Here’s A Russian Straight Guy Jacking Off While Telling You To “Get The Fuck Out”

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Well, this is certainly one way to lure in new fans…?

Gay Hoopla’s latest masturbating straight guy is a donkey-dicked douche bag named Jake Pavlov, and if you thought some gay-for-payers were entitled and delusional jerks before, just wait until you see the last part of Jake’s preview video below.


Here’s Jake Pavlov stroking his big cock while speaking Russian, cumming onto a glass coffee table, and telling us all that we just witnessed some “top quality shit.” Then, he seals it with a kiss by telling us to “get the fuck out” (apparently, Jakey Poo doesn’t understand that he’s being recorded on video and we aren’t actually in the same room as him) and “fuck you.” Uhhh, thanks?

Full video here. The sad thing is, the meaner he gets, the more I love him :-(

[GayHoopla: Jake Pavlov]


  • James Withers

    “The sad thing is, the meaner he gets, the more I love him”

    As long as you don’t invite him over, or pay one of his bills, you’re OK.

  • Iain Gardener

    He’s obviously bisexual, if you buy him something he’ll be sexual

    • Henry Guinn

      Obviously bisexual? Really?

      • Iain Gardener

        I was actually being sarcastic!

        • Henry Guinn

          As was I. Sorry it didn’t come across that way. One problem he does seem to have is maintaining a good erection. Look at the preview closely and note how much of the time even when he is stroking it he is hardly fully rigid. His dick is not so big that he might have erection problems. Limp dicks do not great porn stars make. He is nice to look at though.

          • Iain Gardener

            Sorry about that, I watched the scene and whilst he is pretty to look at the jacking was boring and the douchebaggery a major turn off. I really hope he doesn’t make a return appearance on GH

          • BLACKjackHAMMER

            I believe the douchebaggery act is nothing more than a act is GH way of marketing this kid as a STR8 boy hard ass type which apparently a lot of people like

          • Iain Gardener

            I suspect you may be right, it certainly seems to be working for Zach lol. For me, I’ve met more then a few douchy frat types to be attracted to them!

          • BlogZilla

            The douchebaggery is why viewers like him

  • Alan Keddie



    I bet 4 a couple of dollars more this kid would talk even tougher while a dick even bigger than his plows in and out of his tight russian ass !!!

  • Erik

    He has a divine body and a good face. Hope to see him in full contact action :)

  • CMn702

    Nyet!…go back to Russia and jack off for Putin,

  • BlogZilla

    No he’s saying, “Get over here and suck this dick, faggot.” I say, “Okay, I’m there.”