Bloodied Drew Valentino Barebacks Beau Butler In “Ride Or Die” Part 3

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“Ride Or Die”—the first and greatest gay porn series in the history of the world—continues today, and like in previous parts, this episode features more blood, more fighting, more violence, and more fucking. But, unlike in parts one and two (and for the first time in this series), this episode actually doesn’t feature someone being forced to have sex against their will! That’s a nice change of pace, and you might even call this one romantic? Well, as romantic as gay prison sex between bloody convicted felons can be.

The stars are Beau Butler and Drew Valentino (who just got into a scuffle with some other prisoners, hence the blood), and they play prison boyfriends who coincidentally share a cell together.

If you can put up with (or fast forward through) more violence, more of the corrupt prison warden (I hope someone whacks this queen before the final episode, tbh), and more of Trenton Ducati as a bitchy prison guard (he’s not even credited as being a star of “Ride Or Die,” so why does it feel like he’s had more screen time and dialogue than anyone else in the series??), this is the best episode thus far, based purely on the sex between Beau and Drew.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[RagingStallion: Drew Valentino Fucks Beau Butler Bareback]

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