Sean Xavier And Evan Knoxx Are Together At Last In CockyBoys Fuckfest

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Virtually everything these two stars have done separately over the last year has been perfection, and now, we get to see Evan Knoxx and Sean Xavier together. I almost can’t take it.

(OK, I can take it, but the combined hotness is severely overwhelming at times.)


Just seeing Sean Xavier’s cock laid across Evan Knoxx’s back as he leans down to eat his round bubble butt is the hottest thing I’ve seen all year?


Those eyes, my god…


This scene gets intense as Evan struggles—yet eventually succeeds—to take all of Sean. And while Sean is the top, the power dynamic doesn’t always play out like you think it will. Early in the oral, for example, Sean tells Evan, “You’re in control,” while gently feeding him his cock.


With the exception of his scene with Daniel, I think this is Evan’s most incredible work with CockyBoys. Sean, as always, is flawless, and after just two CB scenes now, I can’t wait to see who he fucks the cum out of next. seanxe4 More:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Sean Xavier Fucks Evan Knoxx Bareback]