Deviant Otter Has Safe Sex, Connor Maguire Has Office Sex, And Tom Faulk Has Gay Sex For The First Time

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mencolbydeviantThere’s some great, some so-so, and some pretty bad gay sex going on at right now.

In case you missed it over the weekend, released Deviant Otter’s first (and probably last) scene, with Colby Jansen. And as we learned last week, Deviant Otter doesn’t believe in safe sex or condoms, which means he probably wasn’t interested or invested in this scene at all. And trust me, after looking at these pictures and watching the trailer, you won’t be either.


Which is worse: How tired they both look, the ratchet set (nice step ladder, and nice sheet hanging from the window), the horrific camerawork, or the editing?

Why was this scene even shot? Why was it released? Does anyone in production know what they’re doing? What, if anything, is underneath Deviant Otter’s hat?

70Trailer (watch full video here):

[ Colby Jansen And Deviant Otter Flip-Fuck]

Things get a little better tomorrow when Eli Hunter convinces Tom Faulk to have gay sex for the “first time” during a fourgy:

tomeliffNo, it’s obviously not Tom Faulk’s first time, but leave it to cockslut and world class cum guzzler Eli Hunter to make this ridiculous premise feel convincing.

Trailer (watch full video here):

[ Eli Hunter And Tom Faulk’s Gay Orgy]

The best scene is the one being released today, in which Connor Maguire pumps Paul Walker with his fat, uncut cock. This was shot in Europe, and once again it’s worth pointing out: International scenes are always and without question better than’s U.S. scenes.

43 93Trailer (watch full video here):

[ Connor Maguire Fucks Paul Walker]


  • McM.

    I came to this post b/c of Connor Maguire.

    • McM.

      I mean, “into”.

  • Sashenka Sasha

    “Yeah let’s have sex with hat and socks on” , NO

  • sxg

    You forgot about the one that was released yesterday with Paddy O’Brian and Dani Robles. That one seriously looks far hotter than these 3! I’m over Paul Walker, well never was that into him to begin with, and Connor’s Men work never lives up to its hype compared to his stuff at other studios!

  • GayPupCub24

    Deviant Otter needs to take of the hat and socks ! And he is hypocrite for saying he doesn’t believe in safe sex XD Colby Jansen is starting to look old and gain weight. Love Tom Faulk !!!!!! And Connor Maguire is an asshat !

  • Zoompietro

    “Deviant Otter…….. probably wasn’t interested or invested in this scene at all”

    Not to defend or advocate for that idiot in any capacity, but his lack of interest and investment in this scene may also have something to do with his ogre of a scene partner. Seriously, I’ve never seen a guy who post as many workout pics as Colby Jansen does and still possess such a sloppy physique.

    • shidinja .

      Deviant Otter isn’t exactly America’s Next Top Model either…

      • sxg

        But he’s in better shape than Colby that’s what matters. We don’t want Colby to be thin but we want the Colby that debuted on not the put out to pasture Colby.

      • McM.

        That’s a dude who can stand to do some squats and deadlifts. Dewitt had a post on him at ManhuntDaily and included pics with some unflattering shots of Deviant Otter’s ass.

        His butt isn’t exactly flat, just flabby.

    • zach

      This scene was probably filmed at least six months ago, maybe even more. Hopefully Colby’s getting into better shape now, because you’re right…this is ridiculous.

    • McM.

      Took a peek at his instagram and saw some pics Colby Jansen posted mid January and earlier this month where he looks really good.

      I’m waiting, and have been waiting a while, for THAT guy to appear in scenes, and I think others tend to poke at his body for the same reason. Colby has a solid physique, but something is holding him back from revealing it to a “porn standard” level. Those of us into fitness know he can do so and still maintain (and even improve) his athleticism and perform well on the rugby field, but if his body is where he wants it to be then Colby can do everyone a favor and come out and say so. That way people aren’t waiting around for a development that’s not going to come.

      As much as I’d like to see him fucking in a scene with less bodyfat, I still find Colby’s body appealing as it is now. There were times he teetered on the edge of beefy and fat, but I don’t think we have to worry about him crossing over. That only seems to happen when guys run their own site/studio and get too comfortable. (Ref: Marko LeBeau and Tyler Reed.)

      • sxg

        By the time we see that athletic Colby it’ll be summer and he’s gotten fat again lol

  • andrew

    Connor and Paul look hot. Deviant and Colby certainly do not.

  • Todd

    “Tom Faulk Has Gay Sex For The First Time” what a beautiful fiction

    • James Johnson III

      except that it was the premise of the first scene in this series that he was a virgin and had sex with the guy in that scene…so technically Tom isn’t having sex for the first time in this scene, he’s just bottoming for the first time (which is still a hot premise)

  • Nickolas

    Does anyone have any pics of Deviant Otter without the baseball cap? I’m genuinely curious at this point to see how bad the bald spot is. How old is he, anyway?

  • Halnova

    I like Colby but he does look tired in this scene. As for Deviant Otter….just a little too trailer park for my tastes.

  • lordgabux

    I don’t know. I might be the odd one here but I like my men kind of thick. Don’t get me wrong I like muscles as much as the next guy but “normal” bodies are hot too, and Colby’s body looks more toward “the random guy you meet at a bar” than “usual porn star” and I think that is hot too. Yeah, porn is supposed to be a fantasy and fantasies are supposed to be beyond everyday dreams but… Colby doesn’t fit into the actual “bear” category anyway so…

  • DeanD

    I think Colby Jansen and Deviant Otter look hot just the way they are.