FIGHT! The Sword Vs. Mike South Vs. Treasure Island Media

Posted June 13, 2014 by with 15 comments

sword mike cumToday in gay porn blog wars, The Sword’s blogger is mad at straight porn blogger Mike South for running an op-ed from one of his readers, which was written in response to that Treasure Island Media movie with the infamous jar of HIV-positive cum, Viral Loads.

The op-ed, written by someone named “Michael Payne,” seems more appropriate for World Net Daily or Family Research Council or the Westboro Baptist Church’s website, but Mike South loves getting clicks, so he posted it yesterday as a “guest editorial.” Snippet:

More than 200 men, most of them HIV positive, engage in unprotected gay sex on film, exchange bodily fluids and transmit HIV in front of the rolling camera. If this incident does not disturb you, then stop reading this article and go do something else, but if it does disturb you, then consider this: What these men are doing is a hazardous and outrageous exercise of the 21st century gay revolution. They not only see themselves entitled to the right to knowingly and willingly expose and inflict one another with HIV and spread the disease, but also they want to have the right to get married, adopt children, expose the children to HIV and encourage them to spread the disease from one generation to the next, and on top of all that, they want you and I to accept and respect them for who they are and what they do, and they have legions of attorneys, lobbyists, organizations, unions and watchdog groups that obsessively and compulsively control, manipulate and censor the media using Nazi Gestapo methods and make sure that no private comment and vague reference won’t go unnoticed and unpunished.


The Sword’s blogger wasn’t happy with Mike South for running this op-ed, and he responded to the response to Viral Loads yesterday:

[A] homophobic asshole named Michael Payne who Mike South refers to just as a “company owner” takes this is as a cue to denigrate all gay people, because obviously the pervs who do scenes for Treasure Island Media represent us all. And South, for his part, distances himself only by saying, “I always welcome well written viewpoints even if they differ from mine.”


Thank you, Mike South for giving this ignorant shitbag a platform, and for expressing views of gay people and ideas about HIV that belong in 1986, not 2014. This a buddy of yours? This your idea of “well written”?

Fuck you.

So, The Sword’s blogger is very mad at Mike South and very offended by this anti-gay op-ed, but when it comes to the people who made the horrific movie that encourages spreading diseases among gay men (something that could be considered much more harmful and much more anti-gay than some random blog post), the most he can do is call them “pervs”? K.

Yes, arguing that inseminating someone with 200 HIV-positive loads in a (fake) porn movie = all gays wants to give HIV to children is quite a leap in logic. No rational person believes that. But, something as ridiculous and obscene as Viral Loads deserves a response that’s just as ridiculous and obscene. And as long as the psychos at Treasure Island Media exist, the right wing lunatics have every justification to write crazy things about them. If a bunch of sick fucks want to out-troll each other, more power to them.


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