Do Gay Porn Studios Know That Vadim Black Is On Illegal Drugs While He’s Working For Them?

Posted December 10, 2015 by with 105 comments

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Last night’s True Life: I’m A Gay Porn Star was even worse than I thought it’d be (Sean Cody’s Sean telling everyone that having gay sex “sucks” sure was nice), but maybe the most disturbing part was watching Vadim Black talk about all the drugs he takes in order to perform—one of which he claims is “not even legal to have in the United States.” Maybe he got it from his BFF Putin.

Here’s Vadim Black showing off all his drugs (full clip and a highlight reel from the episode here):


A bigoted little twerp going on TV to talk about all the illegal drugs he takes while working on a gay porn set probably isn’t what the industry needs right now, given all the lawsuits and legislation it’s currently facing. Do the gay porn studios for which Black works know that he’s on illegal drugs while he’s on set? Do they know that they could be held liable when and if something goes “wrong” with Vadim Black’s drugs? Do they care? Apparently not.


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