NextDoor Releases Dead Gay Porn Star Dimitri Kane’s Final Scene: “It’s What He Would’ve Wanted”

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62765_02Dimitri Kane’s “casting” scene with Markie More at NextDoorWorld was scheduled to go live last November, just three days after news of his death broke. Given the proximity to Kane’s suicide, NextDoor canceled that release, but now, nine months later, the studio apparently feels that enough time has passed, and viewers will be comfortable watching Kane have sex one last time.

62765_0662765_09Of course, the average porn viewer likely isn’t even aware of Dimitri Kane’s passing, but if they read this scene description and “disclaimer”—in which NextDoor claims that Dimitri Kane would’ve wanted this scene released—they’re aware now:

Coming to us from the Jersey Shore by way of Florida, Dimitri Kane’s a hairy-chested stud who’s ready give the Next Door Casting couch his best shot! Markie is visibly into Dimitri’s tanned body, running his fingers over Dimitri’s nipples before kissing down his chest and unzipping his pants. Markie sucks him off immediately and Dimitri starts to sweat, pushing Markie’s head further down onto his cock. Dimitri returns the favor, deep throating Markie on the sofa until he’s good and hard. With Markie fully erect, the guys spoon as Markie enter from behind, pumping Dimitri hot and hard before throwing him on the floor and taking him to PoundTown, population: Dimitri Kane. Thoroughly fucked sideways, it’s Dimitri’s turn to show what he’s got, and so he lays Markie out on the floor and gives him some of the east coast cock, filling Markie up as he strokes himself to climax on the floor, jizzing all over himself as Dimitri pulls out and blasts the host with a continental load that’s sure to please. Enjoy! Disclaimer: It is with the utmost respect that we have decided to release this previously unseen footage. At only 20 years old, the late Dimitri Kane had already garnered a strong fan following for his passionate performances and we believe he would have wanted his work to eventually be made available to his fans. Dimitri, you left too soon, may you rest in peace.

Because nothing says “the utmost respect” like “PoundTown, population: Dimitri Kane.”


[NextDoorWorld: Markie More And Dimitri Kane]

  • john

    if you care so much why do you promote the scene with a trailer and 3 big pictures?

    • Iamnotu

      I agree with you. His moral high horse is also a profitable one considering he makes money for sending traffic to the scene. Zach has a bottom line and it is to bring traffic to his blog and promote his “opinion”. He doesn’t give a rats ass about the models or how/why they died. FYI – the model he mentioned died from a drug overdose, not suicide.

  • Xzamilloh

    For me, it’s so weird getting a boner for a porn scene right after finding out one of the models died. Then again, I was beating off to Kamrun scenes for months before I found out he was dead. I’m good on this one for a few years.

  • Todd
    Meh ……… I grew up in the early 80s and still think some of the porn stars of the early gay porn era are hot enough to watch. No shame.

  • Greg

    “Dimitri Kane: See If He Makes The Cut”

  • DrunkEnough

    Thanks, Next Door! How did you know that nothing gets me hard quite like knowing a guy is drowning in interior torment.

    • Xzamilloh

      As opposed to not knowing someone is dying on the inside? I mean, it’s porn… it’s definitely in poor taste, but you’re asking amoral companies to grow a conscience. Ain’t happening.

    • Sean

      So you dont watch River Phoenix or Robin William movies or listen to Kurt Cobains music?

  • Zealot

    Quitting Viagra didn’t do it…
    Listening to Bryan Hawn didn’t do it…
    The trash on the floors of Dick Dorm, Sketchy Sex and FraternityX combined didn’t do it..
    Nice Noelle’s flabby tits didn’t do it…
    Billy Santoro’s leaky arsehole didn’t do it…
    TIM’s jar ‘o cum didn’t do it…
    Seeing an X-ray of a broken penis didn’t do it…
    But knowing Dimitri Kane’s last scene is being released did it.
    It’s official. My boner is dead.

  • sxg

    “ready give the Next Door Casting couch his best shot!”

    That right there is the best indication that they didn’t even bother rewriting the description.


  • The gay green lartern

    All jokes and cynicism aside..he was so beautiful ..what a shame such a gorgeous young man…
    I enjoy porn but it is sad…
    My heart goes out to his loved ones…

  • kireb

    damn… and i thought that it was just a guy with a similar name…
    he looks sad in the trailer…

    • sxg

      To be fair he always looked sad in the majority of his scenes.

      • Casey Scott

        Very true…

  • McM.

    “[W]e believe he would have wanted his work to eventually be made available to his fans.”

    • kkdd1

      I frankly DO NOT want to watch video of a dead man having sex

      • Ed Woody

        You realise he wasn’t dead at the time, right?

        • kkdd1

          You realise that he is DEAD now right ?

          • Sean

            So do you not listen to music from The Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Queen ? Do you not watch Cary Grant, Rock Hudson or River Phoenix films? Do yu not read Ernest Hemmingway, John Steinbeck or Oscar Wilde? How about porn models like Leo Ford, Joey Stefano or Christian Fox.
            It is a PERFORMANCE. It is what they did when they were alive. There is only ONE thing I can guarantee in life, ALL of us will eventually die. Does that mean if I watched my mom’s wedding video after she died it is wrong? Get over yourself. This whole death should stop the rest of us from living is pathetic.

          • kkdd1

            Sean I said and I guess it deems repeating that I frankly do not want to watch a video of a dead man having sex now I do not know how you manage to confuse my personal taste with yours because I frankly could CARE LESS about what you watch if you enjoy watching a dead man FUCK than watch it like I said I could CARELESS ! I will agree with you on the fact that yes we all are born and we all have to die it what we do in between our first and last breath that matters the most. BTW Sean with regards to your mothers wedding video there is no comparison stop trying to compare apples to oranges I seriously doubt your mother & father are doing what Demitri and Marky are doing in there video but than again I could be wrong !!!

          • Sean

            You are an idiot, since you have no concept of using the phrase could NOT care less verse could careless. Everything you say is stupid because you can not communicate in plain words. Also the word is THEIR. Typical ignorant fuck. Oh and if you don’t want to watch the video don’t. Of course you think you need to tell us what you want and pass judgment on those that might want to watch it. Oh and as usual an idiot who assumes my moms wedding video was with my father. Too stupid to know any better

        • AussieB

          No, but that probably will be a plot of a forthcoming gay porn film somewhere

      • turbo27

        Not only deceased, but the sad circumstances of his death. Does ND really have to post this instead of posting an alternate scene. They can’t just eat the cost of the scene? Maybe a few thousand bucks at most. ND is just a trash group of sites.

        • AussieB

          Why even promote it on this site then? It’ll likely get more traffic and views because of this article

        • kkdd1

          Turbo I could not agree with you more !!!

          • turbo27

            Thanks. Just my opinion.

  • Scrapple

    This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    It’s not the fact that they released the scene, or that they put “Enjoy” in the writeup with an exclamation mark, and then had that lead into that disclaimer. It’s the fact that Dimitri looks like he doesn’t want to be there. In his scenes he was always pretty personable, and near the end he expressed excitement about doing more scenes and showing off his new body. He looks tense and sad during that interview section. Didn’t someone out his porn work to his family, and he had to deal with the fallout and conflicting feelings about his sexuality? ND can say this is what Dimitri would’ve wanted, but I’m not so sure.

    • Sean

      It IS what he wanted, when he accepted the money and signed the contract. Dead people do nto get to decide AFTER the fact what they want. Can the family of Robin Williams say, they no longer want anybody to show Hook because they think Robin would not want it shown? He seemed to have no problem promoting it when alive. I am sure Elvis’ family does not want the scenes of fat Elvis performing like a stiuffed hippo, but guess what, THEY DONT GET THAT CHOICE

      • Scrapple

        You’re right. People never commit to things and then regret it later. I’m so glad you explained that to me. And thank you for letting me know once you die (or in this case, kill yourself) people can honor or dishonor your memory however they see fit. Love your show by the way. You’re so talented!

        • Sean

          You can regret anything you want. It doesn’t let you change it. You can regret signing a lease but you are still bound y it idiot. The last anybody knew, he wanted it released, I will take his words over a moron like you any day

          • Scrapple

            Which words will you be taking, the ones in this vid, or the ones on his suicide note? Troll.

  • Estelle

    Par for the course for next door male. There were two models that were stripping with tommy d in Canada that stiffed a cabbie and bolted. Both fell to their deaths when they went past the guardrail and down a cliff. The family of one of the men begged next door not to release the scene but they did anyways. Another time a straight female performer of theirs was murdered and next door released her scene claiming that a portion would go to a specific charity and the charity asked their name be removed from any promotion of the scene.

    O/t Zach idea what’s going on with next door male. stephan sirard sold the house/filming location in Santa Rosa and move to San Diego. Also all production moved to Vegas.

    • Scrapple

      That Canada incident was on ND’s watch? I thought one or both of those models were working with Jake Cruise when it happened. One model was named Nick, right?

      I remember the story about the female performer. All kinds of fucked up.

  • John McKee

    I mean he is dead so does it matter? Not in the sense that him deciding to take his own life wasn’t tragic but dead people don’t get to have an opinion on things.

    I don’t see how it matters if the scene was released after his death or not, if we are going the position that it is distasteful to have porn scenes of dead people out they should pull all of his scenes but that doesn’t seem like a reasonable standard so might as well release it. Maybe a standard if his family disapproved but even then I would base that on some evidence that they supported his porn career when he was alive.

    I think I am going to go on the side of release it, most people want to be remembered after they die and unless there was some evidence that he regretted his porn career I assume he wanted to be known as someone so hot that people would pay money to watch him have sex, regardless of whatever other demons he may or may not have had.

  • Parker Lewis

    i’m sorry just have to

  • Dot Beech

    If Markie More is okay being seen porking a guy who soon thereafter killed himself, then release it. Kane signed a release. He was fine with it. He undoubtedly took the money.

  • Maximus

    Well, that’s a downer. If you’ll excuse me…

  • ToxicBrew

    Like this is not hot…

  • Andrew Simpson

    Well to be fair Next Door Studio has done this before last year a black model died and Next Door Studio still released his video.

  • kkdd1

    Next Door you should be ashamed to be more concerned about the money that you did not male rather than the life that was lost . What a DISGRACE this SHIT may have caused this young man to commit suicide and ND has the AUDACITY to profit off such tragedy !!!

    • Sean

      When Paul Walker DIED while making a film the movie went on. Should that studio be ashamed as well? Do you ever watch ANY movie that has a deceased person iin it? If you do you should be ashamed of yourself

  • Pertinax

    I respect doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc, but have no respect to prostitutes. I place whores rapists, thieves, paedophiles among all the sordid scum that fair people don’t want to have around or paticipating in their lives. For me, people that become whores put themselves in a subhuman condition due to their despise for morals and don’t deserve to be seen in the same condition, status as the rest of the good society. I also think that there is a line, a social frontier that when the person go through it there is no return. Like, for example: an addict, an assassin, a suicidal… because ” if he did it once, he can do it again “: For me, people like these are forever stained. For me to watch a dead handsome prostitute is the same to watch another that is alive : All of them are people that transformed themselves into a commodity, degraded themselves and are an awsome handjob material, nothing more.
    The producer put his money on it and as it is a business, he deserves to be reimbursed and has his profit.

    • Marcus Collack

      So you think it’s okay to treat a person as less than a person. Good to know..
      TAKES A DEEP BREATH IN:” *#(*&(*&#@)(@*(#)@&*@)@)_@( YOU (&#$(*&#*)@)(*@(*@)(*# worse than pond scum &*#)(* I HOPE YOUR PROSTATE (*#*&@)#()#( then you have to (*#)(*)(@&@_9(*#*#&*# WORTHLESS PIECE OF (*#*&*(#@)@(#(*$*&@#@)#( AND YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING AND ALL OF THIS YOU LESS THAN )*#)@(!_*$*@)#(@_@*#(@)(*# (expletive deleted) RANCID COW DUNG (*#(*)@()*$&@))# AND CAR EXHAUST MONOXIDE RIDDEN ()*@)#(@*@)#-)$*@)(# CHOKE ON *$&*()@)(#*$(&@)($ EVIL (#)*($@( VILE)(*#$%()@ PRETENTIOUS(*$)(&$*(#)@#($*7 Not EVEN SUITABLE FOR CROWS TO LAND THEIR DROPPINGS *&@(#)($*$ WASTE OF ($*(&@)($@(8 HOW DARE YOU, YOU $*&(*$W)@(#$*@@#$”. And That’s all I have to say. I’ll pray for you.

      • Pertinax

        Wow ! Thanks for pray for me, but the truth is I can’t respect or admire some perv that due to his very low moral standard indulges himself on all forms of debauchery, doing all that is aberrant and abnormal in gay or straight sex ( on camera, for money, with anyone…) and yet would have the nerve to demand to me to be treated the same way I treat the others that preserve their dignity. I chose the ones that I want to keep friendship because I appreciate virtue, not vice, even when I’m not practicing what I preach. In my book a prostitute is scum and good, fair people deserve to be praised and admired. I don’t put whores on an altar and for me porn and its porn whores remain a good outlet to get off of our ‘ needs ‘, Only this.

        • kkdd1

          Pertinax how can you appreciate VIRTUE when have none yourself ? You sound like a very delusional & dangerous person !!!

          • Pertinax

            How dare you, I’m a cutie ! Don’t blame me to call a spade, a spade… I’m not a dangerous person because this is only my opinion. I don’t go along the streets, gun in hand hunting prostitutes…

          • kkdd1

            Pertinax If I am labeling you than I am sorry about that but I am just basing my opinions upon your statements

          • 1234

            He’s a foreigner- he’s to be excused as his grasp of English is tenuous, amongst other issues

    • Sean

      ” All of them are people that transformed themselves into a commodity”

      What do you think Doctors, engineers and lawyers do every day, They SELL their assets and services for MONEY. They are a commodity as are all of us.

      • Pertinax

        Doctors, engineers and lawyers sell their work force not their bodies. Prostitutes turn their bodies into commodities and this is as immoral as to sell a baby or to sell a kidney.

  • sammy1023

    What movie part, actor role, production budget matters if you release a film or not? Heath Ledger died before Batman the Dark Knight was released, the new Star Trek Beyond went ahead as scheduled without it’s Chekov, Anton Yelchin. Did everyone on here boycott those films as well? Yes I find it “wierd” I guess would be the word, maybe even morbid to watch this scene and I probably won’t, but who here gets to play judge, jury and executioner with films, studios, actors, budgets and returns? Yeah I know I’m comparing a porn scene to 2 blockbuster movies so you don’t have to point that out, just some things to think about when you’re tossing stones from your glass houses.

    • DrunkEnough

      “Tossing stones from your glass houses”? Does that mean we’re dead porn stars?

    • AussieB

      People still watch old porn scenes and some of those models are dead. Studios don’t suddenly remove scenes after a model dies. So the only issue people have is a studio releasing a previously unreleased scene after the model has died?

  • Sebastian S

    ” Continental load”?

  • turbo27

    If I was a subscriber to this site, I would cancel. Owners are reprehensible for posting this scene.

  • AussieB

    Yes, Im sure his dream at 20 while doing drugs that killed him was to have gay porn scenes released after his death

  • DTG

    This is distasteful and disrespectful. NDS couldn’t care less about “what he would have wanted.” This is about cashing in and making a buck. I have zero desire to watch porn scenes of models who have since died. Knowledge of that fact has this odd ability of overriding my view of them as a sex object.