Watch Deviant Otter Try To Deep-Throat Tommy Defendi’s Cock

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kjfijTommy Defendi has been making gay porn for the better part of a decade now, and even though Deviant Otter has undoubtedly seen his movies before, nothing could obviously prepare him for the “real thing.” Deviant Otter’s reaction upon first pulling out Tommy’s piece is priceless, but what’s even better is watching him try to deep-throat the engorged, award-winning cock in the clip below.

Here’s Deviant Otter using his mouth to make Tommy’s dick grow (watch full trailer and scene here):

[ Tommy Defendi Fucks Deviant Otter]

  • sxg

    Ok you’ve done a list of best bodies, best cocks, best asses, best tops/bottoms (I think). How about a list of best cocksuckers/deep throaters???

  • Seahawksfan

    Tommy Defendi is one of my favorite performers. It has been interesting to watch him morph into who he is now. My only complaint about him as a porn performer is that his dick is rarely rigidly hard. It often seems floppy to me. And the cock ring in this scene is a big turn off for me. I don’t watch a porn fantasy to see someone needing help to get it up.

    • von schlomo


    • Todd

      Well, he *is* with Deviant Otter, so …..

    • GN

      Thumbs up. Defendi often gets Leo Giamani cock .That Leo, beautiful guy but for Christ sake, pop a Cialis or two before scenes. Sorry to all of you who loved the guy but he was a flaccid bore. Cock rings are also a turn-off, it says to the audience ‘I can’t get it up’.

      • Seahawksfan

        Now that you mention it I guess Leo did have the floppy dick syndrome. I guess his whole package was distracting enough for me not to notice especially since he didn’t do as many videos as Tommy has. As for the cock ring thing, I fully agree. In no porn fantasy ever did I envision a cock ring being a part of it. Complete boner killer. With the variety of ways that an erection can be created and maintained these days, there really is no excuse for cock rings in porn. Either the performer is lazy or doesn’t care about the quality of the fantasy he is a part of. These are young guys not senior citizens. Even GayHoopla despite making lousy porn makes some effort to hide the floppy dick problem and does not resort to cock rings.

        • La Bambi

          Very large cocks don’t get as hard as small or medium sized ones. It takes more blood to engorge them so they don’t get “rock-hard”. A porn actress once said fucking John Holmes was like fucking a loofah.

          • GN

            I call bullshit on that, Bambi. One of my regular hook-ups has almost a 10-incher (ruler sized, not internet measurements) and he gets ROCK hard, the damn thing looks like a murder weapon submitted into trial evidence.

          • La Bambi

            You’re a lucky man in that case to have found that.

          • Seahawksfan

            GN is right. It is not that rare. Neither Tommy nor Leo have gigantic cocks ala the John Holmes variety. Larger than average yes. So I don’t think the size issue you describe even applies here. In addition look at performers like Rocco Steele (someone I’m not particularly attracted to) or Tim from Tim Tales. Both have dicks bigger than either Tommy or Leo and have no difficulty getting rock hard. That’s just to name a couple right off the top of my head.

        • GN

          I suspect that the reason so many flaccid porn actors don’t pop Viagras before scenes is because they are already under the influence of other ‘medication’, and don’t wanna mix. Why else would you try to do a whole porn scene with a flaccid cock?

    • Luca

      Tommy rarely uses cockrings however… (luckily)
      I never found this “flaccid” thing that noticeable, at least I never paid attention to that which means it’s not that frequent (perhaps having such a big cock helps hiding the effect? whatever the case, I was almost never bothered by it watching his videos)

      My least favourite part of his performances is actually his moaning, I like vocal performers but he really sounds forced and distracts me a lot.

  • Donkeyteefus

    i like to imagine deviant otter is hiding long braids with seashells and beads in them underneath his omnipresent cap

    • Shallow+Pedantic

      Sadly male pattern baldness is the polar opposite of what’s in style at the moment: incredibly full, thick, long, untamed locks and beards. Porn doesn’t pay enough to afford the kind of plugs that Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Elton John, Edward Norton, Steve Carell, Enrique Iglesias, and countless other celebrities have gotten. It’s like the male equivolent of Botox, but unfortunately out of everyone whom aren’t in the 1%’s reach.

      • Russell47

        Some of those guys look ok, but TRAVOLTA!!!!!! Looks like a dead rat on his head

      • Todd

        Has a receding hairline ever been in style ?
        (five head since the seventh grade)

  • Scrilla

    Tommy is still yummy to me.

  • Zealot

    It’s like watching the Queen Mary being berthed.

  • Ed Woody

    I wish Otter – who I really don’t like – would stop doing scenes with guys I do like – like Tommy and Bravo Delta. It makes me like them less that they did scenes with him.

    • sxg

      Like who else would you be totally disappointed in if they ever did a scene with DO?

      • Ed Woody

        Oh please – the moment I name anybody they’ll go and do it. Just to piss me off.

        • sxg

          damnit! you can’t be tricked! 😉

  • andrew

    Is Tommy auditioning for a part on “Duck Dynasty?”

  • BoomPow

    Now we know why this particular otter is deviant. Fish is usually the main staple of the little creatures.

  • Alan Keddie

    Try being the operative word. Notice Tommy’s cock ring? The nipple thing is still there. At least neither dude said “fuck”

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    Was that even trying?

  • I’m new to the Tommy Defendi fan club but extremely wowed.

  • Fyber

    How do these porn stars do it. Im sorry but i like guys and I cannot get it up for that guy what so ever. I mean if he attempted to suck my dick I would be so limp.

    This Tommy D guy needs to completely transition off into straight porn if he can cus this was just sad. And he never is actually hard in any of his videos–ever and yet you guys like that. Why, how.

    I cant fuck with any of this. And how this guy actually has a website up is beyond me. IDK

    • n24rc

      Yes. Because every porn star should cater to everyone in gay porn simultaneously. Dude, if you don’t like him fine, but don’t get on his case. He owes you nothing. k?

  • Nickolas

    Deviant Otter consistently looks like he smells of farts and stale cigarettes. It still cracks me up to think about his interview with Manhunt when he said his dream in life is to live like the characters in Queer as Folk. surejan.gif

  • Cosmic

    Deviant Otter looks like he’d stink of bo and stale weed smoke…and maybe other kinds of smoke.

  • n24rc

    Floppy dick happens because the person is having too much sex, without a recovery period after. Tommy has been having a lot of sex because he is pretty good at it! Apparently, he is retiring. I’m pissed. He did a lot of things in porn that most guys rarely do. We need more guys like him.

  • Russell47

    Tommy was way hotter without the Duck Dy-NASTY beard. His chin strap was fine, clean shaven he’s dreamy, IMO

    It was said here that Tommy “has done things in porn that others haven’t” Like what? He’s never done an interracial scene, TMK, never a BB (that’s his choice), I’ve not seen him gangbanged. No DP or extreme penetration. I don’t think he’s ever eaten cum, or done a golden shower scene.

    To me, he falls under the “competent but not daring category” of porn.