Battle Of The Gay Porn Newcomers: Twink Vs. Jock Vs. Bad Boy

Posted December 2, 2014 by with 10 comments

gay porn newcomersThree newcomers have joined the gay porn industry today, and each one of them is seriously fucking hot. Which one will you jerk off to, and which one will be back for a duo scene? Sample them all below.

1. Randy Blue’s Billy Taylor
This all-American 18-year-old has the face and upper body of an angelic twink, but the dick and lower body of a grown-ass man. Check out Billy Taylor’s beer can-thick cock, huge low-hanging balls, and hairy ass:

IMG_1557 IMG_1587 IMG_1608 randy blue billy randy blue billy 2Clip (watch full scene here):

[Randy Blue: Billy Taylor]


2. Maskurbate’s Jayden
This ripped muscle stud has a rugged, bad boy look. Plus, he has a long dick, a perfect body, and a stunning face. Also? He fucks a box. And: I love the end when he pours all that cum out of the Fleshjack.

55147_03 55147_04 55147_05 mask155147_13Clip (watch full scene here):

[Maskurbate: Jayden]


3. GayHoopla’s Sebastian Hook
More proof that GayHoopla has the hottest men of any gay porn studio. And, they’ve already convinced this jock to come back and get fucked in his insanely perfect bubble butt, so get ready.

gayhoopla-sebastian-hook-18 sebastian 1 sebastian 3 sebastian 2Clip (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Sebastian Hook]


  • James Withers

    There’s no justice if in his next scene Billy Taylor isn’t giving it to Justin Owen.

    • Hudsonman

      My thoughts exactly!

  • sxg

    A face of an angelic twink??? Definitely not. Facewise he looks very mature (not old) and he probably doesn’t get carded very often. It’s still a pretty handsome face, and reminds me of the classic all-American look that was popular among pornstars in the 90s.

  • Alan Keddie

    None of the above?

    • pje821

      I agree with Alan.

    • Alias74



    it is a tossup between Billy & Sebastian would L-O-V-E 2 FUCK them both !!!

  • Hudsonman

    Billy Taylor reminds me of that Alice Cooper song, “I’m Eighteen, ‘Cause I’m a boy and I’m a man” I would say with a good agent and/or handling this boy ne man has a good 10 years ahead of him.

  • Mihcael Davies

    The Sebastian guy is hot to me

  • Erik

    Sebastian is the hottest! It said on Gayhoopla that he is interested in doing a lot more filming. Sounds great to me. Handsome with a very fit body.