Here’s GayHoopla’s First Scene Made By “Gay Men” From A “New Production Firm”—Can You Tell The Difference?

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gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-2Last month, GayHoopla revealed that they hired a new production firm to shoot their content, and here’s what they tweeted to announce the “new direction”:

Dn4TtnqV4AEgzK8Str8UpGayPorn asked GayHoopla who the new producers are, but GayHoopla did not respond. All studio owner Landon would say (as seen below) is that the new producers are “gay men” with “decades of experience” and “serious skills.” But, unfortunately, these “gay men” don’t appear to have names:


Gay Men? Making gay porn? For a studio called GayHoopla?


The first new scene from the “Gay Men” producing GayHoopla content now is a solo scene with model Bruce Sheppard:

gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-3 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-4 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-6 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-12 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-16As you’ll see in the trailer below, the picture quality is better and the direction is definitely different, with the model being much more talkative and doing a lot more moaning than past GayHoopla models. I don’t know if this necessarily works when he yells, “Ohhh! I wish you were here fucking me!”, given that he is presumably straight (he fucks girls over on HotGuysFuck), and his overacting is a bit much. The good news, however, is that we don’t have to deal with watching the studio owner pick up the model at the airport and then interview him at a grocery store or a park, which seemed to happen in all the past solo videos. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Bruce Sheppard]

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