“Strawberry Blond” Donald Trump Arrested For Conspiring To Overturn 2020 Election In Georgia, Mugshot Released

Posted August 24, 2023 by with 33 comments

Trump is under arrest in the Fulton County jail right now, and his booking sheet is above, showing all 13 charges he’s facing for conspiring to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. Charges include the fake elector scheme, the RICO violation, and making false statements. Trump used a bail bondsman to get out of jail tonight, and of the total $200,000 bond, Trump had to put up 10%. Also of note, the height and weight information on his record seems to be self-reported, as it says that Trump weighs only 215 pounds. (It also says he has “strawberry blond” hair, which I have been cackling about for the last six hours.) When he was president, the White House doctor claimed that Trump weighed 242 pounds, and even that was met with skepticism.

Trump’s arraignment in Fulton County is set for next month, and the D.A. has asked for the trial to begin on October 23rd. That date will obviously be moved, given how soon it is.

A mugshot of Trump was taken in the jail, and here it is:

As I predicted yesterday, he’s making a tough guy face with an evil glare to try and indicate that he’s not going to be deterred by this arrest or the charges. And while he was going for “big and brave,” it’s really just creepy and horrifying, the kind of monstrous ghoul you might see in a nightmare.

As much as everyone wants to see him locked up, all the trials (and appeals) are going to take years, and I think we can all agree that it’d be so much easier if he just dropped dead of natural causes at some point over the next year. He lives an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle and is pushing 80 years old, so keep your fingers crossed.


Here’s a CNN panel discussing Trump’s self-reported weight of 215 pounds, with Jake Tapper wondering how he was able to say he had “strawberry blond” hair. Still can’t stop laughing:

Finally, here are the mugshots of several of Trump’s co-defendants in Fulton County, including former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows (bottom row, second from left), who was arrested earlier today:

The camera in the Fulton County jail is clearly old and needs to be replaced (why does everyone look so blurry and greasy? do they just need to wipe the lens?), and they must’ve had an extra light on for the lady in the top row. A photographer spoke to the BBC about why all the mugshots are so ugly:

A key problem is the lighting – a single overhead source, which gives the images a slightly garish sheen and each person’s skin an unhealthy pallor.

“They have this one interrogation-style light, you can see they all have that little highlight on their foreheads,” said Pittsburgh photographer and professor Ray Mantle. “They all don’t look great… they all look tired.”

The grey background didn’t do them any favours either, Olson said. Neither did the watermark.

“It’s a bit egregious…it takes up 40% of the top half of the frame!”