Do Gay Porn Studios Know That Vadim Black Is On Illegal Drugs While He’s Working For Them?

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Last night’s True Life: I’m A Gay Porn Star was even worse than I thought it’d be (Sean Cody’s Sean telling everyone that having gay sex “sucks” sure was nice), but maybe the most disturbing part was watching Vadim Black talk about all the drugs he takes in order to perform—one of which he claims is “not even legal to have in the United States.” Maybe he got it from his BFF Putin.

Here’s Vadim Black showing off all his drugs (full clip and a highlight reel from the episode here):

A bigoted little twerp going on TV to talk about all the illegal drugs he takes while working on a gay porn set probably isn’t what the industry needs right now, given all the lawsuits and legislation it’s currently facing. Do the gay porn studios for which Black works know that he’s on illegal drugs while he’s on set? Do they know that they could be held liable when and if something goes “wrong” with Vadim Black’s drugs? Do they care? Apparently not.


  • n24rc

    With all the attention she’ll implode in 5….4….3…2…1

  • GeorgeSpelvin

    excessive poppers can give you headaches too. please Luke take your pills and go home.

  • R.A.M.J

    and the other gay porn stars aren’t on illegal drugs? Who was the admitted meth-head advertising PrEp.

  • stephen

  • n24rc

    I can’t imagine his mom, a Russian immigrant, who brought Vadim here to obtain citizenship via marriage is thinking…yes, this is why i sacrificed and came here for, “the american dream.”

    This. Won’t. End. Well.

    • WhimsyCotton

      To be fair, being able to do gay things openly is part of the American dream since he’d be beat to a pulp in Mother Russia for it.

  • FrenchBug

    I am going to be in a minority here but am I the only one who is vastly more offended by the watermelon remark than Black’s use of the F-word? His F-word outburst sounded more to me like overcompensating for self-loathing. That other SC guy and his watermelon remark betrayed such a deep level of contempt that I am speechless.
    That “Sean Cody” continues getting praise and publicity and gay men’s money for hiring people like this is as astounding to me as anybody with half a brain wanting to be associated with Michael Lucas or sharing a house with Nica Noelle. How could ANYBODY be surprised by the Brandon-bottoming BS knowing it is the same people who are employing the people in this “documentary”?
    I cannot imagine what are the psychological underpinnings of actually being turned on by men doing things that they are so thoroughly disgusted with with people they so conspicuously despise. As much as these “performers” piss me off, enjoying them in gay sex that they so clearly and openly do not want is almost a bit rape-y.

    • sxg

      Well I’ve never fucked a watermelon before so I don’t know how I’d be pissed about that.

      • FrenchBug

        So when you hear people comparing same-sex marriage to marriage with an animal or an inanimate object, you don’t see why it is offensive because you have never married a horse or a house?
        Don’t be snide. I have read enough of your comments to know you are smart enough to know what I mean.

        • sxg

          I actually haven’t seen the episode but I’ve read about the watermelon comment and thought the comment was in reference to the actual sensation of having his dick in another guy’s ass. He looks like the type of guy who has experimented carving out a hole on a large fruit or gourd and trying to fuck it lol.

          But found a reaction video on YT that further clarified the statement, and yea it’s beyond stupid and yes offensive. So I shall retract my statement!

          • WhamBam

            Link to the reaction video please?

          • sxg

            The watermelon comment is there. It’s not the whole episode. Some random blogger filmed him watching it and his reaction to the whole thing. I don’t have cable so I’m limited on which outlets I can watch the show.


          • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

            that guy is high.

          • Helen Damnation
          • Zachary Sire
          • Tim

            I didn’t find this so offensive–mostly because fucking a girl would be kinda the same for me. it was inopportune, and a bit weird, but it was (if true) brutally honest. he grimaces a bit during scenes if you show his face. I think he likes it more than MTV lets on, or than this would imply, and I think he enjoys the finale as much as any guy ever does, but if the task is workaday the task is workaday, if it isn’t his thing outside of work, it isn’t his thing.

          • WhamBam

            Thanks to both of you for linking. I couldn’t even remember when he even made this comment when I watched this (lol), but now I remember my own reaction to this…which was a very strong eyeroll.

    • Maximus

      I agree with almost all of this, but I’m not seeing why you found the watermelon comment so particularly offensive. Wasn’t Sean’s point that, for him, having sex with a guy is like having sex with an inanimate object—something inherently devoid of sex appeal?

      Is the logic flawed? Yes. Is it kind of a “fuck you” to all of his fans? Yes. Is it hate speech? No.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Flawless logic. I don’t see how it could possibly be construed any other way.

      • FrenchBug

        I found the comment extremely dehumanizing. I find including inanimate objects and animals when talking about gay love and gay sex to be an inherently offensive comparison. It is no surprise that it is a common trope of Christian conservatives. It is about belittling same-sex attraction and de-legitimizing same-sex relationships.
        While he may have been reaching for a metaphor to explain his lack of interest in gay sex, the fact he reached out for that particular type of comparison is a tragically familiar pattern of homophobes that, again, hits hard because of how de-humanizing it is.

        • Maximus

          Ah, okay. Now I have a better understanding of where you’re coming from. I personally was not as offended because I recognized that he was using symbolic language to describe what gay sex is like for him personally, not to characterize the concept of gay sex. I was more put off by his need to deny any enjoyment of gay sex than I was by his word choice. But again, I can see why you are upset.

    • GuruMike

      I watched a clip of The Young Turks reacting to the episode. Jimmy Dore says “if that watermelon was full of shit.”…

  • Xio Mai

    We self hating gay men are to blame. We keep on supporting g4pay asshole guys instead of our lgbt people.

    • Knightgee

      Why do people continue to peddle this idea when there are plenty of actual out gay porn actors who are also terrible people AND terrible performers? In fact, there are pornstars I’m shocked to find out are actually gay in their private lives because they’ve never given one convincingly enthusiastic performance on-camera in their careers. Meanwhile half of Sean Cody’s stable rides dick like nobody’s business and then go back to their girlfriends. It seems clear to me there is no major difference between actual gay/bi porn actors and gay4pay pornstars.

      The priorities of some gay men around porn are so strange. A gay porn studio could (and does!) regularly make porn about a bunch of jocks in a frat bareback raping some effeminate twink and people would zero in on these porn actors being g4p as the problem with this scenario.

    • sxg

      Oh god another obnoxious Asian guy trolling the gay porn blogs trying to belittle all of the G4P pornstars every chance you get. Especially one who supports Nica Noelle. You lost what little, if any credibility you had once you came to her defense in the last post about it.

      As Knightgee kindly put it, there are plenty of genuine gays in the gay porn industry that can be just as nasty and awful as the str8 pornstars. So don’t bundle all G4P models as terrible people just because a handful get involved in some scandalous shit that further smears the gay porn industry as a whole. Just like we shouldn’t throw out hate speech about Muslims just because a few thousand out of over a billion Muslims around the world do things that are so monstrous.

      • Maximus

        But straight people dominate every form of entertainment media and the world in general. We are so underrepresented in every facet of society that it would be nice to have something that’s just ours. One would think that thing would be gay porn, but no, the exhausting ubiquity of heteronormative society feels the need to impose itself upon us in that domain as well.

        • sxg

          Straight people dominate every form of entertainment media simply because there are more of them around, up to 90% of the world is heterosexual (rough estimate). It’s not surprising that they’ve made their way to gay porn as well since not every hot gay guy wants to do porn. And why would all hot gay guys want to considering gay pornstars are treated miserably in the real world? A lot of people who would jerk off to gay pornstars will be one of the first to talk shit about those same pornstars that they see at a club. At least with G4P pornstars there’s always at least some chance no one in their circle of friends or family would discover their porn career.

          For me, I see pornstars similar to actors and actresses in TV and film. If they aren’t any good, then they shouldn’t be getting a lot of work. I expect pornstars to be able to perform, regardless of their sexuality.

          • Maximus

            I never said that their dominance didn’t make sense given the numbers. I would just appreciate it if they would let us have this one little thing.

          • smart

            You are a self-hating-straightman-lusting sad case. People like you put the gay community 30 years behind

          • sxg

            I’m a sad case to the gay community because I’m ok with some of the guys I masturbate to being straight?

            Porn is fantasy, and I treat it as such. I enjoy it as I would enjoy a movie like Gravity and Jurassic World without coming out of it and completely tearing it apart for the scientific inaccuracies. Porn is a work of fiction, not reality. If I watch straight guys in gay porn, it doesn’t mean I go after straight guys in real life. I like watching fisting and pissing porn, but I would do those things in my personal life, unless I’m playing the top role! Although, I would gladly let a select few pornstars piss on me!

            And if you think what I watch is in any way detrimental to the gay community and their fight for equal rights, then the only self-hating delusional cunt here is you.

            BTW, I’ll give you at least 2 gay pornstars who are gay that are awful for the actual, non-porn gay community, and those are Ryan Rose and Michael Lucas. Both voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential, a candidate who still believes that the LGBT community does not deserve the same rights as straight people. Michael Lucas even donated money to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Their excuse for that support: their financial situations deserve more protection than their own rights. Choke on that knowledge bitch.


          • smart

            It must be said being you. I need not say anything more.

      • Xio Mai

        Stupid bitch

  • Norminah

    I still don’t get the appeal of straight men fucking a guy for money. Is the money you get from fucking a dude you’re not even remotely attracted to so astronomical that you’d willingly try suspect drugs in order to get a hard on? Is it enough to have to deal with so much self-loathing? I mean, can Vadim not work at a Wal-mart or go clean shit out of bathrooms, if he’s so desperate for money?

    • paultacoma51

      My thoughts exactly. Any person with an ounce of common sense can see the holes in that logic. There are lots of jobs I could make more money at but I don’t do them because I would know I would hate it, or suck at it (no pun intended). There has to be other ‘benefits’ that makes it worth it to them besides the money. Just sayin’.

    • FrenchBug

      To be fair he doesn’t come off as smart enough to work for Wal-Mart.

      • Norminah

        • Mike Julius

          A+ gif usage

    • TheSagaOf

      Well, prior to any of these articles about True Life and such, I had no idea Sean was straight. So I think it’s less of the appeal of watching a straight guy have sex with another man, and more of just watching two subjectively hot guys have sex. ‘Cause in all of my porn watching, I don’t do any kind of backgrounding to see the sexual orientation of models or anything else about them, because I just don’t care to know. The only way I’d be able to see if two guys are straight is if they’re on a site like BSB or GayHoopla or they’re very obviously not into what they’re doing or are pushing rope big time (though, in fringe cases, there could even be legitimate gay men who are just nervous or not into it who may be pushing rope or not into their scene partners).

  • badgamer1967

    Get a fucking real job like the rest of us, but no these little assholes don’t wont to move far from the beach and the gym. Self involved, self loathing assholes who blame gay men and porn for all there woes. The world does not owe these fuckers nothing but contempt.

  • sxg

    If the Men directors really threw a hissy fit over Tom Faulk showing up on set all high, then they should be as equally pissed that Vadim is as well. Wasn’t it Marc Macnamara who supposedly kicked Tom off set?

    • seeker630

      I’ve only watched the clip about the ‘illegal drugs’ but that seemed to be performance-enhancers, not things that make you ‘high’. Was being ‘high’ mentioned elsewhere in the interview?

      • Pearl Clutcher

        Oh? Vadim’s taking ED drugs? Is that all? That’s not uncommon in porn w/o regard for sexual orientation b/c these guys have to maintain erections for hours on end. That’s tough to do w/o some chemical assistance. The way Zach is going on (faking it, surely b/c he can’t be this new) I thought Vadim was using heroin or something.

  • Todd

    I feel sorrier for a young guy earning $ 10 an hour and struggling or one working two jobs to pay the bills than I do for either of these asshats.

    Guess what, fellas ? Sometimes the easy money isn’t so easy. NEXT…

  • John

    Glad I didn’t watch it, it always amazes me how someone can shit on the very people he’s making money off, would it be too much to ask for to show a little appreciation for his fans….he must be making good money, at 1000 dollars a scene, seems like he has a new one out every week, if not two….that adds up pretty quickly…..good looking guy but he does nothing for me, give me Johnny any day over this asshole, at least Johnny appreciates his fans and has that cute squeaky voice and hairy ass crack..and he’s rock hard as he gets in his famous reverse cowboy ride em hard move, …..yum

  • McM.

    I’m waiting for some douchenugget to come up in the comments to make excuses and say how Vadim Black and other G4payers are good guys and how deep down they really do enjoy having sex with other men.

    • Paige Turner

      Let me! But only the last part where they say that they enjoy it.

  • revertstar

    It’s odd that he would think this would make him a more bankable commodity. That clip with the pills is enough to completely disinterest me in him for life. He talks about all the ramifications of dosing himself with potentially harmful substances in this tone that suggests he is some sort of tragic victim, but really just comes across as an idiot who can’t see past the present moment and a paycheck. I can only imagine his life post porn will be equally sad.

  • revertstar

    I really enjoy porn and am a very sex positive person, I always want these guys to be more interesting than they are, but alas….that seldom happens.

    • Paige Turner

      Because its a fantasy. It must be left where it is to remain so otherwise you end up where we are now realising that our favourite stars are asshole liars who are grifters with no real skills wanting easy money.

  • Todd

    Guys doing gay porn that don’t want to be there ?


  • Jax

    Vadim’s story was just sad. So much denial, detachment, and overcompensation all rolled into one person. I don’t see how anyone could watch his scenes after seeing him on True Life. As for Sean, he’s really not fooling anybody trying to act like he hates it. His enthusiasm when Forrest said “I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t do this” was more than enough to prove he loves the D (excluding the extensive video evidence that already proved it).

  • itsbritneybitch

    woo. can’t wait for his 20 seconds of fame to be over. so fucking annoying.

  • God of knowing…..

    i watch the full thing and believe me, they love what their doing,yeah they date girls and wife them up, but love having sex with men on the side…… lets get real here people, u don’t do anything u truly hate…

  • BjorkNut

    Wait so drug use was the key takeaway from this farce of a show?? Cause I would have thought it would have been that these two douches clearly enjoy what they do.

  • Dave Netherton

    Please he works for Men some of the time, Iam sure they know and it would be up their alley not to give a shit about it. I mean convicted felons work for them, a model taking drugs you think that matters LOL. I could give 2 shits about how they feel being a G4P sex worker. If it does indeed suck as much as he says then how about manning up and getting a job where they do not have to pretend being gay. I mean did someone hold a gun to their head and force them to choose the profession they are in to make a living, I do not think so. They chose something that would be fast money and that obviously strokes their egos. I have got a suggestion shut the fuck up and get on with it, you made your bed now lay in it.

  • joe campbell

    Its all bull shit and the drugs talk was so false… i need it to get hard! i don’t wanna do this I’m straight! You get hard cause you like dick and cash !

    • God of knowing…..

      i kind of feel sorry for Vadim Black, he lost his family because of doing porn, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone… I hope he doesn’t end up like that guy who killed himself a few weeks ago. Vadim has no real support and that very scary, everyone need support, IMO I kind of think he hates him self, cause anytime you take that many dugs, something is very wrong….And believe me, he wanted to have sex with his friend so bad and that’s why he set that meeting up, let get real here, he can call his self anything he wants and keep taking pills… IMO this site should stop with hate on him, from where he came from, u think he would be a grounded person, he’s just out there lost soul, who is very much alone…

      • Zachary Sire

        Seek mental help. Or at least an elementary school education.

        • God of knowing…..

          you don’t have to agree and u don’t have to be so rude…..

      • Stanford White

        I don’t know what’s worse…
        The fact that you actually typed all this or that this is not a practical joke of some sort. And that, in fact you actually believe this drivel.

      • joe campbell

        I do feel for those guys and indeed most of the porn actors .
        That’s why I’m trying to stop watching porn ( I have a serious addiction ) – I love people and watching guys do this to themselves is not good
        They are lost and broken – like we all are .
        I still don’t believe all the stuff about this show – he just wants more money – and sadly that will not be the answer either

      • Mihcael Davies

        Oh poor little Vadim, his life is SO hard and tragic. let’s all rally around the little turd and hopefully he’ll stop being a prick -__-

    • Paige Turner

      Denial, Denial, Denial

  • Maximus
    • beariac
      • Maximus
      • Maximus

        Ohhh. I thought you were telling ME to fuck off, haha.

        • beariac

          Never! (hence the edit). I thought another gif was in order but worded it clumsily. My bad. 😉

          • Maximus

            Haha no worries. That Little Britain GIF is officially my new favorite, btw.

          • beariac

            Good spot, considering. I hope you get good mileage out of it. It’s distracted me – I still haven’t watched this flippin’ MTV show yet.

          • Maximus

            Oh, I will most definitely be sending it to all of my gay friends.

            I just watched the first part of the MTV special, which covers the guys’ backstories and feelings about being G4P. It evoked in me equal amounts of pity and disgust.

          • beariac

            Haha, it’s a bit risqué for the non-gays!

            I watched it all today and felt the same, as well as anger at and frustration with all involved. What a farcical sham.

            I also hate that I find Vadim incredibly fuckable (in a purely physical sense only), and got annoyed that his girlfriend couldn’t be arsed to wear her seatbelt properly, but that’s the least of what’s so horribly wrong with this whole sorry mess.


          • Maximus

            Alright, so I just watched the rest of the episode. Every single “conversation” was painfully artificial and contrived. The fucking Kardashians get better scripted dialogue.

            I buy that Vadim/Luke is straight. His life seems pretty miserable. I feel bad for him, but I still don’t want him in gay porn.

            In regard to Sean/Ben, I call bullshit. That man is either gay or bi. I subscribe to the theory that views sexuality as a spectrum, and as such, I believe that a straight man can enjoy incidental gay sex and still be straight. That said, I do not believe that Sean/Ben is one of those men. I recognize that it’s just my subjective opinion, but there it is. *pats weave*

  • Tim

    well, if someone wants to go after Vadim, now they can. good on them if they do. if what he is saying is honest, he is in the wrong line of work.

    this stuff with Sean–I wonder. I really do. He seems to be a bit embarrassed by it, a bit thrilled by it, a bit into it, and a bit out of it. If I were tagging him he’s bisexual and heteroromatic–and if he had it his way he’d make the money he makes in porn doing something else. It seems as a man with a kid married to a woman with another kid that parenthood has stifled his own goals a bit. That happens. If he is ok with it, I”ll be glad to see him for the next couple years or more. His wife is into him and guys but not the absence. Maybe they’ll move to San diego at some point.

    • a b

      Splitting sexual and romantic attraction into 2 different things is homophobic bullshit. They are both manifestations of your sexual orientation, but physical sexual attraction are much more difficult to misinterpret than romantic feelings (and, therefore, more sensitive to societal pressures).

      I’m sincerely concerned about young LGBT people hearing about this “splitting model”. Because if “heteroromantic bisexual” had been around when i was 15 I guarantee you I would have been all over that shit. I would have been so grateful to find an official identity that let me minimize my attraction to men as just physical, not something that could get in the way of me having a “normal hetero relationship” and marrying a girl, “as I should”. I wouldn’t have been fully conscious of this motivation but it would have been there and it would have been extremely unhealthy for me, not to mention false. I know so many guys who could say the same and I can’t pretend that this is a totally sound and safe concept to gay/bi guys.

      • Tim

        except the fact that for some people the two don’t track at all. I know this is a porn blog, but the idea of asexuality opened this up a bit for me. I have friends who just don’t like sex–but who are in relationships with members of the same or different gender–and have always been in those kinds of relationship. one of them referred to himself as a homoromantic asexual. falling in love is about much more than the narrow confines of a persons genitals.

        when you refuse to split romance and sex enough for those for whom it is split, it is dangerous for them. when you insist they must be split, it is dangerous for others. there have been 2 or 3 women in my 30 years I’ve liked enough I might have considered dating them, but 0 of them (or any other woman) has actually got my sexual juices flowing (to the point where having any female sound in the background, like singers in the horrid music gay porn is sometimes set to) is an instant boner killer. my sexual preference is a pretty strong only-guy preference, but in a different world, where sex and romance were not so tied together, my life could be very interesting.

        which is to say, there is nothing homophobic about letting people be who they think they are. we gays largely opened this can of worms. to try to take it back when someone wants to manifest their sexuality in a way we don’t like is hypocritical and homophobic.

        • a b

          Obviously, for asexual people, considering the independence of romantic feelings over sexual attraction have a functional importance. That does not mean that romantic feelings entail a different orientation. For straight, bi and gay people, sexual-romantic splitting is a misuse of asexual terms, and have no other function than to cover self-hatred and reluctance to accept full conscience of the implications of their sexual orientation.
          Sure, if people want to identify as “heteroromantic bisexual biplatonic biasthetic”, I’m not going to do anything to stop them. But I’m not going to pretend this is not ridiculous, harmful and self-deceiving.

          Please, explain me how my opinions are hypocritical and homophobic, if you actually believe that.

        • a b

          “in a different world, where sex and romance were not so tied together, my life could be very interesting”
          Gay guys dating/marrying women, while having absolutely no sexual attraction to women, is not a “different world”. Read the interviews of any “ex”-gay pastors and they will explain how they can delude themselves into thinking their homosexual eroticism means nothing in comparison with their “romantic feelings” towards their wifes (to which, of course, they might truly became very fond of). This is not a new concept.
          Dissonance between your “romantic orientation” and your sexual orientation is one thing when you have no sexual attraction at all (asexuality). If you do have sexual attraction, splitting your sexuality into 2 separate sexual and romantic orientations have an obvious motivation – belittling your stimatized sexual attraction.

    • Paige Turner

      Yeah all that. But the bottom line is that “Vadim” is dumb

  • Devandra Null

    reminds me of this article in details magazine from waaay back in 2002:

    some quotes:

    “The public doesn’t want to hear a guy is gay-for-pay anymore,” Skee
    explains. “The day of conquering the straight man is over, so agents tell
    their clients to say that they’re ‘just sexual.’

    “When I started,” he says, “I went around telling everybody how much I
    hated having sex with men, and people got pissed off. All the production
    companies would be talking about giving me a contract. But after one movie,
    with me shooting my mouth off, they’d decide not to because, in my agent’s
    words, I was a dead fuck.”

    After Jake learned to fake it, the money poured in.

    More ominously, his clandestine career is starting to nag at him. He goes on sets sober, but after he wraps a film he smokes stultifying amounts of pot to obliterate the memory. He no longer likes to kiss his girlfriend, because when he does, he pictures all the men he’s kissed.

    • Mihcael Davies


  • Okosan

    Dear straight gay4payers out there

  • john

    He’s a miserable drugwhore who’ll end up dead or sucking dicks for 10$ in 2-3 years.These “Stories” never end well

    • Mike Julius

      Vadim is hot physically, but his personality is like a giant blackhead actively oozing puss out of his mouth. Even when it stops oozing, I remember the puss, so if I’m going to jack off to one of his scenes, I’m going to need some of those illegal drugs first.

      • Paige Turner

        “Vadim” is very good at doing what he is told to do and say. He doesn’t have a lot of original thoughts going on in that head.

        Hes also not Gay.

        He is Homosexual, Andropohile whatever makes you feel good. But he isn’t Heterosexual thats for sure

  • DPS

    This show made me dislike both of them. Besides it seeming ultra scripted, it was polar opposite to making porn consumers comfortable with gay4payers. What I got out of this episode was, If you see these two on your pornsite of choice cancel your membership because they hate being involved in this! Yet both were concerned about how they can continue successfully well into the future. They spoke as if this were their last alternative to a good paying job and sickened by what they do and looking for sympathy. FUCK THEM BOTH! Leave the industry and refer your gay friends who have a desire to perform. Make money recruiting and stay off scene.

  • OverKill

    For those performers that are just truly disgusted with having to have sex with men:

    Go work in customer service, being a cashier, fast food, etc. there’s nothing wrong with it it’s money. The only reason they don’t is because they’re trying to live outside their means, wanting a quick buck to buy something knowing they can’t afford it. Makes no sense that you do something that repulses you but continue to do it. I don’t even watch any Vadim Black scenes, my money would never ever go towards him.

    • Mike Julius

      I had such the crush on the guy in this gif.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    I hope they don’t care. I sure don’t!

  • Porn Star

    I specifically designed my site concept to exclude G4P cuz you know those bitches aren’t gonna be fucking boys raw in their personal life.

  • BasketballJock18

    Hi I’m new to this site and watched True Life episode. Does anyone know who Vadim’s friend is? Where I can see his vids? He’s kinda hot.

    • DrunkEnough

      Google, child. In the time it took you to post that comment, you could have found out.

      • BasketballJock18

        I still can’t find it. That’s why I asked politely. Anybody out there who can assist please?

    • Zachary Sire

      His porn name is Devon Felix and he’s on BrokeStraightBoys:

      • BasketballJock18

        Thanks so much Zachary!!! :)

  • Mike Julius

    Not even legal to have in the US, but that looks a lot like a CVS bottle. I think this fucker is lying to make it sound like chemicals are the only thing that get him through having gay sex. The poppers and maybe a viagra are probably what he’s doing.

  • ToxicBrew

    I heard he and Johnny Rapid allegedly team up once a month and gay bash each others ass holes to prove they are still manly men.

  • Zealot

    Let’s review. Here are about 7 jobs I can think of right off the top of my head that don’t involve sucking dick, getting fucked up the ass, or anything akin to those first two acts which may require taking multitudes of substances to get through it physically, mentally or emotionally: Janitor (I’m led to believe many sanitation-related jobs come with health insurance!), Stock boy (endless free dented canned goods), fast food cook (half-price employee meals, and a means by which to move up to those high-end glamorous chef jobs at Le Cirque and Spago), personal trainer (free gym time and lots of available pussy!), UPS Driver (EVERYONE looks good in brown, but gotta lay off the booze and cocaine– must have clean UAs), straight porn (I KNOW, I KNOW….but at least you’re getting paid to fuck actual pussy), hair stylist (yes, this involves some additional schooling, but you’ll be a rarity….a straight man in a gay man’s world…..around all that free pussy!).

    If this saves even one straight man from having to put up with all that cock thrust up their ass or rammed down their throats, then my small community service has been well worth the time.

    • Mihcael Davies

      I’m surprised people don’t mention this more, there are SEVERAL other options before “doing dreaded” gay porn. The whole last resort nonsense, is just that! On DL someone actually made a good argument that doing straight porn (despite the lower pay) should be better since you get to fuck LOTS of pussy and get paid for it, more scenes, more sex with hot chicks. How is that worse than one horrible scene having sex that repulses you? I guess to them it makes sense since they’re that greedy, but it isn’t logical in any way

      • Zealot

        Logic, schmogic….porn draws all kinds for all reasons. And it just galls me when guys like Vadim sit there on a big fat cock talking about how he hates fags and gay sex. I hate liver and you couldn’t pay me enough to eat that crap.

  • Kavine

    he takes drugs because he is a straight guy and he couldn’t get hard over men. someone need to understand that.

    • Paige Turner

      Drugs don’t work like that. You need some motivation and he has plenty as well as the self loathing to go with it

  • WhimsyCotton

    I’d love to feel sorry for Vadim; I’d love to pity his story about his family leaving him, but apart from him being an overcompensating closet-homophobe, he’s Russian. I’m far too nationalistic to feel that kind of way towards him. Especially after he insulted my President while praising that gangster dictator Putin.

  • Paige Turner

    Thats a very heavily edited piece. I counted 16 cuts in less than 2 minutes. Thats 7.5 seconds per cut.

    Look more closely.

    This guy doesn’t actually know what those “drugs” are. He also doesn’t know whats in them but he knows they are bad. Unless he is a doctor or Chemist then this is redundant. There are no drugs which will make your Dick hard if you don’t want them to. ED doesnt work like that. Caverject does but it needs to be injected.

    I don’t know who he is trying to convince of his heterosexuality. Him or his audience. Its not working either way.

    Hes also not very bright either. Thats abundantly clear. He is smart enough to know that he can have sex for money and feed his narcissism. Thats a very base primal drive.

  • Swifty

    A hot ass mess.

    • BjorkNut

      In case you’d rather use this going forward! Enjoy!

  • Myko


    Seriously can this guy be any dumber ?

  • lndn

    How can either SC or BSB continue to hire these guys for scenes after this? Especially BSB after Vadim admitted taking illegal substances to perform, whether they actually help or not. Both guys seem like jerks that I would never want to see. (I never liked them anyway, Vadim is good looking at least, but dumb, Sean, just dumb.

  • andrew

    Doesn’t he know how stupid he sounds saying: “having gay sex sucks” when he appears in so many videos having gay sex? Does anyone have a gun to his head forcing him?

  • joe campbell

    I just looked at ” Vadim ” or Luke’s Instagram – just look at who he follows …
    I hate stereotypes but sometimes they tell the real story . Lol

    • emercycrite

      What’s his IG handle?

  • Dayton

    Why are other gays so easily offended. He’s taking dick… he’s clearly not as bigoted as you make him out to be. Faggot is just a word, get over it.