris has someone else (whom I’m assuming was paid about $200) do the cutting for him. You know who else ordered other people to draw blood for him? Charles Manson. He’s been in the news lately. Maybe Treasure Island can find a way to tie this all together.


It’s backfiring already, as even Treasure Island’s most loyal customers are rejecting Paul Morris and his blood play. The comments on TIM’s site:

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  • Nickolas

    I’m telling you, it’s only a matter of time before they start recruiting convicted sex offenders for their videos. Where else do they have left to go?

    • Probably necrophilia. Although some of the people they hire (I’m wary of using the term ‘models’) already looking pretty corpse-like, so maybe that one can already be checked off the list…

  • Stiffo

    I’ve long stopped thinking of TIM as merely producers of irresponsible porn, but also as documentarians and practitioners of extreme performance art. Remove TIM’s branding, and this stunt could be in some shock artist’s exhibition.

    • robirob

      For me it’s a cautionary tale about self esteem and its symptoms like sex addiction.

    • Miles Andrew


  • Alan

    Not at all surprised or shocked to see this from TIM – their relentless search to reach new lows disturbs me only in the sense that they (apparently) find customers who will pay for it. I am surprised and disappointed to see Dayton in this scene – I considered myself a fan from his debut, eight years ago on Sean Cody, to even his recent work for Kinkmen – but this is too much for me…

    • NG212

      Agree entirely. Are we the same person?

      I was just thinking how disappointing it is to see Dayton in this scene. Call me a pussy, but I couldn’t ever do this to someone.

    • Luca

      is that really Dayton O’Connor?! from the photos (which, true, are bad) he seems a completely different person!

      • Alan

        Yes, it’s him. I wish it wasn’t.

  • MarkDeMaio

    are they letting the actors smoke meth in the scenes yet, or haven’t they crossed that line?

    • NG212

      I feel like this happened long ago. Am I wrong?

      • McM.

        Not quite, but TIM may as well because Slammed had performers shooting meth rather than smoking it. But sure the latter occurred on set too.

  • Diesel Washington

    Sitting like this…

    Waiting for LucasEntertainment to copy this scene or to outdo them

    Lets be real LucasEntertainment and Treasure Island media are in direct competition with each other…

    Ever thought that would happen??

    • Zealot

      Diesel– never thought of Lucas and TIM in competition, but you’ve given me some real food for thought. And upon reflection, I think that’s exactly what’s happening….so, with two competitors like that continually trying to one-up each other, where will it all end?

    • NickDC


      You mean the same Michael Lucas that said this a few years ago?:

      Interviewer: How did your colleagues in porn react to your opposition to bareback films?

      Michael Lucas: “I chose early on to follow my ethics and always promote safe sex in my films. Those who produce bareback movies don’t like that I so vocally condemn what they do. I actually think that their argument that bareback movies don’t do harm because “porn is just a fantasy” is dangerous bullshit because porn does strongly influence community norms.”

      Source: http://getoutmag.com/gay-porn-king-michael-lucas-reveals-all/

      • Ryan Raz

        When I worked with Michael he turned his nose at barrback porn and horribly criticized other studios. One can only use Truvada as an escape goat for so long until he’s just a hypocrite.

  • McM.

    I watched that scene.
    Went to the top of the list of “Things You Cannot Unwatch”.
    Made me feel… greasy. Had to describe.

  • Zealot

    It’s like having a front row (boat) seat at the sinking of the Titanic.

  • Alan Keddie

    Uh? Ew!

  • Will G

    “You know who else ordered other people to draw blood for him? Charles Manson.”

    Manson also carved an “x” into his forehead, so there’s another parallel.

  • Joe

    This is completely unacceptable. I saw the trailer and that was enough. Sad to see Dayton go to the very dark side. Only a matter of time before they start showing Scat in their videos. I truly believe this is gonna hurt their business.

    • Luca

      not so sure about that, all the comments Zach posted are not happy about the cutting scene but they are “looking forward to the next video”.

  • loyalty888

    This is why I visit this site. No one else calls out unacceptable behavior like you do. Your voice is needed in the porn industry

  • Alan. P. (Hansen)

    My first impulse at watching someone bleed everywhere? I feel sorry for everyone involved. Not angry, or disgusted, or even shocked. How badly did the performer need the cash to agree to this? Most of the guys in TIM scenes appear so haggard and unhealthy. How much could they pay to make any of this worth it? It cant be enough.

    • robirob

      I think it’s about the whole slave submission angle where a sub degrades himself to such a low level to prove his comittment to his master (or a cause). Very dark stuff.

      • Luca

        you can make submission movies which are “interesting” to watch without being disgusting (if you like that stuff). Blood spilling is very rare in BDSM scene (of course there are people who push these limits but I think they are a very small minority)

  • andrew

    In a word: GROSS.

  • robirob

    It’s the dreadful “how are we going to top our previous stunt / release?” spiral, where you have to top yourself each time in order to be considered successful, expanding, relevant, edgy, etc.

    Treasure Island Media pushed themselves into a corner where actual transmition of HIV (like bug chasing), scat, Roman Showers (vomit), pedo and necrophilia can only be the next logical steps for them to get people’s attention and their opponents’ blood boiling.

    • zach

      They already tried to do the whole HIV transmission thing with “Viral Loads.” Then again, the bottom taking all the loads (Blue Bailey) was already openly HIV-positive IRL, so I guess that might not actually count as true HIV transmission—unless you consider different strains of HIV as new transmission? Jesus fucking Christ what a world.

      • Luca

        wasn’t Viral loads the one with the glass of hiv+ sperm that anyway was inoffensive because exposed to the air?

        • CornForDinner

          Yes, the glass of cum was not active. But the loads that were fucked into him afterwards were.

  • Pearl Clutcher
  • Casey Scott

    The next step will probably be mutual cannibalism. I remember Tober Brandt was once advertising for to someone to indulge in that with him. Maybe he’s still crazy enough to come back and do it on-camera for them? Ugh…I can’t believe I know people who will follow TIM anywhere. So much negativity and ugliness…none of the sex looks fun, so this feels like a natural progression for them. The scene partners already look like they’re hate-fucking each other so why not have one start cutting the other?

  • DrunkEnough

    TIM is one bad drug trip away from producing a snuff film.

  • I get off on a lot of TIM porn, but this? Just the image of this made me gag (and not in the good way, hardy har). Very disturbing.

  • Cosmic

    What kind of a sick freak wants to watch diseased junkies do this kind of shit to themselves and each other? Like Daria always said it’s truly A Sick Sad World.

  • Hudsonman

    This is niche of a niche. Yes, I know it is hard to understand, accept or even acknowledge that some people (not me) get into this type of edge play. I was asked many years ago to engage in blood play… I politely declined and stopped all communication. Blood & scat just aren’t my thing. I don’t get it … on the other hand who am I to judge? Which brings me to the next point: News agencies have all agreed to stop showing recent terrorist videos. Similarly why bother showing these train wrecks? Those looking for this extreme sort of edge play will find it, enjoy it and continue to consume it. Those, like me, who don’t care for it will merely ignore it… or those who find it offensive will openly denigrate it as well as those who are consumers and participate.

  • Cosmic

    I love how the guys who do this creeps videos are usually the same ones that pop up on Facebook shilling for porn related AIDS charity events…Ex. Steven Richards who’s always doing events with Michael Brandon.

  • Tristano Wang

    I LOVE Treasure Island Media. It is the only salvation of gay porn. The gay porn is very dull, without much creativity. Treasure Island Media is currently the only company who can work with creativity without losing the focus on the hot scenes.

    It is very difficult to masturbate watching movies of TIM, because I need to control myself not to come in the first few minutes of any film this production.

    I LOVE you guys!

    • zach


      • Bite Me

        TIM actually makes a hot product they are one of the few companies where most of the models actually appear interested in what they’re doing, imagine if falcons models shoes the kind of intensity that TIM models do!
        Regarding this most recent release it doesn’t seem surprising considering the 1000 loads, I mean where do u go from there. Especially since OSHA last visit & fines increased their membership & traffic.
        Seems like this might be using OSHA as a marketing ploy

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    Having had 24 hours to think about it, I’ve now decided this:

    This studios whole theme is “HIV is okay” when in fact it’s not okay. It’s a hell of a lot less not okay than it used to be, but it’s still dangerous and still slices years off your life and millions off your income. These guys don’t want to say “I was stupid, I bought into bullshit, all I got out of it was a few hot fucks and now I’m really, really, really fucked.” They want HIV to be permission to fuck a whole bunch of guys (not all of whom are obviously sick and spaced out on drugs and as hot as a moldy pop tart you found in the back of the freezer), and they want it to be an easy, fun death before you get you know, old and smart.

    Reality check guys. No matter how far you go to convince me that HIV is a carnival of goodiness, all I see is blechy blood play. Go take your meds and do a juice cleanse.

  • I like TIM but I felt this went too far. It seems like it is a scene that’s going to offend more of its customers than appease and that makes little business sense no matter how you look at it.

  • Jas Friedman

    I feel very nauseated when looking at this. The idea of … eurgh. What’s happened to empathy, hygiene and just good old fashioned anal sex? This has almost put me off being gay. Seriously.

  • Drew Barrymore

    THIS PLANET ……………………….

  • Kahlia Maye

    To all the commenters and the OP, maybe not shame the BDSM community for what they do? We have a bit of a saying: your kink is not my kink and that’s ok. Not into bloodplay? Cool stuff, first piece of advice: look away and don’t buy the movie. Second piece of advice: do not make assumptions that everyone else is not into blood play, or that only a “minority” are. And please do not shame the kink community, you do a disservice to everyone and frankly come across as much of an asshole as the next bigot.

  • Disgusted

    The yellow eyes… Intensely dangerous Hep infection.