Eli Lewis Rides Multiple Big Dicks In CockyBoys Debut

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img_7675There are a few things to really love about the new episode of CockyBoys’ Love Me, Want Me, Rent Me, so I made a list.

1. The CockyBoys’ debut of Eli Lewis, who is perfect for this series considering his busy escorting career.


2. The pairing of Eli Lewis and Bravo Delta. These two have had a very public flirtmance/bromance for a long time, so it’s great to see them finally fucking (on camera). Eli worships Bravo’s cock with his mouth, and then, of course, with his ass.


3. Travis fucking James! It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in gay porn, and this is a welcome return (not to mention his CockyBoys debut, too). He’s got the same huge muscles and the same huge ass dick, which he pounds Eli with in multiple positions.


4. This is a long scene (over 40 minutes) with two separate fuckfests, as Eli obviously rides both Bravo and Travis. Interspersed between the fucking is Eli cooking, Eli at the Hookies, and Eli just being Eli!

img_7631 img_7618

Trailer (watch full scene here—and don’t forget, CockyBoys is currently offering memberships for 50% off):

[CockyBoys: Travis James And Bravo Delta Fuck Eli Lewis]

  • Loki

    Oooh, Travis James rockin’ the “dadbod”…

    (I kid, because I love.)

  • sxg

    Yes Travis James definitely has a ‘dadbod’ but he carries it well. He carries the extra weight much better than Colby Jansen does that’s for sure! Sadly most porn studios don’t agree but glad Cockyboys is giving him a chance!

  • Todd

    Can’t watch Eli without being reminded of his Vines with Leo Sweetwood. Nice to see Eli is getting some bigger gigs. He and Leo should do Youtube videos.

  • James Withers

    Eli’s smile is just too sexy! So is his ass!

  • yeah yeah

    Eli Lewis is HOTTTTTTTT!

  • TK

    Travis fucking Chris Bines at RB is still one of the hottest freaking scenes. He pounds that ass!


  • kkdd1

    This seems HOT but I must admit that I liked Travis better without the added weight

    • sxg

      Well he’s never been a lean model he’s always had a thick body. Despite the amount he’s gained since he first started porn he’s carried the extra weight really well. Some just aren’t so lucky.

  • stephen

    I wonder if it’s too much to hope for the BD/Eli scene without the random cuts and voiceover – as someone who’s followed their twitter flirting THIS isn’t the “scene” I hoped for lol