Presented Without Comment: Here Is This Week’s “Family Dick” Update

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Here is the scene description for this week’s update:

Dads can have a hard time seeing their little boys grow up and head off into the world. Especially when those boys have proven to be world class cocksuckers. This handsome daddy first learned of his son’s special talent when he caught him being the hot mouth on the other end of a gloryhole. Now, they’re closer than ever!

britneynoKeeping their secret hasn’t been easy though. Now that he’s starting college, their alone time is much less frequent. When dad goes to visit him, he’s introduced to the son’s dorm roommate. When the roommate heads out, that leaves just father and son alone at last. And fuck, is it hot! Nothing better than seeing a hot man suck the knob of his pride and joy.

barfThe two enjoy their secret sex until the roommate unexpectedly comes back! The son is scared to death with his rock hard cock deep down daddy’s throat, but the old man has seen the way the roommate was eyeing him earlier. Lucky for us there was a camera rolling to catch what happens!

natisha2This sexy daddy takes charge and gives these two horny boys a proper freshman orientation! He guides them as they fuck each other before he tries out the roommate’s tight ass for himself.

On the bright side, at least the kids are being presented as college students, and are therefore over 18. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Family Dick: “My Dad’s A Pervert”]

  • Donald Horn

    The bottom is hot and can take a dick.

    • GN

      The sex is indeed hot, but the context is off putting. That scenario could have been executed without inserting intimations that teens are being raped by their fathers. Unnecessary, irresponsible, and tacky. Healthy daddy-boy dynamics are about piquing one’s sexual appetites, not twisting them into literal interpretations of incest and abuse. Gay men can have perfectly hot daddy-son sexual fantasies that don’t rely on troping the predatory vices we are routinely persecuted for and accused of. Stay out of your nephew’s bedroom, whether it’s a porn set or not…

    • Who what where when how…

      Yes, he’s adorable and not bad at the acting either!

      • Marcus Collack

        Apparently all the better to drive home the incest huh?

  • Satch87
  • TK

    The gif sets I see on tumblr that add the text are repulsive. The one where the nephew is whored out by the uncle and then the uncle comes back and rapes him is disturbing. I can’t believe that there isn’t more outrage about this site.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Right, It’s like someone said “hmmm how can we make this site as repulsive as possible. Oh i know, strong underage overtones, rape imagery, and a heavy dose of incest”. I honestly think this site will be shut down. I get ill just seeing ads for it

  • erexshawn
  • Xzamilloh

    This is one of those scenes that would be absolutely hot with NO context provided. Like, at all. Just gay hardcore fucking with no storyline, rhyme or reason, the way our almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ intended. Let the church say “amen”

  • danny

    I don’t look at these fathers/sons, stepfather/stepson as anything but a young guy/older man scene. Anyone who takes these videos and the setups and storyline seriously, is an idiot.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      It is the step too. Even Lolita had a moral.

      • peter

        Yeah, Lo’s a metaphor for an effete old-world intellectual’s seduction by post-war America. Nabokov was teaching at Wellesley when he wrote it. About a third of the way through you realize that ‘hot little Haze’ is actually doing the seducing.

        Family Dick needs to introduce a Quilty as a rival for step-dad’s attention. That could be Colby Keller’s role.

        I still think this site would be the perfect vehicle for a Brad Chase comeback

        • Pinko of the Grange

          That is one interpretation.

    • Well said. Porn is fantasy not reality.

    • Kevin Jones

      I strongly agree withthis comment.

  • White Canary

    Where can I request that Str8Up won’t put footage of someone self-fisting on the front page? I got genuinely nauseous at seeing it.

  • Marcus Collack
    Serious question: Who is this for, and what’s with the weird faux VHS tracking?

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Someone that is old enough to recognize the weird faux VHS tracking is my guess.

  • moondoggy

    I didn’t even notice Dante at first. Now that I see him, I also have no comment …