FamilyDick Is Under Cyberattack, And The Hacker Is Redirecting Traffic To Fauxcest Competitor NextDoorTaboo

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FamilyDick has experienced their fair share of drama both in their fantasy incest scenes and in real life—as you’ll recall, the studio’s former owner, Legrand Wolf, left the company over a year ago (and subsequently started his own fauxcest studio, “Gaycest”) after rumors of a major falling out with his real-life sister, who ran the studio with him—but nothing compares to what the studio is dealing with now.

Late Friday night, FamilyDick and many of its partner studios (all of which are under the umbrella of megasite network “SayUncle,” which is owned by parent company Charged Media) came under cyberattack, with hackers taking control of the company’s domains and redirecting them to other websites. Here was the first email I received from SayUncle, notifying members of the hack:

Dear Members:

Late night on Friday, we were the target of a cyber-attack that has taken control of several of our website domains and these domains now are being redirected to other websites. Our team is working diligently to regain control of our domains.

In the meantime, please use to login to our members area and access your content. This has been the new members area website for some time, but we are including a link here in case people are used to clicking the members area login links on our websites.

All members area functionality and content is working normally when accessed through There will be no delay in upcoming content.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause while we work to restore our domain names. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

SayUncle Team!

Immediately after receiving that email, another email came through from SayUncle, and this one was for affiliates (i.e., media outlets and bloggers who promote and report on SayUncle/FamilyDick content):

Dear Affiliates;

As of 11:30 pm; We have been the target of a cyber-attack that has taken control of several of our website domains and these domains now are being redirected to other websites, not under our control. Our team is working diligently to resolve these issues.

In the meantime, please remove any and all links to any of our paysites ASAP.

We apologize for any issues that this has caused and plan to make good for all this terrible situation.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you

SayUncle Team!

The instructions above to remove all links to all the SayUncle paysites is obviously not feasible for anyone who’s covered their content over the years (it would mean going back into every FamilyDick/YoungPerps/BrotherCrush/MormonBoyz article ever published and deleting every single link and image in every single article). That said, everyone should obviously avoid clicking on any link to any of those sites until the situation is resolved.

Speaking of that, when will the situation be resolved? And who is responsible for the hacking? As of post time, the SayUncle sites have now been hacked for nearly 16 hours, but it’s unclear why the company’s hosting company, GoDaddy, has been unable to return the domains. An affiliate rep named Peter from parent company Charged Media emailed me this morning to notify me of the hack, and when I replied to him with some questions, here was the email response I received:

So, despite Peter being able to send me an email, he’s apparently not able to receive emails, based on the “address not found” response and the notice that Charged Media can’t be found.

With regard to where FamilyDick and some of the other SayUncle sites—including YoungPerps and ChargedCash, which is the affiliate site where Str8Up and other media outlets go to receive promo content and monitor traffic—are being redirected, the hackers have chosen to redirect FamilyDick traffic to one of its competitors, NextDoorTaboo, which is the recently launched fauxcest site from NextDoorStudios. (Note: I don’t think NextDoor is responsible for the hack, as no one would be dumb enough to hack a competitor and redirect the traffic to their own site.) YoungPerps traffic, meanwhile, is being redirected to a competitor site called “GuysInLockUp.” And ChargedCash, FamilyDick’s affiliate site, is being redirected to BuddyProfits, which is the affiliate site for NextDoor.

Long story short, this is crazy, and it’s not clear what, if anything, the hackers are attempting to gain, other than obviously disrupting SayUncle/FamilyDick’s business. Significant cyberattacks like this are a felony, punishable by prison time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Here’s a screen recording I took showing the redirects away from FamilyDick and YoungPerps. Watch what happens as I type each site name, beginning with FamilyDick, into the address bar at the top of the page:

This is, obviously, a developing story…