Does RealityDudes Even Want Anyone To Watch This Scene?

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15In case you needed further proof that literally anyone can perform in gay porn, please meet “Dominic,” the person inexplicably hired to get naked and have sex in this week’s Str8Chaser/RealityDudes scene. Honestly, you shouldn’t scroll down, but it’s your fault if you opened this post in the first place.

2 3 5 6You have to wonder how much worse gay porn can get after the year it’s had in 2016. Actually, can it even get any worse? RealityDudes, of course, isn’t known for featuring gorgeous muscle hunks, but apparently there is absolutely no physical requirement whatsoever in order to work for them. What’s worse, it appears the studio has actually gone out of its way to deliberately make this guy look more unattractive than he actually is by telling him to make ugly faces and pose in unflattering positions, as if to humiliate him? Or, maybe it’s to humiliate us for looking at him? It truly feels like RealityDudes made this scene specifically to turn viewers off, and they purposefully made it horrible because they legitimately do not want anyone to watch their content.

31 32 39There has always been a niche for amateur and “average” guys in porn, and some of it is good. This…is not good. It is bad. What’s weird is that RealityDudes is a studio owned by a major corporation (MindGeek) with plenty of money to spend on hot guys and talented crews, and this is what they do? This isn’t some random company with two crackheads filming in a park in Florida—this is a multi-million dollar conglomerate with over 1,000 employees that shoots content all over the world.

4250Unfortunately, bad gay porn is the new normal. Overall, there are fewer and fewer standards in all aspects of the adult industry, and this scene is a sad reminder of where we’re at. With a few exceptions, quality casting and production crews are dead. Discerning model scouts and talent agents are relics of the past. And as the industry cares less and less about what they’re doing, consumers will quickly stop caring, too. It’s crazy to think what people will be jerking off to five years from now.

[RealityDudes: Dominic]

  • DrunkEnough
  • sam my

    Im beginning to believe MindGeek is owned by Mike Pence, in his attempt to turn gays straight. The Trojan Horse Affect

  • OverKill
    • edginghours

      yet none of the energy or screen presence…

  • RaJ

    Mindgeek better stay away from Dawgpound/Papithugz.

    • nodoubtfan

      OH GOD! I shuddered just thinking about that.

  • Miloš Del Rey

    It looks like Nica shot him with one of her poison darts (The same way she catches all of her future stars/prisoners) and forced him to get on camera to get fucked. I don’t know why Zach is posting this as a porn scene, the guy clearly didn’t know who or where he was. If anything I’d be trying to contact a family member or in this case a parole officer…

  • Todd
  • Marik Ishtar

    They have him posing with a $10 bill!? What’s the politically correct way of calling someone a ‘cheap whore’?
    Atleast now, with those stupefied eyes, he can claim to his friends (and future wife) that he was on drugs when he filmed this.

  • nick

    He looks disturbingly like Mr Bean (not Sean, the other one)

  • Xzamilloh

    The unmitigated gall. Congrats, Helix, you no longer have the worst trailer for a scene in my eyes.

    Where to start… you think Imma take my shirt off for 10 bucks when I see a wad of 20s and 100s? Ole boy looked high as fuck anyway… if this were real, you’d see that guy brain the one off camera with a rock, take that money and run. The off-camera guy would come to being fucked by some dirty hobo. The top’s dick was gross, the money-whore had no rhythm, couldn’t stroke that ugly looking dick for shit, the arch in his back made the whole thing look uncomfortable. The stills from the scenes look like ole boy had to keep the money in eye range to remember why he was under the bridge letting the troll smash. The only saving grace was that he actually has a nice ass and his pecs looked good bouncing up and down. But, I could have done without this one… especially after losing Alan Thicke. Too soon, RealityDudes… too soon.

    • Is the trailer you’re speaking of the one with Liam Riley? Because that was fucking funny.

    • Two Cents

      I ain’t even gonna front, I’ve busted more than a few nuts off that site. Rocke, Michael, Beau, Ben, Jon, Scott, Casey, Mikey (with his high brown phatty begging to be ate) are the ones I love. This guy may be off but the site has some big boys that get this dick fo sure wet!

    • Are you ever going to tell us what trailer you’re referring to?

  • John

    I would fuck him and let him suck my dick…..without even thinking twice about it….he got a nice little body and hairy too…..I like avg Joe’s

    • vanfanusa

      His body is nice. Face is a little scary. But there is a niche market for meth chic, white trash dudes. He definitely fits that mold and is no where near the worst of the bunch.

  • gnormie
  • Andrew S.

    You would think a celebrity child, even one of a minor star, would do better than reality dudes but I guess Mr. Bean’s son just wanted to go his own way.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Are they trying to imitate Czech Hunter? They need to stop. Even Czech Hunter can’t imitate Czech Hunter now that Denis Reed has passed away.

    • You are so right Lamb. The new CH guy with the long, skinny dick isn’t worthy of mopping up DR’s jizz after a scene, let alone replacing him. What happened to the original guy with the huge dick? Is he just doing Debt Dandy and that weird interview one? He needs to come back because pencil peen ain’t up to task.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Yeah, originally it was the Debt Dandy guy with the deep voice, Denis, and very rarely one other guy who was as forgettable as the current guy. Denis is what brought those scenes to life though. I never realized porn could actually be entertaining until I found myself laughing my ass off at the crazy shit Denis would say and do with the guys.

        I hope they bring big dick guy, I think his name was Jirka, back. He could carry scenes too if not with his personality then with his dick.

        • I agree Lamb. The site has been on a decline since Denis’ passing. At least DD has the original guy in their scenes. He’s so suave and is totally believable in the role. I’m a total top but can see myself giving it up if he were persuading me. I think he was in a more recent CH update with the pizza boy. I will say his sick is slightly too big for me to believe anyone could take that their first time, whereas Denis was the perfect size for any bottom, regardless of skill level. The pencil dicked guy needs to be banished to the editing room. He has one of the worst dicks I’ve ever seen in a video.

  • brock

    He’s not going to win any awards, but he’s far from being rock bottom (pun intended) for the gay porn industry. It’s hard to get past how stoned he looks, but otherwise he’s pretty cute; there are worse looking guys on pretty much every site. Plus, RealityDudes/Str8chaser gets tons of really hot guys.

    I don’t see this being so bad that it warrants its own article, especially with everything else that 2016 has given the gay porn industry (and the world for that matter).

    • John McKee

      I agree, he’s cute enough, he just looks drugged out of his mind.

      • Agreed. I liked him and the scene. I loved his ass, but he was so high, the interview portion of the vid was unintentionally comical.

  • erexshawn

    I’m guessing his mama and daddy are related. Closely related. Probably siblings.

  • sans

    Gay porn is almost like a dying medium.

  • Parker Lewis
  • Dale Bergman
  • C3xxx

    Like delayed effects of a lobotomy.

  • Scrapple

    Something tells me every time this “nurse” goes to work needles turn up missing.

  • Tim

    if you are going to cast a stoned guy like that, at least completely, totally, abuse him with a huge group of super hung guys breeding him or something. you know, actually play into the hand you’re dealing. this is like the guy under the gun in poker with a 7-2 offsuit calling the big blind–stupid, pointless, not going to work, probably fatal.

    does this even fit in any niche at all?

  • john

    I’d rather watch him a million times than any hairless androgyny barely legal looking Helix twink

    • sans

      Two genders…

  • I watched the scene and it wasn’t that bad. I think he has “ceiling” eyes to begin with and smoking weed before the scene didn’t help (he was obviously high as fuck) but his body was decent and he has a nice ass. I actually loved his furry ass and legs, but I’m a lower body kinda guy. His cocksucking was good and his hairy hole looked tight. I kinda dig him. Would I wait in line to suck his dick? No. Would I buy him drinks all night to get him back to my place? No. Would I fuck home if I ran into him in a bathhouse? Fuck yes.

    • Two Cents

      I’m a lower body man too! Thank God for the booty!

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    I’d rather watch him than that generic twink Sean Ford.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Watching paint dry is more entertaining than anything Sean Ford has done.

      • Two Cents

        Keep on tellin that truth!

        • GayhawkAZ

          He’s just terrible. I know he’s going to end up being the marquee performer for Sketchy Sex by the time he’s 22 or something.

          • Two Cents

            Naw man, Ryan Rose is going to be out at Falcon in about two years or less and he’s gonna try to start his own studio. And the way he’s on Sean Fords dick on twitter that’s gonna be his first ‘exclusive’. Either way the boi is not what’s up.

          • GayhawkAZ

            You may be right, but I don’t see Ryan Rose being successful in making his own studio. And if I were Sean Ford, I would want to avoid Miss Rose and any of the other drama queens in the industry. Sean’s creating enough drama for himself, can you imagine if he got into the A-list drama? (No, his affair with Blake and his refusal to take responsibility is not A-list drama. There hasn’t been enough allegations of drug use, HIV testing, and award party meltdowns…yet.) 😉

          • Two Cents

            His ‘drama’ is all the young and dumb stuff you do when you’re under twenty five and you gay from a small town. Sad part for him is that payback don’t know that or care.

    • Two Cents

      Yo’ preach dude! Sean Ford was blowing up according to this website and that…’performer’ ain’t did nothing for my dick but kept it flat.

  • Trepakprince
  • TheThom

    They billed him as a “struggling nursing student”. Several points to make:
    1) no nursing student has time for picnics or sex. I know. I was a nursing student. (I passed)
    2) any nursing student enjoying lunch without half a dozen opened textbooks and notebooks strewn around them has no intention of passing.
    3) any nursing student as stoned as he is will fail the first semester.
    4) I wouldn’t trust him to be the nurse for my dead relatives.
    5) I wouldn’t fuck him with my dead dog’s dick.

  • planetwingnuttia

    these guys were filmed with greater sophistication than this was:

  • Ok, I thought about this for while, and really, why is this poor, not necessarily hot guy really the problem here? Isn’t this really about the whole premise of “Reality Dudes” and “Czech Hunter” and “Debt Dandy” and all these other verite approaches to dudes getting roped in for some quick cash?

    I agree, the bad these days is really bad, not attractive, not sexy, not even fun. It’s sad, and twisted, and kind of cruel. But I know never said that what I wanted was a bunch of cam sites that walk around staging (I mean, come on, the fakery on top of the rest of this mess…) cash for whoring come-ons to see how much or how little it takes for men off the presumed street to abase themselves. I really never did. You can argue for “quality casting” and better production values… but really, how about just treating the audience like we have minds? and hearts? Don’t just find hotter idiots. Stop treating them like this. And stop treating us like this is what should turn us on.

  • Tex Zilla

    He looks like Mr. Bean.

  • asby

    I think he is kinda hot in a rough trade kinda way ….Anyway ….I would rather see someone new than the same four guys who seem to be releasing a scene every week

  • Rex Huskey

    i think he looks sultry

  • moondoggy

    All-syrup squishee is a hell of a drug.

  • HoratioCaine

    I’d love to know how much thorazine he’s on.