Exclusive: Newcomer Romeo Antonio Rides Rhyheim Shabazz Raw In Extended Video Clip

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It’s time to meet another newcomer on Rhyheim Shabazz’s OnlyFans, and the stunning hunk gracing our screens (and riding Rhyheim’s cock) today is named Romeo Antonio. Str8Up has an exclusive and extended video clip of Rhyheim and Romeo down below, but first, here’s the duo out hiking after filming their XXX video:

Back at the studio, Romeo rode Rhyheim in multiple positions, and his rock hard bubble butt dripped with lube, sweat, and pre-cum while bouncing up and down, giving us this heavenly visual:


Also, I’m not sure if this sex position has a name (or if it’s even technically a “sex position,” since it’s just Rhyheim bending over to feed Romeo his cock), but thank you to cameraman EyeFilmz for capturing this insanely hot moment featuring both their asses so perfectly:

rhyrom2 Here’s the extended clip of Rhyheim Shabazz topping Romeo Antonio (be sure to watch the full video here on Rhyheim’s OF, which concludes with a cum shower for Romeo):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz Fucks Romeo Antonio Bareback]

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