DeAngelo Jackson Makes Debut Fucking Cassidy Clyde

Posted September 27, 2019 by with 9 comments

0006DeAngelo Jackson is bringing his hotness to for the first time, and his lucky bottom is newcomer Cassidy Clyde. This is a sneak peek (the scene goes live here tomorrow), and here are photos with the trailer down below.

0013 0014 0016 0017 0015Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ DeAngelo Jackson Fucks Cassidy Clyde]

  • ObsidianVendetta

    Somebody feed that lil’ boy a sandwich

  • Adam

    “Lucky bottom”? I’d say they’re both lucky. I could die a happy man sandwiched between the two of them lol.

    • Duncan Mudge

      yup, they’re both hot.

  • Dreadmau5

    And because he’s black, MEN will only use him 3x max then forget about him until they need a black guy for a parody series

  • Happy Camper

    DeAngelo is pretty darn hot!

  • CamCam

    Looks like DeAngelo’s talents are being wasted on a site like MEN.

    • Vizual Bastard

      True. Moreover I can’t think of any studio that has showcased his great physique and talents as he deserves — so far that is.

      • CamCam

        I have to agree with you there, though I must say, DeAngelo has gotten better in the last several months. He’s finally been sucking dick and he just started to bottom so it’s great to see it, but to see all of that consistently is very hard to spot.

    • B.C.

      I thought he would stay longer at GISP. Sex with Hayden Brier was incredibly tantalising.