GayHoopla Hack Exposes Thousands Of Members’ Personal Data

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55cdfcd8046bcIf the site’s homophobic models weren’t enough to deter you from joining GayHoopla, maybe having your private details exposed is? According to a hacker named “GP Whitehat,” records with personal information—including real names, passwords, IP addresses, and home addresses—for 13,000 past and present GayHoopla members were easily exposed thanks to the site’s poor security. When the hacker attempted to inform GayHoopla owners—including La El, a.k.a. Landon, above—of the security issue, they blew him off (pun not intended).

Via Motherboard:

“When I alerted the sites of their massive security issues, the owners just ignored me. I thought they would take it more seriously if I showed them the data. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either; they just sent me weird threats,” the hacker, who used the handle GP Whitehat, told Motherboard in an encrypted email.

The sites are and They are both owned by the same company, Blurred Media LLC.

The hacker provided a sample of the data for verification purposes. It included email addresses, user names, plain text passwords, and IP addresses. Motherboard spoke to several users of the sites, one of whom confirmed his password.

GP Whitehat also brought this story to Str8UpGayPorn, and in working to confirm what he was alleging, I asked how easy it was for him to access members’ personal data.

“It’s available to anyone with a moderate understanding of computer security,” he explained. “Sites collecting such info should absolutely not have issues like this. It is only a matter of time before someone dumps the full database on the internet like [what] happened to Ashley Madison.”

In his correspondence with Str8UpGayPorn, GP Whitehat made clear that his only intent was to expose GayHoopla’s security issues, not GayHoopla’s members’ information.

“Stupid people with shit technical ability should not have the private info of thousands of gay people, a group that continues to face harassment and discrimination in many parts of the US and the world,” GP Whitehat told Str8UpGayPorn.

The GayHoopla owners did acknowledge the hack to Motherboard, but they went on to accuse the hacker of being a former GayHoopla associate with “malicious intentions.

“This individual has refused to identify himself to us or discuss how or even why he has attacked us. He has admitted to stealing our private property, has issued threats against us personally and our business, has vandalized a part of the website, and has used the stolen property in an attempt to damage our business,” the [GayHoopla] representative continued.

Even if all of that is true, so what? None of it would’ve happened if their site was secure.


Note: An earlier version of this article included a gif that did not feature the current GayHoopla watermark. After this article was published, GayHoopla emailed Stra8UpGayPorn requesting that the gif be taken down. The gif—which is still viewable here on Tumblr—has been removed and replaced with a watermarked image above.


  • Harley

    “Stupid people with shit technical ability should not have the private info of thousands of gay people, a group that continues to face harassment and discrimination in many parts of the US and the world,” GP Whitehat told Str8UpGayPorn.” I think you are confusing gay people with evangelicals.

  • McM.

    Strangely enough, current and former members of that trashcan of a porn site should be thankful GP Whitehat exposed the security hole. Larger companies actually pay hackers to breach their security in order to devise ways to improve it. GayHoopla got that service for free.

    The owners not addressing the issue shows how little they care about their subscriber’s privacy.

    • WhimsyCotton


      • Mike Julius

        Zach posted a link on the right a while back about a whitehat hacker hired by pornhub (who said the porn was distracting).

  • Todd

    GayHoopla has thousands of members ???

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, that’s the part that made me do a “Say what?”, too…

    • Zachary Sire

      According to the hacker, it was 13,000 past and present, and that includes GayHoopla and HotGuysFuck.

      • DPS

        There must be at least 13,000 villages in the US then?

        • Jace

          13,000 members across the planet (given the Internet has no geographical boundaries) ain’t so much. Certainly not enough income to generate a successful business.

          • Estelle

            I would bet most are trial memberships (3 days for $1.00).

          • DPS

            you seem to be missing the subtlety of my comment, but yes not enough idiots to support the business for any length of time.

          • turbo27

            How many members do you think more well known sites have? 13k is a lot of members, I doubt that many, if any sites have that many. Certainly not GH, unless it’s total unique meberships since they began, or trial memebrships are included.

  • moondoggy

    I’ll read whatever this story says later … I’m starting with the man in the gif.

  • Scrapple

    Or so you thought. Is this really surprising? Look at GH’s camera work. If they can’t pull that together, why would you expect them to have sufficient site security?

    • Dave

      I know right? I’m sure the head of their Internet Security is some schmo living in their basement or a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that they pay with free beer.

      • Scrapple

        Or some guy they let suck their dicks as payment for services rendered.

  • jimboivyo


    • Estelle

      With all of the money he spent on male hookers, fillers and bad plastic surgery, you would think he could’ve gone to a dentist and had his butter teeth bleached and a Esthetician to tame those Abe Vigodaesque brows.

  • Zealot

    Here is wisdom for us, from Swami Shawarma…which lifts us up in these times of trouble and indecision:

    “That which is hidden is not lost, but perhaps misplaced, or even forgotten for a moment. Yet he that searcheth may yet find that which is not intended for them, but he looketh at it anyway. For man is curious and inquisitive, if not downright nosy. And he whose nose poketh into such things as were not his, but were put away and thought to be secret…yea shall he then abideth in high places of self-gratitude and smugness. But those of whom he has knowledge about their secret doings, shall surely smite him in word, thought and deed and banish him from the domains of carnal knowledge forever and ever.” Thus endeth the lesson. Go in peace.

  • DPS

    Odds are the hoopla staff is at the nearest Tempe strip joint to laugh it all off.

  • snoopyfo

    what a fucking mess!!!!!! well if homophobia won’t discourage people to leave that mess of a site, this will do… no one want their personal info out there, hell no!

  • GoGo
    Of course they want the gif with homophobic LaEl removed, he’s the owner who lacks any sense on how to run a proper porn site.

  • JK3

    They better get their shit together. I need atleast 5 more scenes of Collin Simpson before they shut down because all their info got exposed.

    • turbo27

      Better yet, let Gh shut down, and Collin go to a decent site- toough to find these days, but CF has gotten a bit better and Chaos can be good at times (though not so much recently.) Even SC- they need all the help they can get!

  • kevin

    LaEl is Leo, not Landon

    • Oracle

      it’s all the same person…his name at Fratmen/-pad was Leo but his real name is Landon

  • Mike Julius

    You mean they don’t care about their customers?

  • Pertinax


  • WhimsyCotton

    Interesting that Gayhoopla has enough time to request that their non-watermarked images be taken down from a blog but can’t find the time to fix (do they even consider it broken?) their security.

  • Scrapple

    What’s really funny is the posters who talk about how anti-gay the site is, but they still watch the scenes legally or illegally (including the straight scenes). Beating off with one hand and throwing up their picket sign with the other.

    • jon

      In my defense, I joined for 3 days, soooo…

      • Scrapple

        Lol. You don’t have to defend or explain it. My comment was referencing posters who feign outrage over sites being homophobic and talk about putting their gay dollars to good use, but they still watch the content from these sites. It’s like people complaining about Chick-fil-A being pro-hetero, but every day they’re at the drivethru talking about “Let me get a number one with Polynesian sauce.” If you’re going to claim to be about something, then be about something. Otherwise your fake, perpetrating ass needs to shut the fuck up.

        • Mike Julius

          But you can’t include people who watch it for free in that; for the purposes of propping up studios who do that, your analogy makes no sense.

          The viewer who gets it for free is not in any way putting money in their pocket, whereas the hypocrite who pickets Chick-Fil-A but buys waffle fries anyway “because they’re soooo good” does.

          My analogy is your roommate’s grandma bought his cousin chick-fil-a. The roommate takes the cousin’s fries before he scarfs them down and programs said fries into your apartment’s replicator. Is that so wrong?

          • Scrapple

            It’s not even about putting money in anyone’s pocket. It’s about going on and on about how demoralizing and terrible something is, but as soon as a new scene is released you’re rushing to download it. It’s about posters who say stuff like “How can you watch this?” and “This is for self-hating gays” when they’re consuming everything these studios put out. Watch what you want to watch. Pay or don’t pay. Whatever. But don’t look down on people for doing the same thing you’re doing.

          • Mike Julius

            I look down in people who pay for it. I do not look down on people wo don’t. I don’t see that as a conflict. And it puzzles me as to why you do.

            If the objective is to not empower these people by giving them gay dollars, well? And I see no conflict with those same people judging those that pay these sites when they just proved you don’t have to even if some twisted part of you wants to.

          • Scrapple

            You’re focusing on the money aspect which isn’t my point at all. I would never say something like “Game of Thrones is violent garbage, and anyone who watches that show is seriously fucked up in the head. The show needs to be canceled, everyone involved with the show should be dragged away by their thumbs.” Meanwhile I’ve got every episode on my dvr and I follow the cast on instagram and facebook. It’s disingenuous. It’s “Do as I say, not as I do.” They feel guilty that their words don’t line up with their actions, so they try to condemn others to make themselves feel better.

          • Mike Julius

            “You’re focusing on the money aspect which isn’t my point at all”
            Isn’t it? Sorry, bud, I’m not trying to read you ’cause I’m a fan, but you just got done saying:
            “My comment was referencing posters who feign outrage over sites being
            homophobic, and talk about putting their gay dollars to good use”
            It was at least part of your point. But your larger point is taken. However your judgment borders on the same thought police type stuff you seem to be railing against yourself. I am somewhat confused by your hardline on this.

            So if I jerk off to that Colin dude on there, I’m not allowed to undermine the site I in no way contributed to? That’s like saying I’m not allowed to check out/objectify the guy across the street and denounce him to my other neighbors because he’s physically hot. Now if I paid his water bill and then turned around and denounced him and my other gay neighbor who paid his light bill, that would make me a hypocrite. But looking is free and never affected anyone but the beholder.

          • Scrapple

            I only brought up the money part because that’s what the posters bring up constantly. I don’t care what people do and don’t pay for. I went to college when Napster was really huge, so I’m not taking an ethical stance about paying for something versus getting it from a tube site. What I’m talking about is transparency. If you think GH is a shitty studio (no arguments there) but you still watch all their scenes, be honest about that. Don’t make post after post with your “They terk our jerbs!” battle cry when you’re watching the very content you claim is so deplorable and demoralizing to our people. Don’t tell someone they shouldn’t eat meat, and then every night you go home and have a steak dinner. It doesn’t matter if you paid for that steak, or if it was handed to you free of charge. The end result is still the same. You’re consuming something that you’re telling other people they shouldn’t be consuming.

            Look at the Cameron Diggs situation. He’s getting dragged left and right, and we’re cheering that his vids are being pulled. But now we’re saying paying for his scenes is reprehensible, but watching them for free is somehow okay? As if the absence of an exchange of coins makes his scumbaggery acceptable. Maybe I’m weird, but I just don’t think that makes sense.

            For me, it’s all about honesty. Call out whomever and whatever you want. But if you’re still watching the stuff you’re calling out, be honest about it. Don’t talk about how vile a particular model is, and slam anyone who watches their scenes, then log off and go beat your meat to that model’s latest vid. Say “Yeah, he’s disgusting, but I’d still fuck him” or whatever.

          • Mike Julius

            You make an excellent case. I have no choice but to agree. (That Collin Simpson guy was hot af though.)

          • Scrapple

            Is this the part where we have angry, tawdry makeup sex


            while discussing our shared sentiments about Collin?


          • Mike Julius

            Oh my GOD, Nagron! Ugh. You know my one and only tribute video phase was about them (just checked and my channel just crossed 200,000 views ehrmagawd!).



          • Scrapple

            Lol. I miss this show so hard.

          • Mike Julius

            Who the fuck are YOU talking to? lol


          • turbo27

            Agree about Collin Simpson, he is the guy who should go to CF. They could use him too!

          • turbo27

            I don’t picket and I go there, because Chick Fil A is very good! GH sucks and I don’t want to see their vids, though I do look at the promo pics.

        • Maximus

          I agree with Mike on this one. I don’t see any hypocrisy so long as people aren’t paying for content, contributing to GoFundMe campaigns, buying Amazon Wishlist items, etc.

    • Mike Julius

      lol Illegally? Like how? On a tube site? But every single one of these sites use tube sites to advertise. To be legal, are we supposed to check that it’s not the full length clip before we partake?

      Anyway, I said all that to say, I am of the belief that if you’re not putting money in their pockets, it’s all good. Cum on the picket sign.

    • Maximus

      I’ve gotta agree with Mike on this one. I don’t see any hypocrisy so long as people aren’t paying for content, contributing to GoFundMe campaigns, buying Amazon Wishlist items, etc.

  • jon

    I honestly don’t know why someone would buy a gayhoopla membership, the scenes are poorly edited/shot and the performers are just terrible (and yes sean (?) costin might have a hot body, but he’s still a terrible performer).

  • sanfv

    According to wiki leaks, the hacker is Nica Noelle.

  • pangelboy

    The guys are hot, but GayHoopla is such a mess of a site. Damn it took Fratmen like a decade to become this messy. That said, maybe things will get so messed up that LaEl is forced to finally do a scene with another dude to placate angry subscribers… A boy can dream can’t he???

    • turbo27

      I remember the old Fratmen, it was a great site for solos. Best videography of any site, then over time became a mess.

      • pangelboy

        The Solos were the best bar none. I also think the photography was pretty great as well. Having an openly gay man behind the scenes as the owner and with a vision was what made it so good.

        The two straight assholes behind GH may be able to attract talent similar to the level that Fratmen was able to attract, but they obviously have no clue how to shoot content for gay men.

  • pje821

    Just another very good reason not to join this shitty site. I was a member; I know of what I speak.

  • Not at all surprised that Zach has chosen this site to attack. Par for the course for him. I just check in from time to time to make sure all is right in the world. The bitchy jealous queen still exists. Miss him on the Sword though. At least that blog was fun to read and well presented. Now all we have is this substandard drivel. Best Wishes.

    • Mike Julius

      You comment couldn’t have any less of a point if you tried.

      • Dave

        Can’t you tell, he’s one of the ass-kissers on Twitter and on the website itself.

      • ;-P

  • Alias74PornReviews

    So he was “bug bounty” trolling? Boy, did he bark up the wrong tree…

  • Marcus Collack

    First off: 13,000??
    Secondly: 13,000??
    Third: If memberships are about 27.00 (if that) and 13,000 members (maybe) that’s like 350,000 per month (math might be off give or take a 1,000. ( why not use a calculator, because I really don’t care about them that much)

    • turbo27

      Not possible. the 13k includes past and current members, and I would think trial memberships also. I have no idea what GH or SC or CF can possibly have for subscriber numbers, but it’s obvious that the 13k isn’t current members only.

  • Marke Smith

    is gayhoopla still a thing?

  • Markjohnson

    God damn Landon’s cock is so nice. I’d love to bottom for him