WATCH: Dolph Lambert Fucks A Hands-Free Load Out Of Phillipe Gaudin

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016It was first teased last month, and now the Phillipe Gaudin/Dolph Lambert two-part bareback fuckfest is live on BelAmi. The legendary gay porn stars (who have both since retired from gay porn) cum on each other’s asses and faces multiple times after fucking each other raw in various rooms around the house.

ICYMI last month, the trailer is down below (both full scenes are here), and here are photos from both scenes. In part one, Dolph fucks Phillipe: 018 021 023 024 028Both parts of this scene are good, but I think part one is the best, as Dolph barebacks a hands-free* load out of Phillipe, and his cum goes pouring out through the balcony railing and down onto the floor below:


(*This load is almost hands-free, but Phillipe does give himself one quick stroke to help get the cum flowing.)

Photos from part two, in which Phillipe returns the favor and fucks Dolph:

010 012 022 025Part two ends with both stars cumming on each other’s faces. Here’s the trailer for the two-part scene (watch both scenes here):

[BelAmi: Dolph Lambert And Phillipe Gaudin Flip-Fuck Bareback]