Eric Rey Makes CockyBoys Debut Spreading His Legs For Gay Porn Star Travis Stevens: The 8 Must-See Moments

Posted July 25, 2023 by with 9 comments

Travis Stevens and his hairstyle of the year are back for another CockyBoys scene, and this is a special one, as it marks the CB debut of popular gay porn star Eric Rey.

While this is non-stop greatness with two relentlessly passionate performances from beginning to end, here are the must-see highlights:

eric112Eric Rey in a jock strap? Easily the hottest f*cking thing you’ll see today.



Also extremely hot:

eric114Travis Stevens showing off his deep-throating skills as worships Eric’s fat cock.

Later, Eric spreads wide open:


OK, Eric Rey’s legs split wide open in mid-air might actually be hotter than the jock strap moment earlier.

eric116Love to watch Travis go from fucking to rimming, no doubt getting a nice taste of his big dick as he eats Eric’s hole.

There’s tons of ass-to-mouth in this scene, with both stars often taking breaks during the fucking to do some sucking:

Eric must’ve loved the taste of his hole on Travis’s cock.

eric117Eric mounts Travis and closes out the scene with an epic riding session, busting his nut all over Travis as he bounces up and down on his cock.

eric118Be sure to watch till the very end, when Travis Stevens pumps out yet another massive cum facial.

eric119One of the most perfect endings to any scene this year. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Travis Stevens Fucks Eric Rey Bareback]