Exclusive: Here Are The GayVN Nominations For The GayVN Fan Awards

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Dti4YzuUcAAtvHjThe upcoming GayVN Awards will be held on January 21st, 2019 at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, and Str8UpGayPorn has your first look at all of the nominees for the GayVN fan-voted categories. Winners in these 11 categories will be determined solely by online fan voting, and you can vote for up to five performers in every category, once per day. Voting starts tonight and runs all the way through the day of the show, January 21st, at 12pm.

There are a ton of nominees here—with a few odd choices (Dante Colle for Hottest Newcomer? Bruno Bernal for Social Media Star? Beaux Banks for Best Twink?)—but most of them are well deserved, and it’s nice to see so many great guys recognized. Here is the complete list of nominees for the GayVN Fan Awards:

Favorite Body
Ace Era
Arad Winwin
Austin Wolf
Carter Dane
Damien Stone
Sean Cody’s Deacon
DeAngelo Jackson
Devin Franco
Ethan Slade
Jason Vario
Johnny V
Liam Cyber
Markie More
Max Konnor
Michael Roman
Nils Tatum
Pheonix Fellington
Ridder Rivera
Roman Todd
Sean Duran
Seth Santoro
Skyy Knox
Taylor Reign
William Seed

Favorite Butt
Alam Wernik
Armond Rizzo
Beaux Banks
Brandon Wilde
Casey Everett
Chino Blacc
Chris Loan
Colton Grey
Danny Gunn
DeAngelo Jackson
Diego Sans
Francois Sagat
Gabriel Cross
Hoyt Kogan
Jacen Zhu
Jay Landford
Kurtis Wolfe
Lance Hart
Levi Karter
Logan Cross
Luke Adams
Sean Zevran
Tyler Hill
Zander Cole

Favorite Cock
Austin Wilde
Boomer Banks
Calvin Banks
Champ Robinson
Corbin Colby
Cory Kane
Dalton Briggs
Dylan James
Helmut Huxley
Jack Harrer
Jack Hunter
JJ Knight
Josh Moore
Justin Brody
Max Konnor
Michael DelRay
Noah Donovan
Osiris Blade
Pierce Paris
Ray Diesel
Sean Cody’s Randy
Timarrie Baker
Woody Fox

Hottest Newcomer
Alam Wernik
Angel Rivera
Sean Cody’s Asher
Axel Kane
Cade Maddox
Casey Jacks
Dante Colle
Drake Masters
Greyson Lane
Julian Bell
Kirk Gauguin
Krave Melanin
Leo Luckett
Max Adonis
Mateo Fernandez
Mateo Vice
Miller Axton
Nick Fitt
Remy Cruze
Corbin Fisher’s Sawyer
Sean Maygers
Sven Basquiat
Taylor Coleman
Timarrie Baker

Social Media Star
Allen King
Armond Rizzo
Austin Wolf
Billy Santoro
Boomer Banks
Brent Corrigan
Bruno Bernal
Casey Everett
Chi Chi LaRue
Davey Wavey
Devin Franco
Diego Sans
Dominic Pacifico
Francois Sagat
Johnny Rapid
Kevin Warhol
Levi Karter
Max Carter
mr. Pam
Ricky Roman
Rocco Steele
Tomas Brand
Trenton Ducati
Wesley Woods

Favorite Bear
Alessio Romero
Atlas Grant
Brad Kalvo
Bruno Bernal
Colby Jansen
Daddy Will
Damon Andros
Daymin Voss
Drake Masters
Eddy Ceetee
Fernando del Rio
Jesse Jackman
MuscleBearPorn’s Liam
Liam Knox
Louis Ricaute
Luke Harrington
Mickey Carpathio
Riley Mitchel
Ryan Bones
Teddy Torres

Favorite Daddy
Adam Ramzi
Adam Russo
Brendan Patrick
Bruce Beckham
Colby Keller
Dallas Steele
Dirk Caber
Dominic Pacifico
Hans Berlin
Jesse Jackman
Kristofer Weston
Max Sargent
Manuel Skye
Nick Capra
Ray Diesel
Rocco Steele
Sean Duran
Trenton Ducati
Vic Rocco
Viktor Rom

Favorite Twink
Beaux Banks
Ben Masters
Celian Meyer
Cole Claire
Dylan Hayes
Enzo Lemercier
Gabriel Lambert
Grayson Lange
Joey Mills
Justin Saradon
Kyle Ross
Landon Vega
Liam Riley
Marcell Tykes
Nicholas Romero
Paul Delay
Sean Ford
Taylor Coleman
Trevor Harris
Xavier Sibley

Favorite Membership Site

Favorite Niche Site

Favorite Cam Guy
Aamir Desire
Cameron Dalile
Chad Zachary
Danny Drexler
Doryann Marguet
Ethan Joy
Jake Orion
Jason Crush
Kenneth Wade
Kevin Warhol
Liam Efron
Matt Kayd
Nick Soul
Paul Cassidy
Paul Delay
Princeton Price
Theo Oaks
Ronnie Lopez
Thyle Knoxx
Xavier Sibley

Vote here on the GayVN Awards site for your favorites, up until January 21st.

And ICYMI, the other batch of GayVN nominees (including nominees in the categories of Best Feature, Performer Of The Year, etc.) came out yesterday, and those winners will be determined by a panel of industry professionals. Those nominees are all here, and it was great to see that Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment were completely shut out, receiving zero nominations. Like the Str8UpGayPorn Awards, the GayVN Awards have sent a message to the industry that Michael Lucas’ harassment and abuse of performers is not acceptable, and it certainly won’t be awarded.

  • King

    Hmm, damn. The Favorite Cock category? Like there are like five nominees who deserve to win! But I was surprised to see Steve Rickz snubbed for Best Cam Guy.

    • MM

      Ricks is a pretty boring cam model

      • Hari Kalyan

        aww i like his cam shows, he’s very endearing and i love his stories while shows off his superb ass

  • Steven

    Sorry, but any Favorite Butt category that doesn’t include Will Braun is automatically invalid.

  • e jerry powell

    Favorite Daddy? What age bracket are we talking about here? Only a few of those guys are near my age or older, and far too many are ten years younger than me, if not more.

  • Ed Woody

    More than 20 nominees per category is just nonsense. Narrow it down to five, and then you know that everyone on that list actually deserves to be there. As it is, it’s a wall of text that just overwhelms.

    • McM.

      Way too long; didn’t bother to read it. I only know who was nominated for a category from the comments here.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      LOL! I just realized – it all makes sense now. at “certain other places” Men has been dropping ad dollars like a bunch of drunken sailors for the past few months. LMMFAO, it has all been an AVN campaign. Fucking whores.

  • Silver64

    Glad to see that Champ Robinson, Krave Melanin, Mack Daddy and Chino Blac being nominated. All Black studios tend to get passed by when it comes to Award season, so I’m happy that DawgPoundUSA and RawRods made it in the list at least.

    Love me some Chino….

    Totally Crave me some Krave…

    And I love me some Champ Robinson too… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb5dbd59fe5052efdc9ac672ef23207e8c93d7dd3c0c542781e0b0564b9400d8.jpg

  • No_No_No_Yes

    HOW is Diego Sans in the favorite butt category at all when it’s a no fly zone?! Paddy O’Brian not in the favorite butt category – or ANY category?! Dante Colle NEWCOMER? Arad Winwin favorite body?! Johnny Rapid social media star?!?! LOL!! Since when does being the subject of more IRE than Trump classify you as a “Media Star” ?!! Are these bitches drunk?

    This is an OUTRAGE.

    • e jerry powell

      Paddy has at least one nomination in the non-fan voting, because he’s up for Supporting Actor in a fairly stacked category.

      Best Supporting Actor
      Bruce Beckham, The Slutty Professor
      Sean Duran, Trapped
      Colby Keller, Twink Peaks: A Gay XXX Parody
      Skyy Knox, Zack & Jack Make a Porno
      Sean Maygers, Vice
      Sergeant Miles, The Graduation
      Padd O’Brian, Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody
      Brendan Patrick, Boys of Summer
      Adam Ramzi, All Saints: Chapter 1
      Taylor Reign, Love Lost & Found
      Ricky Roman, All Saints: Chapter 1
      Johnny Ryder, Bounty Hunters
      Max Sargent, Daddy Issues 2
      Johnny V, Paris Perfect
      Jason Vario, Three Wishes

      The awards are a little high in the nomination count all around. It seems like a lot of participation trophies, really. If AMPAS can go through an entire year of feature length films and cut things down to a top five, why can’t the porn industry? Particularly considering the number of industry voters who are more likely than Motion Picture Academy voters to have seen the majority of the eligible material.

  • Tempest

    Alright, I’m going to say something really strong here which may cause a lot of heat. If we have to be completely honest to ourselves and to those who watch all of this, almost none of these guys/studios really deserve an award at the end of the day.

    I can’t speak for the straight side, but I’m sure they also have to deal with some kind of fuck-ups from time to time (and even in that case I’d consider not giving any award), but as far as our house is concerned, I don’t think anyone deserves anything. A participation medal maybe is more right because these guys (at least some of them) really work hard and do their best in order to entertain us, but said best is VERY inconsistent. It’s very often than not hit or miss, many of these dudes shouldn’t even be on that list due to their questionable behavior and it’s really insulting our intelligence. Even some studios shouldn’t even be there, how many times have we complained about SC’s atrocious production value? Why is MEN on this list considering every fuck up they insist on presenting us?

    So almost none of these guys deserve an award because you’re implying that nothing happened these past 12 months and it’s simply not true, the ones who REALLY deserve an award are just a couple of people.

  • PaulieP

    i am not signing up to get a free account for AV so i can vote. the old voting was fine.. good luck

  • MM

    I love Thyle Knoxx, his cam shows are so hot, glad he got a nomination

  • Sebastian S

    Complaining about award show nominees can be as pointless as trying to kill a fly with a dollar bill. That said, I’m surprised to see Sawyer nominated at CF, but not Elian or Max.

  • B.C.

    Almost everyone who works in gay porn industry gets mentioned? That is just pointless. Pick no more than 7 nominees per category.

  • Drew Kingston

    No offence to the lovely models and all the very good sites but how much does it cost in sponsoring to be in the nominees list and get an award? 👿

  • Xzamilloh

    Wow, I’m exhausted from just reading the list of nominees.

    Beaux Banks is a twink?

    Colby Keller is a daddy?

    DeAngelo Jackson in a Favorite Butt category having never bottomed? I feel like that bottoming should be a requirement to be in that category.

    Austin Wilde NOT in Favorite Body? Homophobic and possible hate crime.

    Also, legit forget Jake Orion existed. That man is head to toe gorgeousness, but my god is he stupid.

    • Tempest

      This is why I’m already questioning the authenticity this show, many of these guys are in the wrong category or shouldn’t even be there at all.

    • Hari Kalyan

      lol i was arguing this not long ago: yes Beaux IS a twink

      • Xzamilloh

        You’re arguing this solo because I don’t care.

        • Hari Kalyan

          oh i didnt mean i was arguing with YOU specifically, just a statement…so you can carry on, sir

  • No_No_No_Yes

    Personally given the absolute cluster fuck they are presenting as a nomination list – I am boycotting this mess. Seriously, the idea Men would be up for ONE award let alone multiples flys in the face of reality. Then add Diego Sans in the “Best Butt” category when the man hasn’t bottomed in a decade? What kind of fuckery is this? To say nothing of the outlandish laundry list per category.

    AVN can suck it.

    • Tempest

      My dude, GayHoopla is on that list as well. It’s as if they perfectly know how shitty this industry is and so they too treat it as such because there’s no self respect.

      Fuck this tbf.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Whew Chile! These nominations are a mess. Too many models, most are forgettable and lackluster. The shadefest and drama has already begun on Twitter, with nominated models and those who didn’t get nominated.

  • Hari Kalyan

    I mean considering the volume of work that comes out each year i think the size of these nominee lists is justified

  • ViktorTausk

    Everyone is on these lists! A true triumph of democracy and love!