Falcon’s Urban Spokes Does Not Feature A Single Model Of Color

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urban11Falcon Studios (or any gay porn studio) is not known for featuring diverse casts, so while another Falcon movie with all white men is not exactly a surprise, the decision to name this movie Urban Spokes and still not feature a single model of color is…ironic? This all-white Urban cast features Griffin Barrows, Connor Patricks, Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, Rod Peterson, JJ Knight, and Trenton Ducati riding their bicycles around San Francisco, a city comprised of over 51% non-white residents. Maybe they all take the bus.


Falcon’s first three Spokes movies (all of which also featured 100% white men) were titled Spokes, Spokes II, and Spokes III, so Falcon could’ve easily just called this sequel Spokes IV and gotten away with yet another all-white movie without calling any special attention to themselves. (Again, all-white movies in gay porn are the norm.) But, they deliberately chose to use the word “urban,” and then they filmed seven white men on-location in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America. A city that, apparently, no one at Falcon Studios is interested in understanding or representing on film.

86704_03Note that putting a Latino, black, or Asian model in this movie (or any movie) is not about meeting some racial diversity quota or token inclusion, it’s simply about actually living in the real world. It’s 2017, you’re in San Francisco, and you named your movie about white men Urban Spokes? Seek help.

[Falcon: Urban Spokes]

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