Exclusive: Jarec Wentworth Has Published An Amazon Wish List, And He Has A Message For His Fans

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As Str8Up previously reported last month, gay porn star Jarec Wentworth was released from prison (ICYMI: the complete timeline of Jarec Wentworth’s 2015 extortion trial and conviction) and transferred to a halfway house in southern California, where he’s spending his last few months of incarceration. Wentworth’s final release date from the halfway house (at which point all of his time will have been served) is April 3rd, which is now just 63 days away.

Str8UpGayPorn spoke with Wentworth over the phone this week as he’s now allowed to communicate with the outside world while living at the halfway house, and while our off-the-record conversation was brief (I do of course plan to conduct an actual interview with him after April 3rd), Wentworth was extremely friendly, in good spirits, and obviously very hopeful about his future now that his incarceration is finally coming to an end.

I was able to verify two things during the call: One, the Twitter account recently launched in Wentworth’s name is legitimate, and it’s being operated by a friend of Wentworth’s until April 3rd, at which time Wentworth will then take over the account. And two, an Amazon Wish List recently published in Wentworth’s legal name is also legitimate. Str8UpGayPorn can confirm that Wentworth himself set up the Wish List, so anything purchased from the list will ship directly to Wentworth at the halfway house.

The Amazon list contains a variety of items (everything from spiritual books to a bicycle, which you can see above), most of which will go toward helping Wentworth get back on his feet. When he’s released, he’ll not only need to find permanent housing and employment, but he’ll also need many of the basic, everyday necessities we might take for granted (clothing, toiletries, transportation, etc.). View the entire list here.

Wentworth told Str8Up that he’d thankful to receive any of the items on the list, telling me, “Anything that anyone can help with would be appreciated so much, and I would be so grateful. Thank you.”

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I’ll undoubtedly have more to report come April, but until then, don’t forget to follow the Twitter account and browse Jarec Wentworth’s Amazon list here.

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