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tumblr_n9v9gv8ODr1s7twfho1_500ICYMI from last week, here are eight more reasons as to why people have completely lost their fucking minds over Gay Hoopla’s Aiden Miller:

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Don’t forget, Aiden Miller’s duo scene (and his “first time” having gay sex) with Jason Keys is now live.

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[GayHoopla: Aiden Miller Fucks Jason Keys]


  • Hudsonman

    objectify[uh b-jek-tuh-fahy] :verb (used with object), objectified, objectifying.
    to present as an object, especially of sight, touch, or other physical sense; make objective; externalize. See also; Aiden Miller’s COCK.

  • Hi Presley

    He needs more tan I think

  • DeanD

    With his body and heterosexuality why didn’t he just go into straight porn? Is the money that good in gay porn?

    • n24rc

      You are right. The money isn’t good anymore, you can make just as much in Straight porn. I think that he doesn’t want to have some skank partner though…which is understandable. Some of the girls are escorts and it is common to catch hep and other sti’s without the use of condoms. So I think he is better off beating the monster cock on some gay site so that some hetero-fetishist can marvel.

      • Henry Guinn

        You both clearly have no connection to the porn industry because the pay is nowhere near the same for guys in gay porn and straight porn. The only guys in straight porn who make anywhere near what the top tier gay porn sites pay are a handful of well known stars like James Deen, etc. On average top tier mainstream gay porn pays anywhere from 5 to 10 times as much per scene as the equivalent level straight porn even now with the surplus of gay sites. Don’t go around spouting nonsense. You embarrass yourself when you rant about stuff you clearly know nothing about.

        • JJ24

          Clearly neither do you, because yes at one point gay porn paid 5 to 10 times more but not now. Now gay porn barely pays more and that goes for the big name stars, look at Zeb he used to make 7 grand and up per scene not he gets 2. You embarrass your self and your community with your willingness to believe men who fuck men or get fucked by men are 100% straight.

          • n24rc

            You all are filling in details – re-read my post. I said the industry isn’t good ANYMORE. Someone can make a few hundred a scene, or for a select few scenes, a thousand – and this is if you are contracted to a studio(and if they routinely hire you). It is not the thousands it was a decade ago. Models get more money for non-competition, and that is it. Cam shows are now being replaced to make up some of the loss from torrent and tube sites.

            I think you all need to take a chill pill.

          • Henry Guinn

            I specifically referred to mainstream top tier sites and bspecifically mean SC, CF, CM, Randy Blue. One step down from these is SC still pays the best and contrary to your assertions they pay more than $1000 just for the initial solo plus air fare and lodging while in San Diego. The scene rate escalates up to a top rate of about $5000 per scene give or take depending on the model’s popularity, what is being done, etc. I am not talking about the secondary sites that you are obviously referring to. They do not all pay the same which you seem to be implying. The SC rate compares favorably with the top rate that Bel Ami pays. You seem to be lumping all studios together and assuming they pay the same rate. Not so. Though rates at the top sites have changed some they still pay well for the top talent. Be more specific if you are trying to make a point.

          • JJ24

            Actual SC has stated that they now only pay $1000 for a solo scene, so perhaps you should get with the times and know current pay/facts before spouting off.

          • n24rc

            If you are a model working those areas or sites (it clearly depends on popularity, of course) your rates are higher because they sign non-compete clauses. You sign a contract with the sites, and they renew at the end if you prove worthy. Amateurs get the few hundred, for solo.

            If you aren’t being picked for more scenes, it is because you are not bankable or reach a threshold for the number of scenes within the site. Some models don’t work for months at a time because they don’t want over-produce content from a guy. So the thousands you are referring to, are usually for some infrequently used guys. The contract models get paid less, but have more scenes. This is true anywhere in porn – in straight porn, where women dominate.

            Randy Blue, has started cam shows as a source of income for the site – so you clearly aren’t aware of what you are saying. Some SC CF and CM models (straight/gay)cam on outside sites – now why would they need to if those studios if gay porn rates are high? It is because the studios aren’t making as much profit and cannot retain talent longer/or pay more.

            They aren’t forking over cash for just having gay sex, like some would suggest. The motivations for someone to be in porn can’t simply be about cash. There are other underlying reasons that money wouldn’t just simply justify alone. For which I stated, above.

            Henry, you have some weird rage issues.

          • Henry Guinn

            I find it fascinating that those of you so convinced that no straight guy would ever do gay porn never mention that virtually all gay porn performers, gay porn directors, and gay porn production staff say that g4p exists and has always been an important part of gay porn. This also matches my own personal experience being on the periphery of the gay porn scene during the ’90s and early 2000’s. But for people like you who need to believe something for agenda or politically correct purposes, facts simply don’t matter. It is clear no amount of factual evidence will convince you otherwise. Sad. And if you interpret my writing as evidence of rage issues, then you’re even further out of touch with reality than I thought. You really should ask yourself why it is so important for you despite all the evidence to the contrary that no “100% straight man” would ever have gay sex. There is some really deep homophobia there.

          • Mr. Copper

            All the of sources of your “evidence” have a vested interest in gay-for-pay. It’s like taking the word of cigarette companies that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Of COURSE performers, directors, production staff all say that g4p exists. Duh. If not only because they are making money off it but also because they are the ones who are into the fantasy the most.

            I have a TON of personal experience with gay porn, models, porn stars, escorts, etc. My experience is opposite of yours. One-on-one these men will articulate their sexuality beyond the confines of “straight.” Nearly every single one of them knows they aren’t completely straight and will admit as much in private conversation.

            No 100% straight man would have gay sex because the act of having gay sex itself means that he’s not 100% straight. How that logic and linguistics is too hard for you to comprehend is funny. What’s not funny is the fact that you try to call people who don’t believe your delusion homophobes.

            You know what’s homophobic? Men who have sex with other men for the entire world to see and yet still cling on to their straight identity because they don’t want to be seen as anything less than straight. That is what’s homophobic. Wearing straightness like it’s some badge of honor so they can reap the social and economic rewards of heterosexuality is homophobic.

            You know what else is homophobic? Bending over backwards to feed into the ego of a “straight” man so that he will feel comfortable enough to have gay sex so that you can get your rocks off from watching a “straight” man have gay sex. Now THAT is some deep homophobia.

          • Henry Guinn

            Wow! You have just uncovered one of the greatest conspiracies of all time! I admit it, we have all been covering up the truth that you have just stated! LOL You can’t be serious. Now I understand that I was simply wasting my time. Why didn’t you say from the beginning that facts have nothing to do with what you want or need to believe. Also, let me give you a simple lesson in freshman philosophy/logic. Making an unprovable assertion “100% straight men do not have gay sex under any circumstances” to prove your point “therefore there are no straight men in gay porn” does not fly. You are simply stuck in circular reasoning that doesn’t prove anything. That is where facts make the difference, something you simply refuse to accept. I’m not wasting any more time or energy with people like you. Live in your pretend world. I’ll live in the real world that is muddy sometimes and everything is not black and white. G4P is real and always has been. I don’t necessarily like it but it is there. I think you’re just upset that you find some straight men attractive and resent them for it – a kind of heterophobia. I’m done. By the way Disqus sucks.

          • Mr. Copper

            Again, you did not present any “facts.” You presented the opinions and statements of others as “facts.”

            You seem to have a very difficult time understanding logic and language. Saying that straight men do not willingly choose to have sex with other men isn’t an “unprovable assertion” any more than saying that the letter A is the letter A and the letter B is the letter B; therefore, the letter A can never take the place of the letter B.

            Straight men, by definition, do not have sex with other men. (The letter A is not the letter B). Therefore, straight men are not having gay sex in gay porn. (The letter A can never take the place of the letter B).

            If you disagree with the definition of “straight” that is up to you, but you should try and understand that nearly everyone in the world disagrees with you. The commonly held definition of “straight” is a man who doesn’t willingly have sex with other men for any reason. You are more than welcome to research this yourself (outside of the world of “gay-for-pay porn”) and see how many people believe that straight men willingly choose to have sex with other men. If you are truly looking for facts but still refuse to accept the very definition of the word “straight,” you should start by asking everyday people if straight men have gay sex.

            Oh yeah…and now in your world, if we don’t buy into the contradiction of straight men having gay sex, then we are heterophobic. First we are homophobic for not buying into the delusion, now we are heterophobic as well.

            So unless we all change our definition of the word “straight” to align with your uncommon worldview, we are all wrong and hate gays and straights. Nearly the entire population of the world is wrong except for you and anyone involved in the production of gay-for-pay porn.

            Yep. And everyone is wrong about the link between smoking and cancer except for anyone involved in the tobacco industry and their lawyers.


          • n24rc

            “Guys can make anywhere from $200 for a quick blowjob to $1,500 for a fuck scene,” said Mr Pam, describing how much a gay porn model could make if they were casted. “Some studios claim to have paid $3,000 for a solo scene but I don’t believe that. Most are $500 to $1,000 for a scene. It used to be $2,500 to $3,500 per scene when I first started, but now there are so many online sites and studios that rates have dropped. It really varies.” – See more at:

            Dude, take your zoloft. I’ve stopped reading some of your excessive rants.

          • Colorful Kent

            The homophobia is in favoring straight guys over gays.

          • Henry Guinn

            You really are fixated about this 100% straight thing. I guess I’m not 100% gay because I’ve had sexual contact with a woman. This is just silly and if you understood how disconnected from reality such an idea is you’d realize how ignorant you sound. What difference does it make? If a guy only has gay sex for money and is straight in his personal life, he is straight unless you can read his mind and have other direct information to the contrary. Also, the fact that Zeb “only” makes $2000 per scene now down from $7000 only proves my point. He is just not as popular as he once was (which I never understood – he looks like a Popeye cartoon to me, not sexually attractive at all) but now even at the lower end of the scale he still makes decent money.

          • JJ24

            I’m not fixated, how much contact etc? Most likely no your are not 100% gay more like a 5 on the kinnsey scale where as these “straight men” are a 1 or 2. No pure kinnsey 0 has sex with men period.

            His popularity has nothing to do with it and does not prove your point, he himself has said that the entire industry does not pay 5 times as much anymore.

            You go head and keep believing in the fantasy that these men are 100% straight and desperate for the money.

          • Mr. Copper

            How do you know they are only having gay sex for money? You’d have to read their mind to know either way. Since they are having sex on camera for the entire world to see, it’s more logical to assume he isn’t straight. Since they are more marketable if they claim to be straight, it’s also more logical not to take them at their word.

            You literally have to go out of your way to believe these guys are straight. Either that or you are so gullible that it’s just plain sad.

        • Colorful Kent

          In most every other profession, straight men dominate and get paid more except fashion and beauty. Look at sports for example. So if they have to be second fiddle to women and gay men for once, they can learn to live with it. Why are they so entitled?

        • robirob

          But here’s the thing: Like in mainstream acting where there are hundreds of thousands of aspiring actors trying their best to climb their way up to A-List status where actors get several millions of dollars for their acting gigs, why don’t all of these hetero guys try their luck in straight porn and climb their way up to be on the male straight porn A-List?

          Why do so many people buy lottery tickets when only a couple of them win something (and even fewer of them win big)?

          I get that in straight porn the main focus are the women, but like in the action movie genre I could see the angle of straight viewers identifying with guys in straight porn and even become fans of male porn stars in straight porn.

    • GN

      The “I did it for the money” pretense only works from strung-out teen runaways who haven’t showered/eaten in days. All of these men, on some level, wanted to have sex with men. I wouldnt go as far as to call them gay or even bi, but still.

  • Mr. Copper

    The sex scene between Aiden and Jason is atrocious.

    I’ve never seen such horrible gay porn.

    • Colorful Kent

      The worst porn. But great marketing!

  • Mihcael Davies

    I love the quotation marks around “first time” We all know that’s a damn lie

  • frubino

    With normal is boring.