Freshmen Update: Charlie Musk Jackhammers Jamie Eliot, Jim Durden Rams Ennio Leone Raw, And Meet Brandon Salieri

Posted April 23, 2024 by with 5 comments

This week on Freshmen, we get to meet a model making his gay porn debut, plus there are two new bareback duos featuring a mix of veterans and newcomers.

First up, here’s that drop dead gorgeous newcomer, Brandon Salieri. He has a photo gallery for now, with fucking videos coming soon. Is he a top or a bottom? I’m thinking (hoping?) top.

[Freshmen: Brandon Salieri]

For sex scene #1, check out relentless sex machine Jim Durden fucking the cum out of Ennio Leone in Ennio’s hardcore debut:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Jim Durden Fucks Ennio Leone Bareback]

Finally, for sex scene #2, newer star Charlie Musk is proving himself to be a reliable jackhammer top, and his lucky powerbottom this time is fan favorite Jamie Eliot:

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Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Charlie Musk Fucks Jamie Eliot Bareback]

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