Exclusive: Fifth Man Comes Forward To Accuse Andrew Christian “Trophy Boy” Topher DiMaggio Of Sexual Assault, As Underwear Company Remains Silent

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DJRO07WVwAALp2qLast month, gay porn star Tegan Zayne came forward with a statement accusing Topher DiMaggio of raping him on the night before they filmed a scene together in 2016. Then, a week later, two more men who are not involved with the porn industry came forward with allegations that Topher DiMaggio had raped them, too, in 2016.

Today, YouTuber Bryan Hawn came forward in an Instinct article to accuse DiMaggio of violently groping him in public during an event at Micky’s night club in West Hollywood, writing, “He came up to me, grabbed me by the legs trying to pick me up and put his hands on my ass. I yelled for him to stop several times in the middle of the club and he persisted. The club went silent as everyone was staring at me. I had to wrestle with all my strength to get him off of me, he was so incredibly aggressive. […] When he finally stopped, he proceeded to call me a pussy, and tell me that I need to learn how to be more of a man.”

Now tonight, a fifth accuser is speaking out exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn, and his story of being assaulted in public by Topher DiMaggio is eerily similar to Bryan Hawn’s story that was published earlier today. This fifth accuser has asked to only be identified by the name “Alex,” and it’s important to note that Alex first told his story to Str8UpGayPorn two days ago, on Saturday, well before Hawn’s story was published today.

Alex is 28 years old and not involved with the adult industry. Below is a transcript of Str8UpGayPorn’s conversation with Alex, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Str8UpGayPorn: When and where did you first meet Topher DiMaggio?
Alex: It was Pride weekend in Seattle, in 2014. Andrew Christian was hosting a show with some Trophy Boys for a main event at Neighbours Nightclub; Topher was one of them. Neighbours is also an after hours from 2 to 4 a.m., and we went there with one of our friends who knew Topher. We met him, and he had this attitude the whole time. He kept saying, “You guys know this party is because of me, right? This is my party. Everyone’s here because of the party I’m throwing.”

I was hanging out in this VIP area to the right of the stage, and it’s raised several feet above the regular dance floor area. I was up there above the stage and chatting with Topher, and my boyfriend was down on the floor right beneath us, where he could see us. So I’m talking to Topher, and he just grabs my ass out of nowhere.

What was your response?
I thought he was joking, so I jokingly turned around and pulled my waistband down a little to be like, yes, that’s my ass. And then, all of a sudden, he flipped me around against the railing, crouched down and pulled my shorts down and started eating my ass.

What did you do? Did you try to stop him, or did you tell him to stop?
Initially, I was stunned. I tried to push back and tell him no, and he reached his left arm up and pinned me down against the railing. I couldn’t really move and wanted him to stop, and my boyfriend had this look of shock on his face. All I could really do was reach back and smack him in the head with my hand. After I did, he bit down on my right butt cheek, hard.

You hit him?
Yes, I hit him hard on the head, and he started to bite down really hard. But he finally undid his mouth, and he moved his arm so I could back up from the railing and get away.

What about your boyfriend? He was still there, right?
My boyfriend was looking up at us from below as Topher shoved me against the rail, but the whole thing lasted less than 30 seconds. At first, when I got down to him and we were leaving, my boyfriend was pissed at me because he thought I welcomed that. But then I told him what happened, that I one hundred percent did not want that and I said “Stop.” I showed him my butt cheek, and it was completely purple with teeth marks.

Have you seen Topher since, or did you have any interaction with him again?
When I got away from him and was leaving, Topher was yelling at me and calling me a pussy over and over again. I never saw him again after that, and I’ve avoided going to Andrew Christian events or to bars in WeHo when I’m there, because I know which bars he usually works at.

Thank you for telling your story, Alex.
Thank you.

Flyer from the Andrew Christian event attended by Topher DiMaggio and Alex in 2014:

rsbSuhVn.jpg large

There are now at least three men (Bryan Hawn, Alex, and the accuser who spoke to Str8UpGayPorn last month) who have allegedly been sexually assaulted by Topher DiMaggio after meeting him at night clubs and events hosted by DiMaggio, and two of those events were sponsored by Andrew Christian. Str8UpGayPorn has asked the underwear company if they have any comment or response to the allegations. Reps for Andrew Christian have not responded to multiple requests for comment from Str8UpGayPorn.

As of post time, Andrew Christian is actively promoting their products using Topher DiMaggio, and he is prominently displayed on the homepage of their website:


Perhaps not coincidentally, Andrew Christian’s Twitter profile was changed earlier this afternoon, just hours after Str8UpGayPorn reached out to them asking if they still intended to use Topher DiMaggio to promote their products.

The Andrew Christian Twitter profile’s header image as it appeared earlier today:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.31.00 PM

And, that same profile as it appears tonight:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.31.06 PM

DiMaggio obviously has dozens of previously released gay porn scenes with multiple gay porn studios, and several agreements with sex toy and fashion companies that were arranged prior to the rape allegations. But since that first rape allegation was made against him on January 20th, no gay porn studio has released any new content or product tied to Topher DiMaggio (and if any studio has unreleased DiMaggio content, they’d be equal parts stupid and sick to release it now—just dump it in the trash).

DiMaggio is, however, receiving strong promotion for a Hawaiian night club appearance—as an Andrew Christian model—coming up this weekend, which is called “Freaky Friday”:

DVOjqh6VwAAnU1X.jpg large

The “Freaky Friday” party is a monthly event in Honolulu, and DiMaggio’s appearance is being actively advertised on social media and the event’s website, despite the fact that he’s been accused of sexually assaulting at least three men at similar events.


Correction: An earlier version of this story stating that three assaults allegedly occurred while DiMaggio had been hosting Andrew Christian-sponsored events has been corrected to read that two assaults allegedly occurred after DiMaggio met accusers at Andrew Christian-sponsored events. The third event (as alleged by Bryan Hawn) was hosted by Topher DiMaggio, but an Andrew Christian rep informs Str8UpGayPorn that this was not an Andrew Christian-sponsored event.

  • Louis Leonardo

    he’s always been trash

    • He’ll never be glamour.

      • McM.


    • 2345

      It’s the way of Topher’s kind

  • PSN_BoughtandSold

    Yep. He does that. Did so to me at DragCon.

  • peter

    Zach, Andrew Christian did jack about Jacob Ford’s overt racism. What makes you think they’re going to behave responsibly with regard to a model who fills out their slut-bulges so well?

    • JP

      Plus, it gets their name out there once again. Win/win.

      • nick

        There is only one thing worse than being talked about…….

    • Hari Kalyan

      Has any queer/porn company EVER done anything about their problematic pitchmen?

      • Jaime Martinez

        Yes, Cockyboys removed Cameron Diggs from their site for his Nazi beliefs and actions. I tend to believe they stop giving these guys work rather than take action most times.

  • McM.

    The underwear company is determining whether these accusations will lead to a drop in sales, and formulating a plan to mitigate fallout should they continue. The response, or lack thereof, isn’t unique since it’s how other businesses would act. I’m not going to fault them for that. Options are being weighed; Topher DiMaggio is a sizable investment.

    Though, if things gain traction and Andrew Christian (individual and inc.) later creates a narrative of being on the right side of things, that’s when he deserves to be called out. It bugs me when a corporate entity suddenly develops a “conscience” when their true motivation is money.

  • Zealot
  • just4funnow

    People should just avoid the guy if he is a jerk. However, he will still be used in gay porn because he is hot, just a fact. As for Andrew C., as long as sales are solid he isn’t going to change models.
    However, I would say to anyone that indicates he was forced to have sex with DiMaggio… go to the police… stop using social media as your outlet.
    Additionally, I do find it hard to believe Bryan H. was so appalled by Topher that he yelled loud enough that club went silent! Sadly, it is hard to believe someone like Bryan who is always so desperate for attention !!!

  • OverKill

    People you have to go to the police. All social media can do is spark awareness of the issue (the suspect can receive fallout and backlash but that can go either way). Nothing can be done if law enforcement isn’t aware. At least they can investigate and see if charges can be brought against that person.

  • harley quinn

    to me it seems like the guy was kinda into it at first but then topher started forcing into him it’s important to remember than rape can happen even after you say “yes” at the begining ,at any giving moment in sex you can say “stop” and the other person SHOULD stop it’s never the victim’s fault .

    • Edward

      Quite ironic considering your comment. No where in this article did “Alex” say he was cool with his ass being bit or fondled by TD. Yet you seem to think he was into it at first. I see you subscribe to the Aziz Ansari school of thinking…WTF

      • McM.

        “So I’m talking to Topher, and he just grabs my ass out of nowhere. [ . . . . ] I thought he was joking, so I jokingly turned around and pulled my waistband down a little to be like, yes, that’s my ass.”

        I believe he’s referencing this.

        Also how Alex’s initial response may or may not have been interpreted isn’t the point of the comment. @disqus_uv9Zxxb95b:disqus is absolutely correct in that consent can be withdrawn at any time and he highlighted the main issue of Alex’s interaction with TD.

        • Edward

          “to me it seems like the guy was kinda into it at first”….

          That was kinda the point of my comment. Whether or not he was into it any point is NOT relevant to the narrative.

          • harley quinn

            the guy sounds ashamed like it was his fault becase he let TD touch his ass is important to know than just because you consent flirt dosen’t mean you’re up for sex

    • Maniacal Zebra

      Actually, there are only a few states where you can withdraw consent and it’s a crime. In North Carolina, it’s not a crime to keep going after consent is withdrawn. All other states, it’s a grey area.

      Ask me how I know.

      • harley quinn

        that really sucks sometimes the guy seems sweet at first but when you both are alone they can turn into literally creeps it’s awful

  • harley quinn

    also see how andrew c*ristian is silent about this? i have a suspicion than he knows more about topher

  • sanfv

    Hello all,

    if Topher, or any one else like him has harmed you at some point in your life, please know that it was:
    1) Not your fault
    2) If you didn’t go to the police, hospital, you aren’t in the wrong, a failure, a drama queen or anything of the sorts
    3) Your pain AND healing are both valid
    4) Loved by someone
    5) That there are resources for you

    This hotline exist for those who are victims, someone will be on the other end ready to talk 1-800-656-4673

    Remember that your voice is strong, the next day, week, and even years later. It’s never to late to say something.

  • The unfortunate reality is that we as consumers have allowed queer companies like this (particularly those that are dependent on visuals, like our underwear and porn industry) to go unchecked for using models who we know are monsters, but who look pretty. AC knows Topher’s still bankable, because we did nothing about Johnny Rapid. We kicked up a fuss about Paul Canon, about Porter, etc. But we obviously didn’t stop watching. AC knows he can ride this out because we are, really fucking unfortunately, generally shallow and apologist enough as a consumer base that not enough of us are going to do anything real about it.

    • peter

      “We kicked up a fuss about Paul Canon, about Porter, etc. But we obviously didn’t stop watching.”

      Speak for yourself!

      • I was speaking collectively. I never watched their stuff anyway, but someone’s obviously still buying it.

        • Mike Julius

          Yeah, I never watched another one of KKKanon’s videos, but he still gets steady work. And even this blog that exposed him still promotes his videos every now and then.

    • nick

      I don’t know, the guy with the nazi tattoos pretty much disappeared of the face of the gay earth

      • Because even we as a consumer base apparently have standards, but the difference between him and the others (apart from them being far more established) is that his awfulness was actually part of the visual. You couldn’t watch his porn and ignore it. Some of us seem to be able to gladly disassociate a porn actor/underwear model’s visual worth from what we know about them as a person.

        • nick

          I think it was more that people thought “yeah, I knew it, you can’t trust these gay-for-pay guys”, but this is a different situation as the accused is gay (an underwear model ffs) and much more attractive (to some) so it’s the eternal gay dilemma of “I know he’s a cunt, but hes sooooo cute”.

      • David Delray

        He is in jail.

        • nick

          that would explain it

          • David Delray

            He was running meth or cocaine i cannot remember it is on here though.

    • hotdickcum

      Just a couple of things:

      Common consumer perhaps only care about the products. They like the underwear. They go to the website and buy it. They don’t really care about the private lives of the models, and some even don’t even know their names. It’s like TV show, if a consumer enjoy watching the show, they don’t really care who is portraying the character (and sometimes don’t even know the real name), they will continue to watch the show. Same as goes with porn, then don’t really give a damn, if the dude on screen is a rapist, a drug addict, or homophobic, as long as the consumer enjoys the entertainment.

      Having said that, consumer is not the bigger problem. The problem is the company and their ethics.

      If a company has ethics, they would have expelled their unethical employee. Just like how Netflix cancelled House of Cards.

      • I completely agree that it’s on the company to have ethics, but a company like this obviously determines its ethics by what they can get away with. I’m not agreeing with the principle of that, but that’s business. These industries know that there’s a very real chance they’re not going to lose money from their consumer base by keeping silent, keeping Topher on the books and riding it out, a. because too many of us are able to disassociate the model from the human and have proven that time and again, and b. because people aren’t as willing to publicly call out porn-dependent industries on, say, their personal Twitter accounts as they would be if this was Hollywood, so the story doesn’t reach anywhere near as many people or cause as much outcry.

    • Ninja0980

      From Sebastian Young to Paul Canon and so many others, we allowed people who are racists/homophobes or abusers etc. to take over gay porn.
      And we will continue to do so because as long as a person is hot on the outside, we don’t care how ugly they are inside.

  • YandyDandy

    I would be surprised if Andrew Christian wasn’t sweating and looking over his shoulder right now.

    • harley quinn

      i doubt it lol he probably is gonna relase a tacky video and people are still gonna buy his crappy underwear

  • Scrapple


    Topher needs to have his shit fucked all the way up. Bryan is a big guy, so I wish it had been him. Then he could’ve written a song about it. People like Topher only let up when you fuck with their person, their freedom or their money. Until one or all of those things happen he’s going to keep doing what he has been doing. If anything this only strengthens his resolve, because in his mind it proves he is untouchable because there are no repercussions. A sexually aggressive person with that mentality performing in porn is a disaster waiting to happen.

    And fuck Andrew Christian for not responding quicker, if at all. In other lines of work employees are put on the sideline while allegations such as this are investigated. Doesn’t appear they’ve done either of those things. You’re an underwear company and the “face” of your brand is accused of sexually assaulting multiple people. That’s not a good look.

  • René

    Topher has never been convicted, charged, or even investigated for any of the allegations, so Andrew Christian doesn’t need to make a statement. They should just cut ties with him moving forward. No need to erase him from their site unless action against Topher is taken beyond the Twittersphere. But not wise to use him moving forward, either.

    • Hereweare

      We’re living in the “guilty by accusation” era. However, when they start to stack up…….
      But you are right. Until a conviction……

    • Mike Julius

      Yup. People said the same thing about Cosby, but what kind of moron leader at Jell-o would still allow him to hawk pudding on TV or the website? Topher does need to be scrubbed.

  • peter

    All around good-guy Mickey Knox is now and AC ‘Ambassador’, but I think his duties are limited to wearing AC undies in his scenes. I somehow don’t see him dancing on bars, gyrating his pelvis.

  • Rob36

    ‘and then I pulled down my pants and presented my ass to him…’ Such a devastating ordeal for this young man. I do hope he can come back from this, and have a great life.

    • Scott

      Yeah, that line sounded pretty hot to me. Just sayin’


    Even if the victims do not call the police on their attackers or harassers, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t. After all that’s been printed about the now 5 allegations, even str8upgayporn could call anonymously and give them information. A crime has still been committed. There should at least be a police investigation.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Waiting for a porn/gay company to drop its problematic trash star who is the face of the product…yeah call me when that ever happens lol.

  • Donkeyteefus

    Grabbing butts at gay bars? Who fucking cares

    • Pinko of the Grange

      It is the public striping, tossing of salad, and battery that is at issue here.

      • nick

        We don’t call it rimming anymore now ?

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Just skipped over “rimming” to the even more euphemistic “Tossing of Salad”.

          • nick

            it does sound a lot nicer, the thought of rimming a complete stranger, in public, is pretty gross.

  • Xzamilloh

    I’m not about to sign on to him being a rapist without concrete evidence or a police report, but clearly there is a pattern of aggressive behavior and a narcissistic sense of entitlement on his part. That’s the commonality with all of these accounts.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of any of these accusations because they are terrible, but didn’t this specific scenario play off kind of like a gay porn to anyone? Getting eaten out over a railing with the boyfriend watching from below? No? Just me? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/61df9c31b41740910ab1d9ddd55fccee5efd8003c3d02bd1038bfc64d6057897.gif Beyond it being slightly hot, it’s still totally inappropriate and a total asshole thing to do to someone. If I consumed any of his products or porn, I would do my part by boycotting.

  • hotdickcum

    I was wondering if he have attacked a co-porn worker, a youtuber, and three non-public figures… what are the chances that he have attacked a co-Andrew Christian worker like Pablo Hernandez. Unless of course, AC (and his co-workers) tolerated his sexual misconducts. There is something seriously wrong with this guy. Clearly he likes this kind of power/domination over another dude and he is ashamed of whether he do it in public or private.

    • paultacoma51

      I don’t get the loyalty of AC. Sure, he’s been with them a minute, but it can’t be based on his personality, which I can’t imagine anyone liking.

      • hotdickcum

        Who knows AC himself is into this kind of thing and feed on DiMaggio’s fantasy.

  • paultacoma51

    I really don’t get what people see in Topher. I’ve never been a fan. His arrogant/insecure vibe was too strong to attract me in the slightest. Plus, he needs to get his teeth fixed. I’m also wondering if he’s on steroids which could only enhance all his negatives. But these allegations have serial rapist written all over them.

    • 2345

      He’ll get his comeuppance. Sorry to be so hateful, but there’s something disgusting about this “person.”

  • wdeee

    Won’t be supporting ANY gay porn companies that continue to hire Topher nor will I ever shop from Andrew Christian (thank God I never have). The fact that practically NONE of the industry has addressed this is so disheartening and they should all be ashamed. Male sexual violence is never given the proper attention. Topher can choke.

  • Resurgent05

    There’s a commonality in these accusations in that the victims don’t fight him off tooth and nail. There’s some halfhearted pleas to stop in the beginning and then bargaining acquiescence, but that’s it. I wonder if their reaction would be the same if it was some fat, sweaty, bald guy forcing himself on them. My personal guess is that they would not go so quietly.

    • Maximus

      The “They know they wanted it!” defense to sexual assault—how classy. The ability to control who has access to one’s own body does not depend upon one’s willingness or ability to engage in a brawl. Saying “No” is all that’s required.

      • Resurgent05

        So if someone grabbing your ass is unwanted then shouldn’t you walk away? If it’s unwanted then why turn around and lower your underwear? Why egg it on? Besides that your absolutely right, saying “No” should be enough. However, just because something should be a certain way doesn’t mean it is. So when “No” is not enough do you give up? Do you resign yourself to your fate? HELL NO. You get mean, you get nasty. Self-defense isn’t always clean or civil.

        • Maximus

          And thereby potentially incite even more severe violence against yourself? Sometimes compliance is a means of survival, not a sign of “wanting it.” Other times, people panic and freeze-up. Victims who don’t physically resist aren’t lesser than victims who do physically resist. Who the fuck are you to tell somebody how to behave when they’re being sexually assaulted? If consent was not initially given or was at some point revoked, any collateral conduct on the part of the victim before, during, or after the assault is completely irrelevant to the offender’s culpability. If you don’t have consent, then you don’t get to touch; it’s that fucking simple.

          • Resurgent05

            Just because you say the victims conduct is irrelevant doesn’t mean that it is. If you think for one second that “Alex’s” actions would be off limits for questioning if this were to go to trial, I’m afraid you’d be sorely disappointed.

  • Maximus
  • RBLover

    Why did he pull down his pants and present his ass to Topher? Did Topher get out of line for being too rough? Absolutely. Did Topher get out of line for misreading the mixed signal? Absolutely not. Had he not been rough and had lightly smacked the ass as a playful joke, would that still constitute “rape” or “assault”? Are we redefining what “assault” is? Please read the fascinating article from the Times about how Aziz Ansari was guilty of not being a mind reader. The girl objected to the aggressive way he put his fingers into her mouth…then proceeded to continue the night’s sexual activity which included her giving him head! Now she gives an interview about him “assaulting” her. Were those two fingers an example of “assault”?? Before the holier-than-thous come raining down to scold me for victim-blaming, I beg everyone to put the brakes on this hysteria and think specifically about how we are moving forward with our definitions and expectations of sex and sexual activity. The “victim” in question undoubtedly feels harmed…I give him that. But what does he or the supporters here want to be different about the way the scenario played out? After the point that he pulled his pants down and presented it to Topher, then what happens….??? Topher says, “Thank you, that is a very fine ass”? Is everyone in agreement about this??? I’m not necessarily on Team Topher, I would just like to see us get away from this easy, mind-made-up echo chamber we’re falling into.

    • Zachary Sire

      You might want to re-read the interview, if you even read it, as you are ignoring or are ignorant of key details in Alex’s story. For one, Alex clearly says he told Topher to stop. And two, Alex also says that he literally had to hit Topher in the head so he would let go of him and get away from him.

    • JP

      “I tried to push back and tell him no, and he reached his left arm up and pinned me down against the railing. I couldn’t really move and wanted him to stop?

      I agree and someone needs to tell me how you hold someone against their will with just one arm while eating their ass out. That’s Cirque du Soleil amazing.

  • Ricky

    Topher needs to be stopped. And tested for every STD.

  • David Siegel

    It sounds like someone has got to file a sexual assault case with the police. If any of these stories is real, then he has to be locked up. He’s a sexual predator, rapist and a criminal, if these allegations are true. He’ll keep doing it, as long as he feels that he’s entitled to just “take” what he wants, since he’s a “star”. He’s probably done it to many others.