Bravo Delta And Deviant Otter Reunite In Epic Double-Penetration Scene

Posted January 15, 2015 by with 11 comments


Bravo Delta and Deviant Otter’s previous fuckfest was ranked #2 on my list of 2014’s 10 Best Gay Porn Scenes, and now they’re back to do it again, with some help from a third gay porn star, Max Cameron.


This scene has something for everyone: Barebacking (Bravo doesn’t partake in the barebacking; that’s between Max and Deviant Otter), deep-throating, creampies, and an insane, unexpected DP in which Deviant Otter takes both Bravo Delta and Max Cameron’s cocks at the same time. The only thing that might’ve made this scene even crazier would be if Bravo had bottomed, but that’s a bridge he’s yet to cross…

scene50801Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Deviant Otter: Bravo Delta And Max Cameron Double-Penetrate Deviant Otter]


  • asby

    i am loving Bravo Deltas comb over

    • FieldMedic

      He has to do something different to mix things up, or else it’d just be another boring topping video of his…

  • stephen

    twas very…slow and steady on BD’s end for the first half, which if you’ve seen any of the other twos videos you know they don’t do slow or steady. But the second half of the video was probably the closest thing to good hard topping from him yet

    • moondoggy

      That’s right. They never ever do nothing nice and easy

  • Cosmic

    That guy is straight up skanky.

  • Nickolas

    Deviant Otter is hot or whatever, but I can’t help but feel a little gross when I watch his scenes. And that fucking baseball cap.

    • McM.

      A lot of guys are turned on by that “bro” vibe. I like Deviant Otter, but I know from experience a guy wearing a baseball cap in bed and get irritating. It gets in the way at the worst times.

      • Nickolas

        I remember in a previous post about him, people hypothesized that he was hiding one of three things in that baseball cap.

        1) A Treasure Island Media contract

        2) Truvada

        3) A bald spot

        • stephen

          oh for sure balding. In one scene the other guy knocked off his hat and he was real quick in taking the dick out of his mouth to go put it back on

      • Jace

        I always assume it’s because they’re going bald and can’t deal with it.

  • C A

    I was wondering if Bravo was losing his hair from some of the pics I’ve seen online. I would like to see him back at CockyBoys or a better studio, like doing another scene with him and Austin Wilde for Austin’s website. Funny he hasn’t made a stop there yet. I could see him at CF, also