Here’s GayHoopla’s First Scene Made By “Gay Men” From A “New Production Firm”—Can You Tell The Difference?

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gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-2Last month, GayHoopla revealed that they hired a new production firm to shoot their content, and here’s what they tweeted to announce the “new direction”:

Dn4TtnqV4AEgzK8Str8UpGayPorn asked GayHoopla who the new producers are, but GayHoopla did not respond. All studio owner Landon would say (as seen below) is that the new producers are “gay men” with “decades of experience” and “serious skills.” But, unfortunately, these “gay men” don’t appear to have names:


Gay Men? Making gay porn? For a studio called GayHoopla?


The first new scene from the “Gay Men” producing GayHoopla content now is a solo scene with model Bruce Sheppard:

gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-3 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-4 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-6 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-12 gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-16As you’ll see in the trailer below, the picture quality is better and the direction is definitely different, with the model being much more talkative and doing a lot more moaning than past GayHoopla models. I don’t know if this necessarily works when he yells, “Ohhh! I wish you were here fucking me!”, given that he is presumably straight (he fucks girls over on HotGuysFuck), and his overacting is a bit much. The good news, however, is that we don’t have to deal with watching the studio owner pick up the model at the airport and then interview him at a grocery store or a park, which seemed to happen in all the past solo videos. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Bruce Sheppard]

  • This is welcomed news. GayHoopla’s biggest advantage was their amazing recruiter who gets the absolute hottest guys. Sadly, then the hot guys are shot in a very boring manner, so hopefully that’ll step up now.

    • FrenchBug

      This is literally what I was typing. I am looking forward to the first *sex* scenes to see if the camera work is less terrible but if there is a studio that had actually room for *improvement* with such a change, it is GH. Even my cynical self will take this with an open and hopeful mind for now.

    • Proud Nerve

      the hot guys never return, and two upcoming “new” scenes were actually shot more than a year ago

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      I’d prefer if they went bb.

      • Tempest

        Last thing I need is to watch another studio becoming just like any other boring bb site, please no.

        • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

          So, you associate condoms with excitement?

          • Tempest

            I associate the fact that bare scenes are boring as fuck for me lately and since they far surpass the condom scenes it just happens that they’re more noticeable, and I like bareback when it’s done right. So, since most of these studios don’t really do breeding correctly or at all and that’s a major aspect for barebacking for me, they may as well use condoms and yes, I kinda have a fetish for condoms but like I said, I can enjoy a bareback scene when there are the right elements.

          • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

            I simply prefer to be able to see the dick well as they fuck. A bare cock is more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a wrapped up one. You can see the details of the dick better as they fuck. Bareback alone won’t make a scene hot, obviously. But, I’m not that picky about porn. I just like having two good looking men (muscular, fit or twinks) fucking bareback that seem to be enjoying each other. That’s all I need to enjoy a scene.

            TBH, I don’t even mind a boring looking G4P top if he’s a big hung man. I almost always enjoy watching a big hung fit man fucking a guy bareback, even if he looks bored doing it lol. Then again, I don’t watch that much porn. I watch about 1 scene a week, maybe one every two weeks. Often I don’t even watch new scenes, I rewatch my favorite scenes from models like SC Brooks & CF Grant. I’ve watched the Brooks videos tons of times and they always get me off.

          • Tempest

            See, the thing that bothers me about bb lately is that with all these news about HIV+ dudes doing dozens of scenes pretty much everywhere, even though they’re tested and all that stuff, when I try to watch a bare scene I can’t stop thinking that I’m fapping to a guy that’s probably sick and I ain’t about that life. I don’t know, I don’t think there’s anything hot about a guy sweating HIVs from his asshole, I just can’t do that lel

            Like I said elsewhere, the bareback gimmick isn’t enough to make a scene hotter, just like the condoms alone won’t do shit, but these professional studio giving up the condoms in an attempt to make better quality porn is beyond laughable when they can’t even figure out whatever the fuck they’re doing in a scene or with their “models”

          • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

            Hmmm, I’m guessing you’re an older guy? Nowadays, a lot of hiv+ guys are pos undetectable, making it close to impossible for them to infect someone. Their partner in the scene is likely on prep, making that scene, even if one guy is hiv+, relatively safe. I have a friend that’s pos undetectable and he says that most young guys don’t have a problem with that. Young guys nowadays are pretty informed. I don’t think about stuff like that at all when I’m watching a scene. I just look at the hot men fucking. Their private life doesn’t influence the hotness of the scene.

          • Tempest

            Oi, I ain’t that old. I’m 24 and I just have different ideas lmao and I’m also not american.

            And I know that while PrEP helps against HIV it doesn’t really cover other STDs, but I digress. We just have two different mindsets, that’s all.

          • Ms. Honiqualisha

            Amen . American Gays have become stupid with thought that PrEP is the savoir go gay Kind when we have fucking SUPER Gonorrhea and Syphilis

    • n24rc

      It’s not difficult if you have access to mugshot database, why do you think a lot of the guys come from Florida? They are desperate for cash and need money immediately for legal matters.

      All a recruiter would do is find a hot mugshot, call the guy and ask if he wants cash upfront for scenes, lure him into gay sex from shooting solos to gay sex. Usually pair off the guy with another straight to feel like it’s possible.

      I mean look at the grifting online from guys, or their antics off shoots when they get caught with other crimes. That’s why there’s a higher chance of drug use.

      It’s the same with the straight side too.

    • pilot101

      nah. I think Nextdoor has better models. Gayhoopla only has Collin and a few more. But that’s it

  • Scrapple

    Did they ever fix that hacking vulnerability issue? I’m sure their members would appreciate that.

    I have no doubt the gay men working behind the cameras will be treated as warmly and respectfully as they treat the gay men in front of the cameras. I think this is a great move. You know what they say, “Why do a job you don’t want to do when you can hire others to do it for you?”

  • sxg

    Didn’t they already gay up their directors/production team for the studio once before? The performances got only a bit better but it was still some of the worst fucking I’ve ever seen before. It’s like all the models went to the School of Brandon Cody’s Mediocrity.

    I wonder why they wouldn’t give us the name of the new director if they have as much experience as theh say he/she does. Are they waiting to reveal who that is at a later time, or is it someone who is loathed in the industry?

  • Daniel Hayes

    While the camera work is better, the scene is definitely worse for me. As bad as their interviews were at least it seemed more real. And this new scene is super fake, therefore not hot for me. I’m pretty sure that the last thing this guy thought of during the scene was dick. It’s pretty obvious that he is straight. And “I wish you were here fucking me!”?! Bitch, please…

  • nick
    • Pinko of the Grange

      But have they ever bottomed?

      Most tops that never bottomed just don’t understand bottoming.

      It is like to get bottoming one had to of bottomed.

      • More

        I’ve heard this logic several times and it makes no sense. I’m not sure why it’s normal for ppl to want ppl to come out of their element. That’s like saying in order to understand how a woman feels you need to be a woman. While two totally different things and what is probably a subjective analogy the same applies. You can appreciate something without having to be it for a second.

        • c_find

          I agree with you man. What people miss is during sex one needs empathy for your partner and a willingness to please that person. Just because you’re vers or may have bottomed doesn’t mean you automatically will be a good top. Yes because you felt similar sensations you can empathise with your bottom but if your a selfish bottom you will still be a selfish top. Same goes for a top that never bottomed but listens and goes out to fuck their bottom so they both can enjoy the experience. He didn’t need to bottom to empathize with his partner.

          • More

            Couldn’t have said it better

      • Ms. Honiqualisha

        Lots of the guys on Gay Hoopla do bottoming scenes

  • Joel

    The video quality is definitely improved (take note Sean Cody), however, this website still does not entice me. Lol.

  • Quinton Jackson

    They need to fire Doc Tay Tay annoying ass. Also where are these gay men you speak of? Mr. Bruce shot a solo and then immediately shot straight to their sister site. Do better heaux.

  • Jeffrey


  • B.C.

    Oh, please. Gay men in gay porn? What a shocking, incredibly innovative concept! How about hiring gay men to have sex? Hoopla is reinventing the wheel, and doing it poorly.
    Who cares about picture quality when they sell the same shit?

  • Nah, I’ll pass.

  • robertdude

    Well they teased Alex Griffen together with James Manziel and if they flip sweet Geezus!

  • Tom

    I actually liked their old production. The “amateur” style seemed more realistic than that glossy indie love story crap they do on other sites.

  • snoopyfo

    idk, i guess that’s a step in the right direction but gay men can only do so much, you need gay, bi, pan performers too, the guy in the scene is very good looking but the stutf he was saying seemed forced and cringe worthy tbh, but hey ill give them the benefit of the doubt

  • Jace

    Now, if they could just hire a decent number of actual, gay models. You’re half way there, boys.

  • John

    Another company catering to straight women with condom only content. Some good looking models I’d like to see breed, but never will.

  • Sed

    It would be nice if they encouraged the models to have a social media account. It is 2018 you know.

  • More

    That was hard to watch🙄bye bitch

  • silvarga

    I have no opinion on GH in general, but something about that top that top pic seems kinda Uncanny Valley. Like it should have a caption: “The Bruce: Our most life-like, cutting-edge Real Doll™ yet.”

  • letsbefriends

    what a great subject for testing the improved cameras

  • Alan Song

    the lighting seems better…