WATCH: Here’s The Full Hardcore Trailer For NakedSword’s Upcoming Feature, Five Brothers

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fie4Five Brothers, NakedSword’s first big production of 2019, starts next week, and the mr. Pam-directed feature stars JJ Knight, Alam Wernik, Sean Duran, and more. Movie description via NakedSword:

The family that plays together…stays together, and this family plays rough and dirty. Brothers Sean Duran and Blake Ryder duke it out to see who gets first dibs on captive Alam Wernik’s tight pink hole. A drunken Nic Sahara stumbles on Woody Fox, and takes him home for some really rough sex. Jay Dymel takes one last raw ride on JJ Knight’s huge cock before he’s released from jail. Drug dealer Trevor Northman comes up short, and Aaron Savvy collects in cock and ass. Matriarch Danni Daniels reveals her family secret to Senator Matt Wingman, and the results are deadly. It may be a life of crime, car chases, drugs deals and corruption, but it’s all in the family. Buckle up and get ready for Five Brothers: Family Values.

NakedSword is advertising Five Brothers as a “two-part feature,” but there are five different episodes set for release in the coming weeks (scene one: Sean Duran/Alam Wernik; scene two: Woody Fox/Nic Sahara; scene three: JJ Knight/Jay Dymel; scene four: Aaron Savvy/Trevor Northman; scene five: Danni Daniels/Matt Wellington). Maybe “two-part feature” means there’s a second Five Brothers movie coming later this year, with five more episodes?

Also, NakedSword is advertising Woody Fox’s scene as “Woody’s first bottoming scene,” which is incorrect, as Fox has bottomed multiple times since he started doing porn in 2012.

5spot2Woody Fox—who retired in 2014, un-retired in 2018, and then re-retired this month—will be fucked by Nic Sahara in Five Brothers, but the highlight from this movie (for me) looks like it’ll be JJ Knight’s bareback scene (there’s a mix of condom and bareback scenes in the movie), featuring another one of JJ Knight’s giant cum shots:


Here’s the full hardcore trailer for Five Brothers (watch the full first scene here on Wednesday):

[NakedSword: Five Brothers]


  • B.C.

    Is this porn version of Animal Kingdom? JJ’s scene definitely looks promising, his prison mate is very pretty. And hopefully, Woody won’t be waiting another 4 years to un-retire.

    • Eclipse

      What I would give to watch the actor who plays J flip with the one who plays Deran…

    • Scrapple

      Danni wishes she was Ellen Barkin.

      • B.C.

        Don’t we all…

    • D.P. Welles

      Yes, the inspiration came from Animal Kingdom, and I also took some cues from the UK series Bodyguard that’s on Netflix. The first part introduces the characters and the family relationship and ends setting up a crisis that the family will have to come together to solve in part two.

      • B.C.

        Great! I love porn with storyline. Alas, some actors involved creep me out.

  • sxg
  • Devin

    I like Jay Dymel, but I’m not looking forward to seeing his overly pumped beer can cock. Kind of reminds me of a Banana slug. I see Danni Daniels is making an appearance in the video. I hope she got a lot of tokens….I mean cash for her performance. Sorry, I just remember watching her on Chaturbate one time and all I kept hearing was her saying “Tokens Tokens Tokens, do you have Tokens, tip me Tokens”. Like all I remember is her begging for Tokens. No shade.

    • Svenne

      So it is pumped? I noticed that when I see his dick I don’t really see it. If that makes sense. Like I don’t get it. On his only fans the camera never stays on his dick very long. I was just confused. He definitely doesn’t have to pump it, it’s already above average I bet and he has a beautiful foreskin. He’s also a very attractive guy.

      • Devin

        He’s injecting some foreign material, probably saline

        • c_find

          Saline is only temporary. It’s probably silicone

          • Devin

            Whatever it is doesn’t look good!

      • C3xxx

        Have look at the Adam Awbride/Dymel Only fan vid. He tries to shove it into Awbride’s ass but it collapses unto itself. Sorry to say but he’s fucked it up horrendously.

        • magenta5

          Between the pumping, the hypospadias, and the platinum blonde hair… It’s all just very confusing.

          • C3xxx

            Tragic as he’s a good looking guy.

        • Svenne

          I guess I’d rather have my tiny dick than have no dick from injections gone wrong.

  • Scrapple

    AJ/Aaron is a Falcon Exclusive now? I missed that memo.

    Nic got to fuck Woody Fox on camera. I think he knows what an honor that is.

    I guess Danni is the Heather Locklear of this production. Sorry, Blake. No “special guest star” credit for you. You get a boxcover mention and that’s it. It’s more than you deserve anyway.

    I hope Jay bought the extended warranty for that penis.

  • D.P. Welles

    Hey as the writer of the film I can answer some questions. Part one has 5 scenes and part two will have 4. It’s an EPIC story and I can’t wait to see how mr.Pam and all these hot guys brought the script to life!