Dylan Cums (Almost) Hands-Free While Being Topped Raw By Corbin Fisher’s Wyatt

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dylw1Yes, I can see Dylan’s hand around the base of his cock and his balls, so this isn’t a totally hands-free cum shot. But, he’s not stroking his cock when he cums in this new Corbin Fisher scene, so I would consider this a partially hands-free (or, perhaps “stroke free”?) cum shot that’s one of his best.

dylw2That’s top Wyatt pumping the cum out of Dylan, and he shoots his load a few seconds later once Dylan is done busting.

I like the new room they’re filming in, as it’s non-descript/generic enough that it doesn’t distract at all from the hot fucking. With this and that other room with the big windows, it seems like Corbin Fisher got a new house? Or, maybe it’s a hotel. Either way, it’s cute, and so are the guys today. More:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Wyatt Fucks Dylan Bareback]

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