Now There’s A GayHoopla Model Wearing A Mask To Hide His Face

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Well, at least it’s something new?

Instead of blurring out or pixelating the new model’s face, GayHoopla has decided to mix things up by having him wear a mask. Kinda sexy, and yet, kinda creepy.


Eyes Wide Shut who?

esHe doesn’t wear the mask in the whole scene, thankfully, and you can catch a glimpse of a portion of his face here:

masked3gayhoopla-masked-man-7 gayhoopla-masked-man-12As usual, this faceless/nameless model can be seen by members once logged in to GayHoopla. But, based on the tattoos, most of you can probably easily identify him as Gunner Forbes. Gunner has performed on GayHoopla’s straight site, HotGuysFuck, where he is indeed a hot guy, and he is in fact fucking:

hotguysfuck-gunner-forbes-jordyn-proctor-6Trailer for Gunner’s solo (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Masked Man Jerks Off]


  • Huron

    I really don’t know what is with this faceless thing. Yes these men have fantastic body’s. Is the subscriptions for GH increasing because they can’t see the faces and horny men are running to buy them to see the faces?

  • Scrapple

    Who was that masked man? Nobody important.

    Perhaps that mask was used as an homage to those “Mistaken Identity” Halloween scenes CF did years ago. Or maybe the premiere of Scream season 3 caused the local Party City to run out of Ghostface masks. They should totally go the Eyes Wide Shut route for all of these solos. It plays into GH’s mantra for gay sex: Closed eyes, full holes, can’t lose.

  • GossipBoy

    The masked man looks like a demon from that show… Charmed!
    He even has the triquetra symbol!
    The power of three will set us free!

  • Alexi DuPont

    It works for me. It (sometimes) builds anticipation. I know a lot of folks couldn’t give a fuck about a dude’s face, but I kind of dig it. I like the tease. I’m all about face and facial expressions, so it catches my attention and, ultimately, that’s the point.

  • B.C.

    Just when I thought GH couldn’t possibly get any worse. It’s ok to see his face when he is fucking women, but on a “gay” side of business he is the mistery man?! And yet they have customers willing to eat this shit.

    • James Johnson III

      It’s that last sentence that gets me. I’m not surprised that GH is actually doing this, I am a shop that anybody would actually want or pay for that. I guess HL Mencken was right when he said “No one ever went broke under estimating the Good Taste of the American public”.

  • Iain Gardener

    Ah so that’s what happened to Ironman after Endgame

  • CamCam

    And y’all actually like and PAY for this shit? Are Y’ALL for real? Hell to the no man! Paying to NOT see someone’s face is all kinds of wrong and some bullshit right there lolol. Y’all are better than me with that one 😂😂😂😂

    • Eh? You are paying to see his face. “Non paying customer” dont see his face. Are you confused or what.

  • Kanaka

    Isn’t there a masked man porn site already??

    • MXD

      Yes, and I’m pretty sure that they stopped using masks after a while.

    • Austin

      Maskurbate. And many of the models still wear masks in their most recent updates, though not all.

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    New for Gay Hoopla maybe, but there was the Masked Skier and, oh, 90% of porn in the 1940s.

  • PeaceDeadC

    GayHoopla is total trash.

  • Aspiring_daddy

    This studio is so fucking ridiculous. Like, MAGA-level stupid.

  • Montgomery Clift

    They are now investing only in the straight porn. Why don’t they also hide the face of the same model when he is fucking a woman? GH should stop trying to deceive the public.

  • grrr-_-argh

    maskurbate should sue! /s

  • magenta5

    I wonder what Saint Paul would say about him pulling that girl’s hair while he fucks her.

  • Mulk

    I used to have a LOT of animosity toward G@yhoopla and Landon the owner but recently had some convos with ex models of theirs who shed some light on the fact that Landon is actually very, very, very short (5’4-5’5 ish) and goes to great lengths to hide that fact and suddenly a lot of things about him and the way he runs things made sense. I always considered him a total douche and had no sympathy for him whatsoever but after learning more about him and hearing both guys on totally separate occasions refer to Landon as “that fucking midget”, it changed my perspective on things for some reason and now I just feel pity for the whole situation and for Landon. At the end of the day, he’s just a sad, sad little guy (excuse the pun).

  • Marcus Collack

    Someone performed a spell that backfired…
    I call upon the Ancient Powers,
    to mask us now and in future hours.
    Hide us well and thoroughly,
    but not from those we call family.

  • Tony Caleb

    Totally not a fan of hidden faces.