Battle Of The Bottoms: Sebastian Hook Vs. Brenner Bolton Vs. Bastian Hart

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gayhoopla-jarod-spear-sebastian-hook-17Does anyone else think “Captain Hook” whenever they see the name Sebastian Hook? Maybe it’s just me.

Speaking of Gay Hoopla’s mega hunk Sebastian Hook, he’s one of three hungry bottoms being pounded by a big cock today, and here’s a preview of his scene. The lucky top is flawless muscle jock Jarod Spear.

gayhoopla-jarod-spear-sebastian-hook-00gayhoopla-jarod-spear-sebastian-hook-000gayhoopla-jarod-spear-sebastian-hook-11Trailer (watch full video here):

[GayHoopla: Jarod Spear Fucks Sebastian Hook]

Next, insatiable bottom Brenner Bolton is appearing on Raging Stallion. And this time, he’s impaling himself on Derek Atlas’ cock.

56413_10 56413_13

Fun fact: While Brenner looks good (and also like a young Conner Habib?) in the above photos, he’s about 10 million times sexier in person. Maybe it’s his slutty personality?

Trailer (watch full video here):

[Raging Stallion: Derek Atlas Fucks Brenner Bolton]

Last but not least, it’s smoldering, pouty-lipped powerbottom Bastian Hart riding the biggest cock of all, Kody Knight’s. Bastian’s been very open about how much he loved shooting this scene, and it’s clear in the clip below that the ridiculously horny and cherubic twunk enjoyed every second (and every inch) of it.

Kody-Bangs-Bastion-017 Kody-Bangs-Bastion-019 Kody-Bangs-Bastion-023

Trailer (watch full video here):

[Helix Studios: Kody Knight Fucks Bastian Hart]

  • Brandon

    Bastian Hart’s ass is the eight wonder of the world. Just amazing.

  • andrew

    Derek Atlas did a great job rimming and plowing the wonderful plump butt of Brenner Bolton. What red blooded gay top could resist that beautiful ass?

  • sxg

    haven’t seen the GayHoopla scene yet but I predict the fucking will be as dull as most of their scenes. 2 twinks that scream bottom bitches going at it doesn’t interest me.

    So I’ll give this to Brenner and Derek! I saw the scene earlier tonight and yes Derek gives Brenner a good pounding! Derek also does an amazing job at eating his ass as well. And loved the big sloppy kisses they were giving to each other at the beginning! I only wish that Brenner ate out Derek’s hairy hole!

  • Alan Keddie

    It’s not a battle it’s a war. But I couldn’t care less about the outcome. None of the above combatants do anything for me.

  • McM.

    Didn’t watch the Helix release. But btwn the RS and GH updates, Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton won this one.
    GayHoopla still needs to work on editing and production (camera work and lighting), though the action was pretty good.

    Now the RS scene was just awesome! Great foreplay and liked the way the guys interacted and couldn’t get enough of each other.