WATCH: Elian And Kyler Double-Penetrate Noah And Cum All Over His Face

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It’s the best gay porn three-way of the week (the month?) on Corbin Fisher today, as king Elian and prince Kyler double-penetrate blond powerbottom Noah, and the DP is just one of many highlights in this three-way fuckfest.

Elian has fucked Noah multiple times (in fact, he won the Best Topping award at the last Str8Up Awards for his first scene with Noah), and he’s actually already DP’d him with Dane last November. Their familiarity with each other only makes today’s rematch that much more epic. Elian has also fucked Kyler before, too, and it was one of the best CF scenes in recent memory. Now, all three of them together today has resulted in something that is pretty much perfect.

After Elian and Kyler take turns pounding Noah’s hole, it’s time for the DP, and things move a bit slowly at first as the two cocks are getting situated inside Noah. But once Elian and Kyler get pumping, Noah comes alive, and this is great.

eliandp3You’ll definitely want to watch till the very end, when Elian and Kyler shoot simultaneous loads all over Noah’s face and into Noah’s mouth:


As usual, Kyler shoots a ridiculously humongous amount of cum, and Noah is absolutely drenched by the time Elian and Kyler are done busting.


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Elian And Kyler Double-Penetrate Noah Bareback]

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