Diego Sans Hasn’t Bottomed In Over FOUR YEARS—Will Diego Sans Ever Bottom Again?

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Unless there is a Men.com scene starring Diego Sans that I somehow missed (and I looked over all 78 of them, but please correct me if I’m wrong), Diego Sans has not bottomed on-camera in over FOUR YEARS. Diego hit the four year non-bottoming point last week, on September 19th, as that’s the anniversary of his last bottoming scene (as seen above), when he was fucked by Justin Owen on Randy Blue in 2013. Reminder of that:

Welcome to LA, Hollywood Welcome to LA, Hollywood Welcome to LA, HollywoodDiego Sans’ current four years as a strict top—after being a successful versatile star for several years—is a definite record as the longest bottoming hiatus in gay porn history. The closest runner-up would be Austin Wolf who, coincidentally, had his last bottoming scene at Randy Blue, too, back in January 2015. (Why is Randy Blue the graveyard for bottoming?) Clip of Justin Owen fucking Diego Sans in September of 2013:


Side note: Do you miss Justin Owen as much as I do? His last NextDoor scene was over five months ago, and I’m worried that he’s retired for good. He was/is so perfect.

Justin-Owen-for-Randy-Blue-0 andrewraphael-3 Welcome to LA, Hollywood Justin-Owen-for-Randy-Blue-4Back to Diego:

pic_43_bigWill Diego Sans ever bottom again? And if so, what will it take to convince him to get fucked?

Diego’s next scene (as a top only, obviously) is a three-way this week with Phoenix Fellington and Max Wilde. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Diego Sans And Phoenix Fellington Fuck Max Wilde]

  • CamCam

    It’s a damn shame when you see a star who was AWESOME as a verse performer become a strict-whatever. This is hard to watch because we are being cheated from seeing that star at his best and Diego is robbing his fans of all that he could give them. Pure bullshit I tell you. 2 Thumbs down ????

    • DihhhhRicardo

      You’re so damn fucking annoying with this strict-whatever complainning. Every single post of this site has a fucking bullshit comment of yours about this subject. Get over man. There are so many others pornstar who does versatile sex.

      • CamCam

        Ironic that you’re complaining about me complaining. You’re issue with me isn’t my problem so cry me a river and fuck off ??

        • DihhhhRicardo

          Go, child. Cry your eyes out over strict sexual position on PORN. I’m not complaining about shit you think or said.

          I just remark, beacuse that’s so pathetic On every single post of this site you’re complaining about the same shit. Get over, Get a life, Go fuck for real. Porn is just entertaimnet and if you don’t like it, there’s a thousand others studios where you can find something to amuse your lonely days

          • CamCam

            If anyone needs to get a life it’s YOU cause you’re so worried about what I have to say. Everything you said I need to do ALL applies to YOU. I post my views because I can and I want to. You agree with what I say, cool, you don’t, cool too but to waste your time trying to be nasty towards me when I don’t know you from a can of paint at Home Depot says way more about you than it ever could about me. Mind your own business and do you.

          • David Siegel

            I haven’t read your comments before, since I’m only an occasional reader here. So, as a disinterested party, let me just say that if you make a point once, that’s fine. But, constantly repeating yourself doesn’t give anybody more insight into your views, it just makes people get bored. I’m sure that there are plenty of other topics that you could write about to make yourself more interesting.

          • CamCam

            No ones talking to you so don’t get involved where you don’t belong

  • stephen
  • nbtx27

    Those RB scenes, forgot what the series was called, were very hot. So long ago. From another site that seems to have disappeared.

    • McM.

      Welcome to L.A.

      • nbtx27

        that’s it.

  • Drew Barrymore

    It’s probably not some odd “i’m not a fag, masc only” thing as he seems really girly behind the scenes.
    I remember his very first photo shootings and scenes, he was my 10/10 back then, fit but not too muscled, latino, versatile and very cute.
    He is an excellent performer as a top, even dominant top sometimes with twinks, but he was also great at bottoming, it is definitely a shame.

    And God knows his superb ass deserves to be pounded…

  • peter

    I voted ‘no’, but not for the stated reason. Once Diego had Justin, he knew it would never get better and foreswore bottoming until he could again have Justin.

    Justin is perfect in just about every way! I wish he hadn’t left Helix. The scene with Troy Ryan that never happened :(

    NextDoorBuddies has recently released some condom scenes, so there’s hope.

    • Xzamilloh

      He’s in a scene with Phoenix Fellington… if he wants better, he has a big black better in that trailer with him.

    • sxg

      Pfft actually I don’t think he liked working with Justin Owen very much. In fact multiple people had a dislike working with him, as well as other RB exclusives (at that time) Zane Porter and Angel Santiago.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Zane Porter? The guy with the tattoos and greasy hair? He was probably just jealous of Justin’s beauty.

      • C A

        I miss Angel so much. Damn why did he leave us!!!

        • sxg

          Hopefully it’s because he realized how terrible he was and left the gay porn industry before he contaminated it further.

          • C A

            How was he terrible?

      • peter

        Your syntax is unclear: these unnamed models disliked working with Justin specifically, or with other RB exclusives including Zane Porter and Angel Santiago?

        Justin never did a scene with Angel, and Zane Porter’s designation of ‘straight boy’ changed to ‘bisexual’ after his scene with Justin so something must have happened there . . .

        • sxg

          Justin Owen, Zane Porter and Angel Santiago were some of the models that other models have expressed a dislike working with.

          • peter

            Others? I’m not buying until you name names.

          • sxg

            Not buying? Who said I was trying to sell you anything? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9f78ca85125f3f6d47dafcb3304804d7fb5b86a47961a89168ff35554e991193.gif
            And I don’t believe Gelatin James was 1 of them.

          • peter

            You’re saying that ‘other models’ didn’t like working with these RB exclusives yet you refuse to say who. In addition to James, Sans, and Porter, at RB Justin worked with Charlie Pattinson, Kurtis Wolfe, Billy Taylor, Jay Lanford, Jarek Burns, Chris Rockaway, Max Michaels, NIck Speedman, Lance Luciano, and Austin Wolf, If you can’t mention one of these, I’ll conclude you’re talking out of your ass.

            Personally, I’ll wait for Blake, Casey, Sean, Josh, Chan, Joey, Max, Calvin, Tyler, Troy Accola, Noah, etc. to spill the tea before I pass judgement. He did three scenes with orange oopla-loompa mini-Don, but she wouldn’t be the most reliable historian.

            Justin’s first Helix scene with Logan will always be a personal fave since it was lifted directly from Andrew Keenan Bolger’s GRINDR hook-up cameo in Looking.

  • Xzamilloh

    I bet if he does bottom again, it’s gonna be a director’s cut… or rather, a director’s uncut, if you know what I mean.

  • McM.

    Diego Sans will not bottom again.

    He’s become a one-note performer who gets work only because his boyfriend is a director/producer at the studio.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Is it:
    a good top is hard to find;
    a hard top is good to find;

  • doodlebug

    I don’t really care about Diego, I’m here for Justin. I know he wasn’t/isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he sure was mine. That boy gave it all in every scene. The one at Randy Blue with Jarec has to be in my top five. The way he leaned against that patio door, stuck his ass out and beckoned Jarec from across the room with “come here baby” still gets me after seeing it about a dozen times. I bet he just didn’t want to do bareback, because he’d just jump ship whenever any studio he was working for went that route. He should give MEN a try. He might liven up there usually dull scenes. They could even do a Justin/Diego reunion scene. Justin where ever you are please come back.

    • peter

      Justin is the embodiment of pan-sexuality — everyone can project their fantasies on him: women, men, tops, bottoms, sluts of either sex and all in between. And he’d satisfy them all! This is a lot to lay on a skateboarder with loose-fitting toque and a huge hickey. I’m trying to think of contemporary figures who have such a wide-spectrum of sex-appeal, but I’m forced to go back to the real rock-stars like Morrison, Jagger, and Bowie.

  • Zealot

    Since we’re all knee-deep in speculation….AND I’m a bit of a fanboy for Diego….I’d like to see him wrap up his stint at MEN and try some work with Titan as a vers performer. I think he’d add an interesting dimension to their line up of talent and gosh wouldn’t he be dreamy bottoming for Bruce Beckham and Alec Mecum? And he could warm up with Dakota Rivers (also overdue for turning his tail upwards) who is not overly hung. Sorta like clearing one’s throat before singing the Star Spangled Banner.


  • Baradude
  • Sebastian S

    I was just looking up old Randy Blue scenes last week, including the underrated one when Diego topped Shawn Abir. When it was good it was really good. Diego butt is just perfection, but he’s just so boring now.

    I never was much of a Justin Owen fan though. He was a good performer and I get his appeal, but he always seemed extra to me with the moaning and porny faces.

  • sxg

    Your no reason is on point. All the times I remember asking him about bottoming he was consistent in expressing his dislike for it, and only did it because it paid significantly more. Well, $500 more at Randy Blue at that time.

    And fuck no I don’t miss Justin Owen.

  • Baradude

    If your not gonna use one of your best assets then what’s the point? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6dfbd9facc0093555f4e4f2b9a8f2082b24c0b97a4694dbcecad2c3850a0d0e.gif

  • Scrapple

    Somewhere in a Floridian attic there is a portrait of Diego’s slowly aging asshole.

  • kireb

    i guess that his boyfriend is into fucking alpha top guys >.>
    cant blame him, and yet cant watch this shit.

  • moondoggy
  • Xzamilloh

    Cutler X, Rocco Steee, Antonio Biaggi, Diesel Washington…. them as total tops is believable because of their machismo and dominant attitudes ) and big swinging meat. Diego Sans? Nope, never bought him as a total top and never will.

    • Tim

      Idk, I’d love to see Antonio,Cutler, or Rocco get fucked sometime, preferably by one of the others of those 3. I really do think that if you’re fucking professionally you really ought to do both unless there is a medical reason not to. Diego doesn’t have to give up his ass too often, but once in a while show it off. And each of those three also have wonderful asses I’d love to see get tapped once in a while.

  • WhimsyCotton
    • Two Cents

      What scene is the first clip from? I don’t know this guy but I love booty clevage so I will check it out if you tell me.

      • a b

        The second photo is from his solo from RandyBlue

        • Two Cents

          Thanks, good lookin out bruh!

      • WhimsyCotton

        It’s from the Welcome to L.A. series on Randy Blue. His scenes with Diego and Austin Wolf were by far the best.

        • Two Cents

          Yeah, I saw both and while he’s cute and all he doesn’t do it for me. His booty ain’t big enough and he overacts. Now this Diego Sans got booty or used to. I saw him in that clip and then saw him today and he going a little too flat. I get why you like JO though. If you into pretty cute but dirty he gets you off.

  • SaintMike

    He can bottom for me!

  • xfire209922000

    I miss Justin Owen too! :(

  • sanfv

    He will for me. I’m a sea pirate that plunders the oceans and all the Brazilian booty I can find. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7b49cbde89a2afcb354730d9857f549278fb465069e553e8668cb84fde9c388.jpg

    • Maximus

      You are a married lady, ma’am!

  • Dreadmau5
    • sxg

      If you saw Rogan Richard’s 2 bottoming scenes, you’d know he’s better off staying as a power top. It wasn’t Topher DiMaggio bottoming bad. Rogan had a genuine discomfort in bottoming that really showed in his only 2 bottoming scenes.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    The more useful question would have been “Are you over Diego Sans now that he no longer bottoms?” and my answer would have been a resounding YES.

  • seeyou

    diego who? come back justin owen come back !

  • gaycuckhubby

    I loved Diego as a bottom and I like him as a top.
    But he has a contract with Men now. he doesn’t have to take rolrsdoesn’t want to.
    And if he doesn’t want to bottom it’s up to him.
    I want the performers to be enjoying themselves, I hate seeing a hot guy bottom when I know that he hates it.
    so unsexy.
    also I’m really glad that Diego is performing for a condom only studio

  • emercycrite

    Mmm Justin Owen.

  • Kanaka

    First, McNamara won’t allow it. Second, who cares? I miss Justin. In closing, I want what I ain’t getting.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Off-topic, but what’s up with Billy Santoro?
    I know he and Diesel Washington are feuding but Billy is advertising videos titled “Diesel Washington begs for my wet, used hole” and “Diesel Washington eats Billy’s creampie” but the links are just to him getting fucked by a black actor who is definitely not Washington.
    Also this morning he said he’s still married to Seth but he also has a twink boyfriend

  • Kanaka

    Off topic: Diesel’s Sanitation dragging blog is everything! Hope you keep featuring the.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Did you see Billy Santoro response?
      he hired a new model for leakedandloaded and named Diesel Washington and is advertising videos with titles like “Diesel Washington wants my wet used hole” “Diesel Washington eating Billy’s cream pie”

      • Kanaka

        Shoulda trademarked.

  • Maximus

    MacNamara is just a control freak. He wants that ass all to himself.

  • MattT

    I don’t need him to bottom but it’s a damn shame he doesn’t even get rimmed anymore. Even when he was topping in RB, he’d get his ass eaten. He has such an amazing manly bubble ass and it’s just sad to see it never get ANY action. If he’s not comfortable with bottoming that’s ok, but come on, who doesn’t like getting his ass eaten?

  • rafaeljock

    There’s no question that porn industry is really disappointing its fans. People in Gay industry want entertainment not such silly Boring TOP attitude. So many pornstars are showing a disgraceful attitude towards there fans. WELL THEY SHOULD REMEMBER THERE EXISTENCE IS BECAUSE OF THERE VALUABLE FANS.

  • rafaeljock

    Diego sans once had an immense Top to bottom image but he is losing it recently. Only Topping doesn’t make it interesting. Well definitely he should bottom again and prove that gay porn is still alive as before.

  • rafaeljock

    Pornstars like Paddy oBrien , Clark Parker aka Sebastian(CF), Nicholas (CF), Diego Sans, Adam Bryant, Will Braun, Christian Wilde, Woody Fox, Topher Di maggio, Brysen(SC), Blake Mitchell, Calvin banks, Boomer banks, Mark long really has proved themselves as talented versatile.

  • rafaeljock

    Pornstars like Arad winwin, Ryan bones, William Seed, Jimmy Durano, Jess(SC), Sebastian Kross, Dalton Briggs, Jack King, Cliff Jensen, trevor long,Tim Kruger, Should definitely make a bottoming debut.

  • rafaeljock

    The gay porn industry will definitely lose its valued fans if they continue this Top attitude. We need a change. The Taboo no longer exists. People are here for entertainment.

  • Jenny babes

    He’s like the most boring performer ever. The only men we need to see bottom are Sebastian Kross and Brute Club. The former has vanished from porn and the latter is on an indefinite hiatus. It’s a shame Kross has seemingly quit porn as he probably would have been easier to get to bottom. There is literally no one else to be hyped about seeing take a dick. Pinning my hopes on the Brute Club/Cockyboys flip-fuck rumour with Levi Karter. Gone off on a tangent but yeah, couldn’t give a fuck if diago got fisted tbh.

  • James South

    Diego needs to be on KinkMen for awhile to loosen him up.