Diego Sans Does A Backflip While Butt Fucking His Christmas Present

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If you’re tired of Christmas gay porn scenes, I have good news: This is the last Christmas-themed gay porn scene that’ll be covered here, as Str8UpGayPorn is going on a holiday break until next week, starting tonight.


This Christmas gay porn scene is from Men.com, and in it, Diego Sans is given a “gift” by his boyfriend Rafael Alencar, who appears briefly in a non-sexual role. Rafael’s “gift,” in case you hadn’t already figured it out, is Scotty Zee’s ass, which Diego Sans gets to fuck for Christmas.


Some people give each other socks and Target gift cards for Christmas. Porn stars literally give each other people’s assholes.


This scene gets wild midway through. At one point, there’s a backwards somersault flip thing that leads right into butt fucking, and while I have no idea what the position is called, I am totally here for this:

diegoscottyTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com Diego Sans Fucks Scotty Zee]


  • FrenchBug

    I didn’t mind the manbun but his hair looks great here.

    • FieldMedic

      I’m glad that that atrocity is gone /betch … but truthfully, his hair is looking really good

    • sxg

      I hated the manbun, but if Diego was mine and he had it, I’d tolerate it so long as he gives me quality assfucking 24/7! Oh, and he lets me fuck him every now and again.

      But yes, his hair is FAR better now.

  • scoot

    What does Men.com say to their models? “Hey Scotty, make the ugliest face you can think of for the camera.”

    • J Russell

      LOL, oh U a silly man!! Love it!! Take care buddy

    • kkdd1

      That’s not a ugly face that is a THAT DICK HURTS face LOL !!!

  • Okosan

    Diego’s hair looks sexy and those sex positions are just jaw dropping.

    • RBLover

      I can’t believe how well this hairstyle works for him! Man, thank god we have him in porn. He could have been a model in some other life.

  • Maximus
  • n24rc

    Diego should try diving. At least we get to see him more in cute speedos.


  • n24rc

    Don’t get me wrong, Diego is cute, but I would never bottom for him. Ever. He would be like an accessory piece on display. I don’t think I would connect with someone who is a “princess.”

    • a b

      What you mean by princess?

      • n24rc

        Someone looking to get things, and be catered to, as a demanding materialistic superficial lover.

        • a b

          And… you know this by watching him fuck this Scotty Zee guy?

          • n24rc

            From earlier interviews and online presence outside porn.

          • a b

            Well, I’m just surprised how his performance can be absolutely ruined for you by a completely unrelated presumption about him being “a princess”, someone who needs to “be catered to” and a “superficial” guy (ugh, just say queen/too gay/fem/faggot already, you’re obviously targeting him using that kind of stereotype)

    • Hereweare

      Agreed…….I get that vibe from him too. Beautiful to look at, but doesn’t make my pants jump.

    • kkdd1

      n24 rest ur little head because bottoming 4 Diego is something u will NEVER ( hence the capitalization on the word NEVER ) have 2 worry about LOL !!!

  • Zealot

    Here we see an on-set still from MEN.com’s next production, which is a 4-way fuck-fest titled “Circus Hi-Jinks”. Diego will be using his acrobatic skills to blow a fellow performer (he is facing away from the camera in this photo), but you can bet he won’t be on the bottom for long in this rollicking, free-spirited scene from your friends at Prisoners-R-Us, sorry….Gayz-R-Incidental……um MEN.com.

  • Luca

    Scotty Zee is totally unknown to me but he’s cute!

  • Xzamilloh

    Are we over this kind of hair? I feel like we should be over this kind of hair.

  • Todd

    Step up your game, Diesel Washington !!

    • J Russell

      Love the “D” never seen a bad movie from him ever…..

  • ToxicBrew

    Oh Mai Gaga!

  • andrew

    Diego Sans just gets hotter looking with every passing day. The boy is smokin hot.

    • J Russell

      Totally agree Andy!! Sizzlennnnnn!

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    Fantasy sounds hot but clearly edited. Im sure its actually been done in a straight porn before tho

  • kkdd1

    Men’s ( In spite of Rafael ) finally has a video that I want 2 see