Exclusive: Matthew Rush Claims Self-Defense In Domestic Violence Case

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rushdLast week, Str8UpGayPorn broke the news that gay porn legend Matthew Rush had been arrested on a domestic violence charge at his home in Florida. Today, Broward County has released the booking and arrest report of the incident, and it’s presented below.

As the arresting officer writes, Rush (Greg Grove) was being physically pushed out of the house by his ex-boyfriend, which led to Rush striking his ex in the mouth. The officer—and even the ex-boyfriend himself—notes that the ex-boyfriend was pushing Rush “several times,” which could be interpreted as a form of violence itself. The ex-boyfriend was not arrested following the incident. According to the report, Rush first said that he punched his ex-boyfriend in self-defense, but then he claimed that the ex “ran into his forearm” during the scuffle.

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Matthew Rush has been released from the Broward County jail and is now awaiting pretrial. He’s been ordered to not have any contact with the victim.


  • sxg

    Well it doesn’t sound like this mess is anything like with Ryan Rose where he beat his ex to a bloody pulp, or with Spencer Reed and Philip Aubrey where knives were brought to the fight so I’ll give Greg the benefit of the doubt on this one. But running into his fist? That is such a battered wives line lol

    • sxg

      Also, Matt was being pushed out of his own home, or was it a home they both shared at the time? That just kind of makes no sense if they were living separately and he was being pushed out of his own home.

      • McM.

        Grove was being pushed out of the home he shared with the ex. “Their residence” and “the residence” is used in the booking report, and it goes on to stating Amaral and Grove broke up but continued to reside together.

        I gather the initial breakup wasn’t explosive and the two decided to live together until one found other arrangements. If both of their names are on the property, then options for one to forcibly evict the other are limited.

    • Luca

      it does seem like a muscled discussion between partners

    • WhimsyCotton

      Maybe his fist has a gravitational pull?

  • Alias74PornReviews
  • V1

    BravoTV should hire some of these guys and turn it into a “reality” show…

  • Dale Bergman

    Matthew Rush needs to take responsibility for his violent act. He can’t even keep his stories straight. His ex “ran into his forearm”?


  • Maximus

    It is not uncommon for intimate partner violence to be bidirectional. Logic dictates that Grove was charged based on a disparity in the physical injuries sustained by the two men. However, this is the Florida legal system, so logic is not really applicable. We can only speculate as to what actually occurred at the scene and why Grove is the one being prosecuted.

    The lesson to be learned here is this: Never go to Florida.


  • Zealot
    • adamb

      Absolute pure gold, i love DOOL & Bold……what can i say i love my soaps.

  • The facts about LGBT partner abuse/domestic violence are often hidden by numerous myths and misconceptions. Common myths and misconceptions include the belief that women are not violent, that men are not commonly victims, that LGBT domestic violence is mutual, and that there are no significant differences between heterosexual domestic violence and same-gender domestic violence. However, people who are lesbian, gay and bisexual have an equal or higher prevalence of experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual violence and stalking as compared to heterosexuals.

    44% of percent of lesbian women and 61% of bisexual women – compared to 35% of heterosexual women – experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.


  • Michael Regan

    So despite what the initial report stated, Greg was retaliating, not initiating this. A domestic row over something and his ex wasn’t innocent in this himself. This is a lot better, though still terrible for Greg to go through this crap. Hope he manages to escape jail time and can move on it. I don’t yet believe Greg would willingly strike someone without provocation.

  • Jace

    What’s the bet the ex is, or was, a porn star or go-go boy. Rush has dated Rob Romoni (who took his on-screen cherry and has a host of issues himself), lunatic Jake Genesis (who ended up writing anti-porn screeds after finding Jesus again) and some other muscled up lummox who Rush forced into the business at the end of his career at Falcon.

    • sxg

      What issues does Rob Romoni have? And who was the boyfriend he pushed into porn?

      • Zachary Sire

        Other than being mentally ill and having the reading and writing skills of Helen Keller on acid?

        • sxg

          I have not heard any specific drama about him at all lol except of course today with him plagiarizing you. So yea, the whole mentally ill thing not sure the back story on it.

        • Scrapple
        • HoratioCaine

          now, now. although I could not/can not stand him rob romani hosted chacha lapapew’s live and raw shows for a while and could both type and use coherent English.

      • Jer

        Ethan Kage. Definite butterface but the body was on point.

  • Matthias M.

    This is sad either way and I’m not making light of it, but his head… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c4aa263252f4825f8c8309c63417b5827ceceaf920eeb147012d9548b50321c.jpg

  • Scrapple

    The old “ran into my forearm” excuse. That’s right up there with “She/He fell down the steps.” The classics never get old.

  • Jordy

    9 months of dating and already moved in? Gurl.

  • Ricky

    Well I do wish Matthew/Greg the best. I hope he can get his life together and even if he does not go back to porn – which needs more men his age – most importantly – I hope he MOVES OUT OF FLORIDA ASAP.

  • n24rc

    Resentment doesn’t go away even if exes are attempting cohabitation while looking for future options: employment, housing, partners, etc.

    It was bound to happen.

    Also, Greg tends to have a history with bad dating decisions. Stick with therapy, Greg.

  • Why bother?!? Or why is this even news?!? W/o arresting the ex, this screams reasonable doubt. The police report states the ex’s actions could be seen as a form of violence and that helps to back up his claims of self defense. Whether we 110% believe that (or not) is another matter, but it clearly opens the reasonable doubt door.

  • HoratioCaine

    rush is violent. he beat the crap out of his one his former bf’s, rob romani, in an elevator years ago.

    • Michael Regan

      And what trash online tabloid did you get that one from?